7 Best Floor Lamps For Nursery | (Updated)

In this guide we will review 7 best floor lamps for Nursery.

Floor lamps are an excellent lightning source in a living room and everyone can afford these lightning source. As compared to other lamps, floor lamps are adjustable and easy to use.

Nursery floor lamps are a very sophisticated and smart product that provides convenience to consumers when in use and any environment. Floor lights are now commonplace in many households, particularly in kindergartens and children’s rooms.

Side table lamps are quite unsafe for a nursery because of their small base; that’s why everyone prefers to use floor lamps. Also, these lamps spread enough light in the nursery so your kid will easily sleep at night.

Floor lamps are available in different designs and shapes so that you can pick the best one according to your need and budget.

In this post, we will provide you with a basic understanding of the product and recommend suitable floor lamps for kindergartens in the hopes of assisting you in selecting the most appropriate and safe items. 

Let’s get Started

Our Recommendations

Best Floor Lamps For Nursery

  • Addlon Floor Lamp
  • 3-Way Dimmable LED Floor Lamp
  • Pazzo Floor Lamp With Shelves
  • Stepeak Vintage Floor Lamp
  • Tiffany Style Floor Lamp
  • ZSCOO Floor Lamp
  • ANTEN Floor Lamp

Addlon Floor Lamp (Winner)

floor lamps for nursery

We place this lamp on the top of our list because of its refined and elegant look. The lamp has a modern design that matches perfectly with every outfit and furniture. The lampshade gets snapped into clips and holds up beautifully.

This fantastic floor lamp comes with an advanced Vintage arc design that helps you adjust the lamps according to your need. You can adjust the shade up to 90 degrees, which is pretty cool and rare.

The height of the lamp is 62.2″, which looks normal, and the shade has 8.9″ height. There is a convenient foot switch that is very safe and built with insulating material.

Well-weighted bases make the lamp more stable and prevent being tipped over by anyone, including the aged kids.

By default, this lamp comes with a 60w bulb, but you can also replace it with a higher or low voltage bulb. But 60W is the perfect and most recommended. It spreads a suitable amount of light and consumes less power.

  • Easy to Assemble

  • Shade up to 90 degree

  • Light weight
  • Soft Ambient light
  • Safe
  • Afforfable
  • Not much durable

3-Way Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

3-Way Dimmable LED Floor Lamp

Here comes a stylish floor lamp with a vintage little bird design that makes the nursery full of refreshed views. The lamp will transmit soft light at night that comes from high-quality linen gold thread cloth that relaxes your heart.

The lamp’s base is built with heavy metal and coated with a matte black finish that gives more stability to the lamp.

No worries if you put it on a carpet. It will also maintain its stability, so you don’t need to worry about children or pets disturbing it.

There are three different brightness levels available that meet your demand. The low light is perfect at night, and your kids will sleep more comfortably under it. While medium and high brightness is best for basic daily life, reading, playing, etc.

You will get a dual lampshade (Cream Linen Shade & Golden Linen Shade) for different lighting experiences with this floor lamp. The additional cream shade is effortless to replace, and it will create a completely new look into the nursery.

A led lamp can be used with any E26 base bulb (MAX100W). However, if you want to achieve the best performance from the dimmable function, you should choose a 3-way dimmable bulb.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Light weight
  • Soft Ambient light
  • Safe
  • Afforfable
  • Not much durable

Pazzo Floor Lamp With Shelves

Pazzo Floor Lamp With Shelves

Pazzo shelves lamp is one of the best floor lamp for nursery. If you want to manage toys and different kids’ products, this portable floor helps you do this. It comes with shelves with fast charging USB ports so that you can place iPads, laptops, or every charging toy. 

This one is a unique floor lamp built with wooden material and has a vast and stable base. 

The bulb is fully covered with a shade. That’s why it spreads soft light. LED bulbs have three color temperatures 3000 kelvin, 4000 kelvin, and 5000 kelvin. 

Because of the average size and design, this floor lamp can perfectly fit every room and office. It’s too easy to detach its part and shift it to another room or office. The floor lamp quickly assembles and comes with all tools for assembly.  

