6 Best Floating Vanity Table for Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom is a real headache. The headache even gets intense when it comes to choosing furniture. One of the essential pieces of furniture for a woman to have in her room is the best floating vanity table for small bedroom.

If you consider a vanity table a must-have in your small bedroom but can’t figure out how then we have some solutions for you that will help you in finding space for your vanity.

The first solution is placing your vanity table in your bathroom instead of the bedroom. The second solution can be using a narrow vanity table and placing it in any tight area of your bedroom.

In this way, you can take full advantage of the tight area and fulfil your desire for a vanity table. But if you neither have space in your bathroom and bedroom nor any tight space, then a floating vanity table will be best for you.

You can mount the floating tables on the wall, and in this way, you will not have to worry about less space in your room because it uses the space on your wall and not on the floor.

Give a read to this article to find your dream floating vanity table. Here, we have discussed the six best floating tables along with their pros and cons so that it is easier for you to choose the best floating vanity table for a small bedroom.

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The Best Floating Vanity Tables In 2022:

1- CHARMAID 2-in-1 Vanity Mirror

Floating Vanity Tables


Product Dimensions: 23.5″L x 20″W

Material: Wood

Shape: Rectangular

As discussed earlier, if you are looking for a floating table that you can use as your vanity table, you should invest in CHARMAID 2-in-1 Vanity Mirror. It doesn’t take any floor space because you can easily mount it on the wall with the help of four screws.

You can place it over the bathroom sink, table, desk or mount it on the wall. The mirror of CHARMAID 2-in-1 Vanity is better than the rest of the vanity mirrors. Because firstly, the mirror is of high-quality material, therefore, it is easy to clean and gives you a clear reflection.

It is large and does not have a certain shape that is not entirely round. The mirror comes with two deep drawers, one of which is removable. You can mount the removable drawer in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you want.

It is deep and can fit a lot of stuff inside it, due to which, you can use it for extra storage depending on where you place them. For example, if you place them in your bedroom as your dressing table, then you can put your jewellery and makeup etc.

A Vanity mirror is the first thing someone notices when entering your room. That’s why it has to be adorable and delicate. CHARMAID 2-in-1 Vanity Mirror does not disappoint you in this case because it is built very thoughtfully.

For example, The crystal handle perfectly matches the white color of the mirror. For ensuring durability and easy use, the CHARMAID 2-in-1 Vanity Mirror comes with clear and easy to understand instructions. Due to this, you can assemble it in no time.

  • Easy assembling with reasonable price
  • Excellent packaging
  • Super cute and adorable
  • Compact floating table
  • Not very sturdy
  • It cannot fit a huge collection of makeup

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2- Tangkula Wall Mounted Desk

Tangkula Wall Mounted Desk


Product Dimensions: 6″ D x 24″W x 20″H Material: Engineered Wood

Shape: Rectangular

Weight: 35.3 pounds

If you are finding a perfect floating table for your laptop, then you can consider buying a Tangkula Wall Mounted Desk. What makes it unique is the wall-mounted and fold-up design. It saves so much floor space and is super compact.

You can use it in many more ways other than only being used for laptops. You can use it as your vanity table or even study table too. The quality will not disappoint you as the material is premium quality MDF. You can expect long-term sturdiness because of its quality.

Once you have bought the Tangkula Wall Mounted Desk, you don’t need to worry about keeping your items because it has several small compartments to place decoration pieces, books, cosmetics etc.

Likewise, it also possesses a drawer where you can put anything you wish. Along with having sturdy material, fold-up design and storage space, it also has a beautiful and modern look.

It features three colors, and you can buy any of them depending on which color matches your furniture.

  • Sturdy material
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can be used as a vanity table too
  • It holds a lot of items
  • It needs new holes to be mounted perfectly
  • A bit expensive

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3- Haotian FWT18-W, Office Table Desk

Haotian FWT18-W


Product Dimensions: 8.66″D x 32.28″W x 23.62″H

Shape: Rectangular

Material: Engineered Wood

Haotian FWT18-W, White Home Office Table Desk is a high-quality MDF and chipboard. It promises a long time sturdiness and durability of the product.

You can mount it on the wall to save space on the floor. It can be mounted anywhere you want from office to home, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or even lounge.

What makes it great are the storage shelves and drawers. They provide you with plenty of space to store anything you want. The load capacity is 66.14 lbs, due to which you can put different materials on it.

It is a multi-purpose floating table that can be used in several ways. If you have it mounted in the kitchen, you can easily store your spoons, knives, baking accessories.

Likewise, if you have mounted it in your bedroom and use it as a vanity table, you can store your makeup and other accessories in it. Similarly, you can put your Brushes, toothpaste, shampoos etc., if you opt to mount them in the bathroom.

For the customer’s ease, detailed instructions on the assembly of Haotian FWT18-W, White Home Office Table is also provided. Instructions are pretty easy to understand because of which you will install your floating table quickly.

  • Great looking
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good price
  • Excellent quality
  • Wall-mount anchors in the package are not so useful
  • The surface is bowed in the centre

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4- Tangkula Wall Mounted Table

Vanity Table for Small Bedroom


Product Dimensions: 31.5″ D x 23.5″W x 17″H

Material: Pine Wood, Engineered Wood

Shape: Rectangular

The high-quality, environmentally friendly Tangkula Wall Mounted Table is premium P2MDF material. It can withstand heavy loads, and the paint over it is not harsh. Hence, entirely safe for health.

