9 Best Desk Chairs For Short Person | (Updated!)

To maintain a productive workspace, you need a comfortable desk chair. Not all desk chairs are comfortable for short people, and you will feel pain in your shoulders if you are working on oversize chairs. 

There are various desk chairs available in the market, but we recommend you buy either an adjustable chair or a small size desk chair. Most of the adjustable chairs are not very durable, so don’t buy them without proper analysis.

After long research, we have gathered the seven best desk chairs that allow you to adjust the seat according to your height and table size.

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Best Desk Chair For Short Person

Hbada Desk Chair

chairs for small person

This sleek and simple design chair make you more comfortable to work for a long time without feeling any stress. The chair is completely adjustable; you can adjust its height and also change the armrest.

If the armrest creates a distraction while typing or in any other way, you can remove them.

As compared to other adjustable desk chairs, this one is surprisingly light. So it’s suitable for studying, working on a laptop, etc.

The back support area is also very comfortable, and you will never feel lower back pain after working for a long time. Besides this, the cushion is too soft, and you can also place your pillow to sit to make yourself more comfortable and increase your height. Lastly, the chair’s base is sturdy and stable, but still, there is more room to make it durable.

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Sytas Desk Chair 

If you want premium quality and a highly durable chair, this ergonomics desk chair is best. Sytas desk chairs come with sleek and elegant designs that look more beautiful, and it fits every outfit. 

Along with the chair’s seat, you can also adjust the armrest, which can flip down or up. This is a perfect desk chair for a small person because of its small size. It can fit nicely under the desk and save space.

We loves its lower back support, the ergonomic backrest feels more comfortable and fits the natural curve of the lower back. The base is pretty stable and durable, and it will support up to 250 lbs. You can also use it in your living rooms.

I like the fabric of this chair. In extended working sessions, one can get rather heated. This smooth fabric mesh helps keep from sealing in the heat like a leather or plastic might. Secondly, it’s too simple and easy to clean, which is essential when matches start dropping.

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Flash Furniture Desk Chair

This is another ergonomic design chair that gives a more comfortable feel. Because of its minimalist and adjustable design, it’s best for small people. Luckily, you will also get a 360-degree chrome footrest that reduces pressure on the legs. 

Flash furniture chairs conform to ANSI/BIFMA standard X5.1-17, meaning it has a proven safety and comfort design. Ventilated curved mesh back comes with built-in lumbar support that prevents overheating and sweating during summer.

Black mesh upholstery covers the contoured seat, which is padded with 3″ of molded foam. You can also place an extra cushion on the middle to get a more comfortable feel. Overall this chair is lightweight and too easy to assemble. 

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VECELO Premium

If you have limited budget, then this is the perfect chair for you. It comes with a strong mesh that supports your back and makes it sweat-free. The overall chair is so light that it feels comfortable compare to bulky chairs. 

VECELO premium chairs come with a more superior ergonomics design with a padded cushion seat for long-lasting comfort. Because of its thick cushion, you can carry on your work for a long time without any discomfort. 

There are many features in this chair, but the most useful one is the “Recline locking function” that allows you to adjust the chair’s tilt depending upon your need. Because of the soft 360-degree swivel, the chair will feel more flexible in every working environment. 

We have seen that the base of this VECELO chair is pretty stable, offers high durability, and supports weight up to 285 pounds. This means that this chair is best for short persons and secondly it’s the most affordable one.

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Office Star Mesh Back

office chair for short person

Here comes the another comfortable desk chair, if you prefer comfort over price, you should choose this Office Star chair. Its premium design seat makes you feel satisfied for a long time. And also, stabilize your Gracilis muscle (upper leg muscles). 

There is a breathable mesh seat, and you can adjust the seat’s height according to your requirements. The lumber cushioning and soft mesh support your lower back and enhance the curve of your sping. So you can work for a long time in the correct posture.

