Are Nectar Mattresses Made In The USA? (Explainded)

Nectar mattress is one of the most famous mattresses all around the world. It has amazing features which makes it suitable for every type of sleeper with different weights. The nectar mattress adjusts itself according to the sleeper therefore, everybody can get it.

But a question comes up: where are the nectar mattresses made? They are not made in China, instead they are made in the USA but the designs are from America.

Nectar mattresses come in an affordable price range and buying them is a good investment to make.

Today, we will talk about the benefits of nectar mattress, nectar mattress adjusting itself according to your body type and weight, and much more.

Therefore, make sure to read this article till the end.

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Are Nectar Mattresses made in the USA?

The answer would be no. Nectar mattresses are not made in the USA. Their country of origin is China, but they are designed in America.

The nectar brand LLC which also owns Dreamcloud, does not make the mattress in the USA, states FTC. However, nectar mattress is appreciated and sold worldwide. Whoever purchases a nectar mattress doesn’t regret its features.

Benefits Of Nectar Mattress

nectar mattress are made in usa
Credit: Nectar

Nectar mattress is famous for all the right reasons. Below, we are discussing some features that make it worth the buy.

1- The cover

It is made of premium quality TenCell lyocell and cotton. Such a quality cover makes it breathable and pleasant to touch. You get a great feel as soon as you sit or lay on it.

2- Comfort layer

The best thing about this mattress is its two comfort layers. These comfort layers don’t only provide you comfort but also a balance. The balance is beneficial in distributing your weight throughout the whole mattress and is made of 3.5 PCF gel memory foam.

This fantastic feature decreases the pressure points from building and might even help spinal alignment for side sleepers.

3- Transitional layer

The transitional layer possesses high-density memory foam that is 1.75 inches. Because of this feature, the mattress can press against your body and doesn’t lose its firmness.

4- Support layer

Finally comes the support layer. The support layer, along with the transitional layer, gives the mattress a firmer feel with the help of a polyfoam base. It gives you a soft mattress that balances your body while supporting it.

Nectar Mattress And Your Positioning

Nectar Mattress And Your Positioning

As discussed earlier, everybody has their position while sleeping, and the best thing about a Nectar mattress is that it adjusts itself accordingly.

Back sleeper

If you are a back sleeper, you and the nectar mattress will make a good pair because it will feel fantastic. It provides you with the support you need while sleeping on your back. A Nectar mattress makes sure that your spine is in a good neutral position while you sleep.

Side sleeper

It is a good investment for side sleepers too. When you lay down, the memory foam conforms itself and allows your shoulders and hips to feel relief.

You might know that side sleepers have a risk of health issues as sleeping on the side produces pressure. But this mattress releases uniform pressure to neutralize side sleeping effects.

Stomach sleepers

An honest review for stomach sleepers would be not to buy a nectar mattress. Because as you lay down on it on your stomach, you’ll feel a sink into your abdomen area; this might affect your health over time.

A good rule of thumb would be to invest in a firmer mattress than a nectar mattress.

Different Body Types On Nectar Mattress

Nectar mattress feels different on various body types. But the appreciable point is that it feels significant to all.


A lightweight person will feel the mattress a little firm. They defined it as “a hugging sensation” but not too intense. Usually, people with such weight need a softer bed.

However, if you are a lightweight person and want that hugging sensation, a nectar mattress will be great.

Average Weight

For an average-weight sleeper, the nectar mattress feels just as advertised. It feels firm, along with a supportive feel that sinks in your body just as required without the feeling that you are falling to the bed.

An average-weight sleeper feels relief to their body without any sagging issue.


A Nectar mattress is what you want for someone with a heavyweight who wants a mattress with medium firmness! Although there would be a minor sagging as the mattress starts to hug and shape itself around people with a heavyweight.

So, if you prefer firmness over being saggy, it’s a good option.

Mattresses Made In The USA

Nectar mattresses are not made in the USA, but here is a list of mattresses made in the USA.


Casper mattress is manufactured in America. It is a young mattress manufacturing company created in 2013 in New York. Their mattress is a great memory foam alternative. The foam for Casper beds is poured at Georgia and Pennsylvania facilities. However, the coverings and panels are sewn in SouthCarolina and Illinois.

Here are some pros of Casper mattress:

  1. Free shipping to your home
  2. 10-year warranty
  3. 100 nights trial period

1- Amerisleep

Amerisleep mattresses are made in America and offer five different mattresses depending on your sleeping style. For example, if you sleep on his stomach or back, you should consider buying AS1 or AS2.

It is pretty firm to give you a peaceful sleep. Likewise, if you sleep on your side, get your hands on AS4 or AS5, soft and bouncy.

The Amerisleep AS3 is a medium mattress and has a celliant cover. Celliant cover is FDA-approved textile technology that increases blood flow, making you fall asleep sooner and for a longer time.

2- Molecule

The molecule is an American mattress. It was made by keeping athletes in mind. Although, everybody can sleep on it. If you are someone with an allergy to dust or other household allergens, then the Molecules “AirTEC2 model is best for you.

It features an anti-microbial coat on the covering

Which reduces allergy-causing microbes. The foam is highly comfortable as well as breathable.

The Molecule AirTEC2 has a feature that is zoning in the foam, which is not a standard characteristic in hybrid mattresses.

3- Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic is another mattress that is manufactured in America. It is typically the original memory foam mattress. The company has managed to improve its signature memory foam.

Tempur-Pedic gives you a fantastic sensation of hugging due to its high-quality mattress. The Tempur material used in it is very dense.

You can also customize your mattress’s hardness and height based on your needs. You can buy the Tempur breeze range because it has an impressive cooling feature.

There is a side zip for cleaning purposes, and only the top of the cover can be removed. This feature provides easy and convenient cleaning because removing an entire mattress cover from a large mattress can be exhausting.

4- Saatva Classic Mattress


Saatva Classic Mattress is available in full size. They have excellent customer service because the delivery team will put your mattress wherever you want and remove the old mattress.

It stands out among all the other mattresses because it has two coil systems. A layer of micro pocket coils is present in the comfort layer, and it lies above the robust innerspring unit. The micro pocket coil features make it the most comfortable thing ever.

The mattress can also help you in spine alignment because of the specific lumbar support wires that run through the center of the mattress.

Bottom line

A good quality mattress is a must for a good night’s sleep because your sleep is greatly dependent on what mattress you use. Therefore, choosing a Nectar mattress will not make you regret your decision.

They are manufactured in China and designed in the USA. Nectar mattress has many features that make it worth the buy. Good quality cover, comfort layers, and support layers are some of its features.

What makes it even more desirable is adjusting itself according to different weights. The mattress can be the best for side and back sleepers as it supports them fully without any health hazards.

However, those who sleep on their stomachs shouldn’t get it because they can face health issues. Besides nectar mattresses, many more mattresses are worth the buy, and their plus point is that they are manufactured in America.

Some of them are Casper, Molecule, Amerisleep and Tempur-pedic, Saatva Classic Mattress. They come with different functional features and are an excellent investment to make.

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