It is a multi-purpose table. You can place it wherever you need to keep items. The Tangkula Wall Mounted Table is ideal for narrow rooms because you can fold in 2 ways.

The first folding method is to lose the hinges and lay down one board when you do not have a lot of items to place. Or you can also fold down both the boards.

You can use it as your vanity table, dining table, place your laptop or shampoos and brushes on it or even use it as your study table. The surface is effortless to clean; this way, you only need a damp cloth and rub over the table’s surface.

The company also provides you with a detailed construction guide, due to which it will only take half or one hour to assemble your floating table.

  • Easy to install
  • Great product for money given
  • Built with premium quality
  • A versatile solution to space issues
  • Provided anchors are useless
  • Difficult to assemble

5- Prepac Compact Hanging Desk


Product Dimensions: 19.75″D x 38″W x 37.75″H

Material: Wood

Shape: Rectangular

The delicate and modern design of the Prepac Compact Hanging Desk is all you need for your workplace or bedroom. Its cute design matches very well with the furniture and gives a refreshing look to your room.

You better not judge the durability and sturdiness of the Prepac Compact Hanging Desk by its look. Although it looks very delicate, in reality, it is made from high quality and sturdy non-toxic, carb-2 compliant, laminated composite woods.

The large work area allows you to put your laptop on it and do your paperwork side by side. What makes it stand out from all the other floating tables is its built-in cable and wire management for a clutter-free desktop.

You don’t need to worry about where to place your items as it features three shelves with quite a lot of space for storing your notebooks, decoration pieces and electronics.

It is the best solution for people who want a beautiful floating table but don’t want the table to occupy any floor space. For customers’ convenience, a booklet is also included, making the assembly way easier.

  • Easy assembling and mounting
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price for the product
  • Faulty bolts
  • The product was damaged when received

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6- Yescom Wall Mounted Floating Computer Desk


Product Dimensions: 47″ D x 36.2″W x 17.1″H

Material: Engineered Wood

Shape: Rectangular

The Yescom Wall Mounted Floating Computer Desk will not disappoint you by any means. It saves so much of your floor space and provides you plenty of space as it has multiple shelves where you can place your items.

The high quality 15 mm Thick Level E1 Eco-Friendly Board is better than other floating tables available in the market. It is easy to clean, doesn’t wear off and is safer.

The Yescom floating table can be used in many ways. For example, you can put it in your office, bedroom, kitchen, dining room etc.

The large space allows you to put many things, i.e. photographs, books, tea sets, electronics, computer, laptop and many more. As it is big enough to be used as a multi-purpose table, you can use it as your study table and vanity table too.

What makes it unique from other floating tables is its magnetic cabinet. It opens and shuts smoothly, providing you with comfort. It also features s hole on the desktop for wire and cable management; this way, your desktop remains clutter-free.

Because it’s big, you can customise the height just as you want. Make sure to choose the wall position and size according to your height and then install it.

  • A unique floating desk
  • Easy to assemble
  • A trustworthy floating table
  • Provides plenty of space
  • One of the doorknobs were cracked when received
  • Some holes were drilled a little off

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How To Get The Best Floating Vanity Table for Small Bedroom In 2022 – A Buyer’s Guider

Although, all the floating tables are good as all carry the primary aim of saving up your floor space. There are still some points to consider before buying the best floating vanity table for your bedroom.

1- Size

Though no floating vanity table occupies floor space, you still need to be considerate about its size. Make sure to measure the length on your wall where you want to mount your floating vanity table.

If you don’t have much space on the wall, you should prefer buying a small floating vanity table because it will fit perfectly and you will get the best experience.

2- Storage

The storage of floating tables varies from one another. It greatly depends on where you would mount your floating table. They come with shelves and drawers. If you want to mount a floating table in your bathroom, you do not need a lot of storage space.

But if you are installing it in your kitchen for storing tea-set and cutlery, then undoubtedly you will need to buy a floating table with huge storage space,e, i.e. drawers and cabinets.

3- Color

As you know, if the color of your vanity table is attractive, the whole area looks good. So be sure to match the color of your floating vanity table with the furniture around it. A floating vanity table, contrasting with the furniture of your room, looks good too. So, you can also go for the contrast option.

4- Fold Up Design

Some floating vanity tables for small rooms come with fold-up designs. Although all of the floating tables are space-saving, the fold-up ones even occupy less space on the wall.

So, if you are in search of a super compact floating vanity table, then we would recommend going with the one having a fold-up design.


A Best Floating Vanity Table for a Small Bedroom can feel like a blessing if you choose it correctly. It not only adds a new life to your room or workspace but also provides you with a large storage space.

The storage space varies from one floating table to another. Some have less storage space and some have more.

If you decide to use your floating table as your vanity table, it can become an essential part of your daily routine. Once you invest in an excellent floating table, you will wonder how you managed without it.

The best thing about floating tables is that you can use them in any way you like. Mount it in your bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen or even use it as a potting table; it fits everywhere.

Floating tables are a great relief if you are facing less space issues. They are not only adorable and cute but also give a versatile look wherever you mount them.

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