Similarly, you can also adjust the arm of a chair and make the perfect change for your comfort zone. The base of this chair is heavy, which means it offers more durability and robustness, supporting weight up to 113 kg. 

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Modway EEI-757-BLK

chair for short people

With three adjustable pads, you can adjust back tilt, seat tilt, and height—this ergonomic design chair design for people who are working for hours on desks. So if you are one of them, this chair is a perfect match for you. 

Because of its dual cushion and soft fabric, it feels more comfortable. The armrest in this chair is pretty tall that allows you to read books, watch tv, and more comfortably. Means you can also use this chair for living room purpose. 

I recommend this chair to people of short height because it has various settings and features that make you adjust the angle according to your comfort zone. 

This multi-purpose chair has 36 pounds of weight. The base is pretty heavy and durable, so your chair will last for a long period. It comes with one year of the warrant against manufacturer defects.

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Amazon Basics Classic Desk Chair

If you don’t want to buy a mesh chair, this Amazon Basic Classic desk chair is best. This chair has pure and soft polyurethane fabric that also relieves your back pain. Compared to another mesh chair, this one has a thick seat with a dual cover that supports your legs. 

But here, you can’t adjust the armrest. They will remain stable. But you will have controls for raising and lowering the chair, position tilt and tilt tension paddle for changing the chair’s motion.

Because of the professional look of this chair, you can also use it in your offices. 

The base is pretty durable, and it has a 5-point base. You can pivot between projects and enjoy smooth mobility with the chair’s durable rolling caster wheels. Amazon Basic Classic Desk Chair supports 275-pounds of maximum weight, and the safety is verified from BIFMA. 

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OFM ESS Chair (Gaming Style)

best desk chair for small people

If you want to enjoy some action on your desk, then this desk chair is your best companion. This chair provides the next luxury and comfort that allows you to work for a long time during intense gaming sessions or long workdays. 

With this fantastic chair, you will get contoured segmented padding, integrated padded headrest, and armrest. You can customize the setting of a chair according to your needs and comfort zone. There is a segmented padded seat and back design comfort all day long. 

Center tilt adjusts chair recline for greater comfort, and tilt tension controls the rate and ease of recline. Apart from this, you will get premium leather quality upholstered in SoftThread leather that gives a relaxed feel.

The chair’s base is heavy, makes it more durable, and can bear a weight of up to 275 lbs. 

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Cadcah Ergonomic (Gaming Style)

ergonomic chair for short person

Here comes the last desk chair for short people, and this one also has an ergonomic gaming style. I love this chair because it gives you all the features and comfort for $86, and you will never get such a chair in this price range. 

You will get a comfortable heat rest and lower back slope that makes your posture correct, and you will never feel pain in your back area

. The headrest is removable, and you can also adjust the armrest. You will get a lumbar support pillow that adds an extra level of comfort. Similarly, there is a gas lift that improved the safety performance and made the seats more durable and stable. Finally, this chair offers 300 lbs of weight capacity.

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Buying Guide To Buy Best Desk Chair For Short Person

Before picking any desk chair you must consider few points, these help you to select the best chair. There is much rotten stuff available in the market, so don’t buy any chair without proper research.


We know people spend hours on a desk chair, working on their projects. But it’s pretty tricky to work for a long time on few thin cushions.

We recommend you buy an ergonomics chair that offers an armrest, lower back slope, and, most importantly, a soft and thick cushion so that you can quickly work on your project for a long time.


The adjustable chair is essential for a short person, as sometimes the desk’s height exceeds your chair; working in such a condition will lead to shoulder pain or back pain. So make sure to chose a chair that comes with size and reline adjustments. 


You can check the durability of your desk chair from its base. If the base is heavy-duty and robust, your chair will be more durable. A durable chair can bear more weight and last for a long time. 

Final Words

Keeping the above factor in mind, we have done a lot of research to gather some fantastic desk chairs for short people. So you pick any chair from our list without any doubt. It will also help us to make some pocket money.

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