7 Best Shoe Rack For Small Space | (Updated)

Sometimes, when you have a larger shoe collection, it becomes challenging to find the shoes in a short time. This will make you frustrated and angry.

To overcome this problem, shoe racks are available in the market. With the help of these shoe racks, you can hang and display your shoe collection.

You can also use the shoe racks for space-efficient storage in your living room.

Shoe racks come in a variety of designs and styles, but before buying, if you want to do research or to look for the best one, we have picked the seven best shoe racks for the small space in your living room.

Best Shoe Rack For Small Space

15 Tiers Space Saving Shoe Rackbest shoe rack

The high-quality wood material of this shoe rack makes this shoe rack firm and stable. Due to its stability, it won’t make your shoes shake or fall. Also, due to its sturdy wood material, it can hold heavier items.

Is It Multi-functional?

This shoe rack is not only to place your shoes, but you can also place your books, children’s toys, photo albums, etc., in the compartment of the storage rack. The two drawers can place keys and cards so you don’t feel any difficulty finding the items you need.

This shoe rack has a fantastic large storage capacity because it has two drawers at the bottom and the storage compartment of the 15 layer shoe rack. These layers can hold dozens of your pairs of shoes.

With the vertical design, this shoe rack will not occupy too much space in your living room. It is suitable for the living room, bedroom, corridor, closet, dormitory entrance, etc.

Due to its ‎vintage style, it will make your room beautiful, calm, and attractive. Also, it will not take so much time with its easy assembly but only take a few minutes.

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8 Tiers Vertical Shoe Rack

shoe rack for small space

This vertical shoe rack has a larger length and comes with 8 tiers. These 8 tiers will help you organize your small shoe collection properly, so you don’t find any difficulty finding your shoes.

The 100g thicker waterproof non-woven fabric, the durable iron pipes, sturdy joints, and excellent tear resistance fabric make it more durable and long-lasting.

Does This Shoe Rack Have Side And Top Covering?

Yes, this shoe rack has a side and top fabric cover cloth, which effectively prevents dust and is easy to clean, more elegant. The side and complete coverage of this shoe rack prevent your shoes from dust.

This shoe rack is wider than any other single pair shoe rack with a weight of ‎3.24 pounds and a dimension of 14.7 x 10.1 x 3.2 inches. This shoe rack is wider than any other single pair shoe rack. Due to its narrow design, you can place this shoe rack in a minimal space of your living room, like the entryway, door, etc.

This shoe rack also allows you to remove one layer to fit boots, high heels, etc. Also, its lightweight enables you to move it anywhere. All the instructions are included in the package, making it easy for you to set it up.

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3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack

best shoe rack for small space

If you have an extensive shoe collection, this shoe rack is best for you. Due to its more comprehensive design, it can store up your 9-12 pairs of shoes. Moreover, it also has additional bottom storage where you can display your slippers.

This shoe rack’s narrow metal wire mesh prevents your shoes from falling and helps keep your boots, shoes, stilettos, and high heels stable.

Is This Shoe Rack Stackable?

Yes, this shoe rack includes 4 connectors, with the help of which you can stack up to multiple units to increase space for your shoe collection.

The thick metal tube with the powder-coated finish makes it smooth, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant. Each shelf can hold up to 30 lbs weight.

It comes with a weight of 5.61 pounds and a dimension of 12.97 x 7.87 x 0.81 inches. Due to its more comprehensive design, you need a bit more space in your living room.

This shoe rack is effortless to assemble. Just simply clip the shelves into the frame. Also, you can easily adjust the height of shelves to accommodate various sizes of shoes. Even the High Boots can be stored in this shoe rack easily.

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Narrow Standing Cabinet Shoe Rack

 shoe rack

If you want to keep your shoe collection in cabinets, this shoe rack is best for you. This shoe rack comes with a high-grade environmentally friendly resin material, which makes it sturdy and robust.

It has been tested that each cube can support a weight of more than 22 pounds. It can stand independently, so you don’t need to fix it on the wall.

Is This Shoe Rack Stackable?

Yes, with the stackable design, you can customize the shape of this shoe rack if you have a larger collection of shoes, so you can use multiple stacks to increase its storage. Also, it can be divided into various shoe racks and used in a lot of places.

With a dimension of ‎48″x12″x48″ inches, this shoe rack can hold up to 72 pairs of your shoes. You can leave out the center dividers to place high tops or boots and high basketball sneakers. Also, you can leave out the door panel to display your shoes.

Due to its flexible and space-effective structure, this shoe rack can be placed in any place in your living room where it fits perfectly. Also, it is suitable for your walk-in entryway closet, living room, bedroom, garage, etc.

With the easy assembly, it will take only 25-30 minutes to be assembled. Its cubes are easy to take apart and rebuild. Also, they are lighter in weight which helps you in moving them.

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SONGMICS 15-Slot Shoe Rack

best shoe rack for small space

If you are looking for some modern design shoe rack for your living room or home, so this one is best for you. The ABS connectors offer a sturdy metal frame, waterproof, and easy-to-clean PP plastic sheets.

