5 Best Book Shelves For Living Room (Elegant Design)

Bookshelves are most useful, they don’t just store your books but also increase the value of your room or house. They can be placed in corners, hallways, reading rooms, etc… basically, they are suitable for any outfit and environment.

You can also use the bookshelves for making your interior cool. Most people use them to decorate their rooms. 

So if you want the best bookshelves for the living room for placing your books, or just for the decoration of your living room, this article will help you a lot. And after reading this article, you can pick the best one for your living room.

5 Best Book Shelves For Living Room

  • Tribesigns 12-Shelf Bookcase
  • FATORRI 8 Cube Storage Bookshelf
  • Kealive Ladder Bookshelf
  • YITAHOME 4 Shelf Bookcase
  • VASAGLE Tree Bookshelf

Tribesigns 12-Shelf Bookcase

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If you also want to use a bookshelf as a storage shelf, room divider, flower rack in the living room so this one is best for you. It has a large storage area for your multiple items, like books, magazines, etc.

Could It Also Be Used For Room Decor?

Yes, why not. This bookshelf has a Contemporary design that allows it to easily complement your living room and you can also use it as office decor.

This bookshelf has a secure side and backboard design which means that it has side shelves that prevent items from falling down and it has strengthened baseboards and backboards which ensures better load-bearing and stability, so it won’t swing or tilt easily.

The tree diagram design of this bookshelf adds extra stability and sturdiness to the shelf organizer, and its enlarged base plates also make it very stable even when it is not depending on the wall.

This bookshelf weighs 61.6 pounds and has a dimension of 37.79 x 11.81 x 59.05 inches. This means that its vertical structure takes little space and allows this shelf to pass from narrow corridors also. Each shelf shelves can support weight up to 25 lbs.

Due to its simple structure, it is very easy to assemble. Its parts are easy to classify. The hardware and instructions are also included in the package.

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FATORRI 8 Cube Storage Bookshelf

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With a versatile accent, this bookshelf works perfectly in any space of your living room or home. You can use this 8 cube bookshelf for multi-purposes which allows you to display your books, framed photos, and decors in a decent pattern.

Does It Have Support Legs?

Yes, this bookshelf also has 1 support leg under the shelf which increases the weight capacity a lot. The top of this bookshelf can easily hold up to 330 lbs and each cube can hold 110 lbs.

This bookshelf is made of high-grade material and has a well-structured design which makes the cube bookcase stands very strong and sturdy.

It comes up with the Industrial Rustic Design with brown slatted board and black metal frame which make this bookshelf an ideal solution for a quick, easy, and attractive and is crafted from high-grade MDF and long-lasting heavy-duty metal.

With an overall dimension of 62.00” W x 13.58” D x 30.12” H, it weighs 57.2 pounds. This cube bookcase is easy to assemble and takes around 30 minutes to assemble. The instructions and necessary tools are also included in the package.

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Kealive Ladder Bookshelf 

best book shelves for living room

If you want to fill an empty corner of your living room so this ladder bookshelf is best for you because it has the design which allows you to decorate your room in a small space.

How Much Weight Can This Shelf Hold?

With its solid frame, it is made of high-quality particleboard and constructed of 5 frames. So each shelf can hold up to 130 lbs. This bookshelf is one of the most highly durable bookshelves which can be used for many years.

This ladder bookshelf fits great in every corner. Due to its multifunctional open shelves, this can also be used as a display rack, room divider,  and room decor. It is great for your living room, bedroom, office,  balcony, or hallway.

With the skid-proof pads, it can handle the weight of the books, family photo frames, utensils, devices or plants, etc. The vintage appearance of its white wood will beautify your living room.

With the dimension of 63H x 12W x 40L inches, it will take a little space of your living room and almost fits in every corner, and gives your living room an attractive look.

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YITAHOME 4 Shelf Bookcase

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The artsy industrial design of this bookshelf gives your room an antique vibe. The wood grain-finished and the powder-coated metal frame make it fashionable and functional.

The 4 angular structures and large open shelves provide a lot of space, so you can show off your displays in every direction. You can use it for organizing books, potted plants, family photos, CDs, and ornaments, etc.

Is It Stable And Durable?

Yes, this bookshelf is crafted with wrought iron in a matte black finish, and it is constructed from a black-coated metal frame and sturdy boards. The X-shaped rod in the back and the uniquely designed metal sidebars provide constant stability.

This bookshelf weighs 39.7 pounds and comes up with a dimension of 47.2 x 11.1 x 55.5 inches, which means that it took a small space of your living room.

It has an effortless and quick assembly.  All the necessary accessories, tools, and instructions are included in the package.

Please remember to install the anti-tilting tool on the wall for less unexpected injuries and better stability.

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VASAGLE Tree Bookshelf

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If you are buying this tree shape bookshelf so it will be a chic way to elevate your home space. This bookshelf will catch the eyes and attract the viewers with its stylish charm. The beauty of this bookshelf will force your inner bookworm to grab a book from the shelf.

Is It Freestanding BookShelf?

Yes, this is a freestanding bookshelf with 8 storage shelves that take a small space of your living room.

Due to its enough storage, you can books, video games, movies, magazines, etc and it has the ability to hold it all. You can reduce your chaos with 8 functional shelves and not worry about the weight of books because each wooden bookshelf holds up to 22 lb.

You can have confidence in the security of this bookshelf because of the thickened tapping screws and anti-toppling hardware and are included to prevent falling over and provide structural stability.