You have freedom storage to decorate toys, and you can also put ornaments and frames at the bottom tier. The distance between the shelves is pretty long to put large items or a stack of books.

  • 3 Shelves
  • 2 USB Ports & 1 Power Outlet
  • Stable base
  • Affordable price
  • Difficuly to assemble

Stepeak Vintage Floor Lamp

lamps for kids nursery

Here comes the next Vintage Floor lamp that has a unique Steppeak design. Your kids will love this lamp because of its beauty and elegant design. The lamp is too easy to assemble and packaged very well.

There are K9 clear glass crystal lampshades that illuminate your home with warm light. Because of its modern and minimalist design, it’s best for every living room, office, family room, dorm, etc.

Its unique design with a black metal pole and crystal glass lamp shade makes it suitable for various decorative styles, including a farmhouse, industrial, rustic, and modern.

The base is made of heavy metal that makes the lamp stable, but the width of the base isn’t sufficient to provide extra stability. This spiral cable is UL listed, safe to carry the lamp, and more beautiful than traditional cable. The overall weight of the lamp is 18 pounds, and you can easily migrate it from one place to another.

This Vintage Floor lamp is designed with a standard E26 socket, compatible with LED, CFL, or incandescent bulbs.

  • Beatiful and stylish body
  • Nice soft light
  • Crystal & Glass Shading
  • Safe
  • Not durable

Tiffany Style Floor Lamp

Tiffany Style Floor Lamp

If you have a solid budget then this floor lamp is best for nursary. It comes with charming handmade shade that makes it more costly. The shade is made of premium glass, and each glass piece is cut by hand and soldered togather for firm hold.

There are many varieties of glass jewelry on the shade, and it looks amazing when the light beam shines through it.

Stain glass enhances the beauty of the lamp shade. The lamp is perfect for a bedroom, living room, dining room, or a sophisticated seating area. And it looks so beautiful in every environment, especially if your kid will love it.

The base of the lamp is made with zinc alloy which is very heavy, solid and gives more stability to the lamp and the lamp base perfectly fits your magnificent furniture. Turning on and off the light with the floor button is convenient. You can put it on the end table and use your hand to turn it on and off.

I recommend you to buy this floor lamp only if you have neonate kid, beacuse the lamp is little lily-handed. 

  • Beautiful Urban Design Shading
  • Best for every outfit
  • Variety of light modes
  • Safe and easy to assemble
  • Expensive

ZSCOO Floor Lamp

ZSCOO Floor Lamp

In this floor lamp, you will get a free small lamp that you can use to spread soft light over the kids’ bed. The Zscoo floor lamp is too affordable, but it has more features and functions.

The lamp comes in three colors, including 3000K Warm light, 4000K cool light, and 6000 k white daylight. Most people use 3000K light at night because it looks so soft and feels comfortable. You can adjust colors according to different atmospheres to meet your needs. 

Zscoo lamp spreads soft natural light that illuminates the entire room without looking into your eyes. If you’re reading a book, working, or watching TV, it protects your eyes.

Secondly, you can adjust both the main lamp and the small one. The main lamp can be adjusted 350 degrees in a horizontal direction and 85 degrees in a vertical. While the small reading lamp is freely adjustable in all directions. 

The lamp offers an advanced memory function design that ensures that when the dimmable lamp is switched on, the last selected brightness level and color must be maintained.

  • Easy to asseble
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to use lamp
  • Nice soft light
  • Safe wiring
  • Small remote control
  • Base is not much stable

ANTEN Floor Lamp

Here comes the last floor lamp for nursery that offers a unique and stylish design. Due to its high durability, it’s perfect for all environments, especially for a kid’s room.

This lamp is built on an advanced illumination system that increases its lifespan up o 20 years. And just like the previous lamp, the Anten lamp also has a gooseneck sidelight that can be adjusted freely to any side, making it ideal for reading and working.