How Much Weight Can Each Slot Hold Up?

Due to its quality material, each slot of this shoe rack can hold up to 22 lb of weight. Also, anti-tip devices are included to give your shoe collection a safe perch.

This shoe rack is designed to utilize your floor space. With its stackable design, you can maximize its storage if you have an extensive collection of shoes. This shoe rack is customizable, meaning you can customize this shoe rack in every design you want and fits your living room design.

The elegant and attractive design of this shoe rack can make your living room cool. It is best for the living room, entryway, attic, closet, under the stairs, or any spare corner.

Its assembly is very simple and joyful. All the illustrated instructions are included in the package and are almost like playing with blocks.

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Wall-Mounted Dormitory Shoe Rack

shoes racks for small space

With an elegant and simple design. This wall-mounted shoe rack is specially designed to save space. It has a good space design. This shoe rack is perfect for filling your living room with its calm and attractive design.

Is It Multi-Functional?

Yes, this shoe rack can be used in various places. You can put it in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, utility room, and many other small spaces.

Due to its high-Quality and durable Material, you don’t need to worry about its load. Also, its materials are environmentally friendly and give a fantastic look.

With an easy assembly, it won’t take too much time and is very easy to install.

Note: For cleaning purposes, wipe it with a Clean Damp Cloth and avoid Using Harsh Chemicals.

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Barsone 4 Tiers Shoe Rack

best shoe rack for small room

This four-tier shoe rack is best for you if you have a small shoe collection, holding up to 8-10 Pairs of adult shoes. It comes in a lighter weight and small size, so if you have a small space in your living room, this one is perfect for you.

Which Material Is Used In This Shoe Rack?

The durable waterproof non-woven fabric tiers and strengthened plastic connectors make this shoe rack more solid and durable. Its shelf pipes are hard to bend even if you put heavy and more oversized objects, due to which this shoe rack is stable.

It comes with the dimension of 18 “L x 12″W x 30.2″H, and its smaller size makes it a space saver. This shoe rack can also be used in living rooms, entryways, dormitories, hallways, closets, bedrooms, apartments, garages, etc.

It is very easy to assemble. No tools are needed. You have to create the unit by hand with provided parts. The installation manual is included.

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How to Store Shoes Properly?

It would help if you stored shoes in a location that isn’t directly exposed to sunlight but is well-ventilated and cleaned regularly. This will help keep your shoes from getting dirty or accumulating dust.

Covering shoes in tissue paper or even old garments can prevent them from scraping or scuffing together when storing them.

Solomon suggested placing the shoes at an entryway to keep filth from spreading further into your home or apartment. Here are a few more expert-recommended suggestions for organizing your shoe storage.

1- Boots

Shapers can be used to maintain the shape of your boots and keep them standing straight. The Container Store has these inexpensive boot shapers with a hook to put them on a closet rack.

The best place to store seasonal shoes like winter and rain boots are in an entryway closet or mudroom, especially if you don’t want to drag dirt in from outside.

2- Sneakers

Avoid sealed storage for sneakers, such as storage bins, because these shoes need to breathe to seem new and fresh. Keep sneakers in shoe cubbies, especially if you have a large collection you want to show off.

3- Heels

For a larger range of high heels, browse between the shelves of a shoe shelf. Slatted shoe racks or tilted shelves, according to Solomon, “always lead to heels getting stuck in between the rungs” and “as shoes tend to slip off the racks more easily.”

What Is The Most Efficient Method For Storing Shoes In a Limited Space?

  • How can I make the most of the space on my shoe rack?
  • Make sure your shoes aren’t on the floor.
  • Shoes should not be stored on wire racks.
  • Sort the shoes into different categories.
  • Determine whether you require a separate shoe storage solution.
  • Clear shoe boxes with lids are ideal.
  • Obtain some shoe containers.
  • Keep your high-heeled shoes at the top of your closet.
  • Over-the-door organizers are perfect for storing flats, sandals, and slip-ons.

What To Consider Before Buying A Shoe Rack

No matter which shoe rack you are going to buy, you must consider some essential things before buying any shoe rack.

1- Space Dimension

Shoe racks have various space dimensions but always keep the size of that place in your living room where you have to place the shoe rack. And always buy that shoe rack that fits the size of that place in your living room or any other site.

2- Storage Capacity

Always keep the size of your shoe collection in mind before buying any shoe rack. If you have an extensive shoe collection, buy that shoe rack with a greater storage capacity and vice versa.

3- Design

Design is also an essential factor that must be considered before buying a shoe rack. Always buy that shoe rack with a design that completely fits with the design of your living room so that it will look more attractive.

4- Weight

Must consider the weight of the shoe rack which you are going to buy. I always prefer to buy the shoe rack with lighter weight to be easy for you while changing its location.

Final Words

No doubt, we have reviewed the best shoe racks, but you must have to consider the factors mentioned above before buying any shoe rack.

After reading the above reviews and guide, we hope that now you must buy the perfect shoe rack for the small space of your living room.