It is easy to assemble and takes 30-40 minutes. All the required tools and hardware are included in the package.

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Best Ways To Fit Your Book Shelve In The Living Room

Ways To Fit Your Book Shelve In The Living Room

Whether you’re a passionate reader who spends half of the monthly budget at the small local bookstore or enjoys glancing through a few select magazines, there’s no denying that a pair of majestic bookshelves in the living room gives your area an elevated, well-appointed look.

With fall in full swing, nothing seems cozier than cuddling up with a cup of coffee and a favorite book in your home library.

Here are some of our favorite living room bookshelf design ideas.

Place Art on The Front Of  The House

Rule-breakers, rejoice: this expertly-styled shelf proves that there’s no excuse to stay between the lines. We love the creative, eye-catching impact of putting a large piece of art in the middle of the bookcases.

Go With The Flow

Blame it on too many childhood viewings of “Beauty & The Beast,” but there’s something magical about a rolling library-style ladder.

It has a certain allure to it, and it works nicely if you have taller shelves with books just out of reach. Pick up a recycled item to give your shelves an antique feel.

Configure Your Television

When it comes to wall-mounted TVs, there are two schools of thought: one advocate making the TV as unobtrusive as possible through various sorts of camouflage…but we prefer the opposite approach. Allow your TV to be the center point of your household by framing it with shelving.

Color Blocking in Bold Shades Is a Fun Way To Make a Statement.

Drop it to the ground. We adore the optical effect of color blocking the wall above a few low shelves with the same paint hue.

It not only adds a whimsical touch to typical floating shelves, but it also allows you to experiment with proportion and place lights just above your favorite titles.

Wallpaper Is a Great Way To Add Some Personality To a Room

Another option for getting your wallpaper dose is to spice up boxy white built-ins. Adding colorful prints and colors to your home library might help it stand out. You can opt to cover the full-back of the shelves with wallpaper or pick and choose which ones to use to provide interest and intrigue.

Put a Light On It

Give your favorite book (along with a few hundred of its closest companions) the spotlight it deserves. To draw attention to your collection, consider installing gallery-style light fixtures directly above the shelves.

Make a Border for a Bookshelf

This is possibly the coolest approach we’ve ever seen to draw your eye upward. The top third of the room’s walls are adorned with a long and slender stretch of books, which adds a personal touch to this comfortable den. Adding a row of artwork above your display adds a creative edge to it.

Stack Those Shelves That Float

The kitchen isn’t the only place where floating shelves may be found. Use them in a living area for a light, airy feel—they beautifully balance out heavy architectural components.

As an added advantage, Stacking floating shelves gives a striking illusion that is appropriately shown without the use of furniture.

Maintain a Straightforward Approach

We understand if you don’t have a lot of space or prefer to keep things simple. Investing in a vintage or midcentury modern shelving unit and devoting certain sections to your books is a great idea. Due to a lack of room, you do not have to give up your passion for literature.

Bookends May Be a Lot Of Fun

Bookends are another method to draw attention to your favorite books. However, you have complete control over what you utilize, and it’s a terrific opportunity to express yourself. Any big knick-knack, vintage décor piece, or even a houseplant will suffice.

Attempt Something Simple

While there’s nothing wrong with filling every available inch of space with books, there are occasions when a more minimalist approach is preferable. If you have a collection of well-selected books to show, limit yourself to one or two per shelf to let them shine.

Make Risky Decisions

These shelves are transformed into something remarkable with a coat of on-trend royal purple paint. The colorful bookcase contrasts beautifully with the orange couch, creating a lively setting to debate your favorite passages with others.

Take a Chance on Something Different

Traditional shelf solutions aren’t limited to people who like a more varied look. Shelves hidden by your books create a lovely floating effect and can be used to showcase other decor pieces. Take it a step further by displaying your books on unusual items—we love how this wall uses old-school desks.

What To Consider Before Buying A Bookshelf?

The Shelves

The shelves are the most important factor that you must consider before buying a bookshelf. Must inspect the shelves of a bookcase to check its thickness and strength.

Always look for thick shelves that are able to hold the weight of books and other items on your display. Also, consider the number of shelves in your bookshelf based on the items you desire to place on them.


When buying a bookshelf must determine the right size for your bookshelf. The ideal height of a bookshelf makes it look aesthetic and practical at the same time. The spacing between the shelves should be enough to accommodate books of all sizes.


Always consider the material of the bookshelf which you are going to buy. Good material in a bookshelf makes it more durable and sturdy. So always prefer to buy the bookshelf with sturdy material.


Before buying a bookshelf, must imagine the space of your living room and buy that bookshelf that meets the space requirements of your living room.


Bookshelves come in a variety of designs. Before buying a bookshelf, must imagine that what you want to use it for and where you intend to place it in your living room and then buy it.

Final Words

We have reviewed the best bookshelves after deep research. After reading all the reviews and the above guide, we hope that now you should be able to buy the perfect one keeping the room requirements of your room.

No matter which bookshelf you are going to buy, but must consider the above-mentioned things before buying.


In the living room, can you put a bookcase behind the sofa?

One of the most typical places for a bookcase is behind your sofa, against the wall. This space-saving method looks stunning and adds a lot of visual appeal to a room at first glance, which is especially excellent if you live in a small apartment or house.

In a living room, how do you arrange books?

To add an unexpected design element to your living room, office, hall, or foyer, stack your favorite books at varying heights below a ledge or along a baseboard. Turn all of the spines in to create more visually unified stacks, or face the spines of your favorite books out to create colorful chaos.

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