The leading light and reading light support step-less color temperatures (3K-6K) and dimming (5%-100%). By long pressing “CCT” on the remote control, you can achieve a step-less color temperature.

It’s too easy to assemble this floor lamp because you don’t need any tool. You need to hold the central light pole and assemble it from top to base. For detaching the parts, place the lamp on the ground and disassemble the primary light from the base.

The overall weight of this lamp is 4KG which is super light, and you can keep it very quickly from one place to another. 

  • Unique and elegant design
  • Soft Ambient light
  • 4 Color Temperature Dimmable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expensive

Consider Few Things Before Buying a Floor-Lamp For Nursery

Consider Few Things Before Buying a Floor-Lamp For Nursery

1- Safety

Kids and their room’s items need great care because kids do many wicked things, and sometimes these may be too risky. Before picking a floor lamp, make sure that the base of the lamp is pretty heavy to provide enough stability.

Secondly, you need to consider the height of the lamp. For better lighting, high-profile floor lamps are recommended. Additionally, it is crucial to make sure that the lights are eye-friendly.

2- Power Cord

This will hide wires from your kids and ensure extra safety. 

Therefore, no light with a short power cord should be used in the nursery. Find a floor lamp with a long power cord so it can be hidden easily.

3- Built & Style

Durability is the priority of everyone; lamps with heavy metal bodies and bases are more durable than low-quality metal lamps or wooden lamps. Secondly, you need to pick a stylish lamp for the nursery that your kid loves. 

4- Life Span

Every floor lamp comes with a specific life span, and that also depends on your use. Most of the lamps offer 15,000 hours of lifespan while few offer 20,000-hours. You need to pick a floor lamp that lasts for a long time. 

5- Adjustable

It’s always a good idea to get a lamp that can be adjusted. It allows you to illuminate a specific area if the location is adjustable. Addlon floor lamp is the finest option for this functionality. If the illumination is changeable, you can change the brightness and color temperature whenever you like.

Stepeak industrial floor lamps and 3-way dimmable vintage and industrial floor lamps are the best in this category. It’s a blessing when a lamp allows you to modify both the illumination position and the brightness level.


Nursery rooms, like any other room, must be attractive. Because if you have children, you will surely spend a significant amount of time in these areas. As a result, you should purchase a lovely and appealingly designed floor lamp to complement your nursery space.


You might wish to put little ornamental pieces or other items on your floor lamp, such as a phone and remote control. You can obtain what you want with lamps with shelves.


The design of the interior space for the child’s room will be determined by color. Choose a multi-head and bright floor light for lively kids and a product with a simple design and harmonious color for peaceful youngsters.

Quality of light

 the light will impact the brightness level of the environment as well as the eyes of the children. As a result, you must select items that satisfy the required brightness, are gentle and warm, and do not irritate children’s eyes.


 to maintain the set lasting and not too painful, choose floor lamps made of high-grade metal. The first is a product that will be used for a long time, and the second is to prevent the youngster from brown spots. Induce abrasion.

The Lamp’s Use And Placement

Today’s floor lamps for kids are designed with simple models, mounting, and usage in mind to make life easier for users.

Make use of

You may quickly apply simple commands on the control for products that have an on-off feature… By touch.

Furthermore, with the off-timer function, you set the time you want the floor lamp to turn off, and it will do so automatically when it’s time to help your youngster get a good night’s sleep.

With bulbs that can be turned numerous degrees, you have to turn the lampshade in the desired direction for comfortable lighting. Because the product is well-made and long-lasting, you won’t be afraid to turn the light handle.


It would be best if you put a floor lamp near the reading table so that your youngster has enough light to learn and read. To offer your infant a nice night’s sleep, place it near the head of the bed and the end of the bed on Monday.

You should not put kindergarten floor lamps in the middle of the room since it may surprise your children when you wake up, and some children may stumble while playing if they are not paying attention.

Last Words

To illuminate the nursery with soft light, you need to pick the best floor lamp that meets your needs. After going to the above article, I hope you got your desired lamp.

We made this list after deep research so we can choose any of them without any doubt. 

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