9 Best LED Lights For Bookshelves (New Arrival !!!)

Do you have a Bookshelf in your room? You can enhance its beauty by simply adding LED lights.

With LED light, you will get a more luxurious look and feel. Most people spend a lot of time in front of shelves, and it’s beneficial for you to change your workspace environment.

If your surroundings are clean and manageable, you will have a more refreshing experience. With colorful LED lights, you will get a refreshing feel that keeps you active and lets you sit in front of bookshelves for a longer time.

We have collected the 9 best LED Lights For Bookshelves, each one is pretty different from the other, but I’m sure you will like each one.

Ideas For LED Light

Lighting on the front

The simplest approach is to use a Contour LED strip to front light your shelves. A basic down stand on the shelf is required for this.

On occasion, the naked LED tape can be used on a heat sink, but in most cases, a visible or reflective metal extrusion is the ideal option.

The option is determined by the shelf’s detail and finish. This method emits a uniform light that is acceptable for most items.

Lighting from behind

A possible approach to shelf lighting would be to use a Contour LED strip to backlight the shelf. A gap at the back of the shelf or a small upstand would be used to hide this.

This effect provides depth and is especially effective when the light shines through a combination of things, notably glass and books. When lighting things, this is highly dramatic, but it doesn’t work as well with readers.


The reflecting nature of the surfaces being lighted, the color of the surfaces, and the illumination object all influence the placing. The illumination should be concealed from view at all times and should not cast any undesirable shadows.

Shelf Lightening On An Individual Basis

As part of your shelf lighting system, little spotlights can be employed to generate targeted pools of light on select things. When the shelves are organized into small portions with a single feature in each, this works well.

Our Recommendations

Best LED Lights For Bookshelves

1- LED Strip Lights Colorful RGB

led light for bookshelves

Colorful LED lights in a room bring a unique experience for everybody. These 4 Pre-Cut RGB LED strip lights come in 48 Inch size, which is a perfect size for most bookshelves.

The layer of the stipe is durable and made of and made with pure copper. There are 12 different colors available with 19 modes, and it’s too easy for you to adjust their colors, brightness, and speed with a remote.

Along with Bookshelves, you can also use these lights for computer tables, frames, behind furniture, and more.

With a solid adhesive back, you need to worry about tapping, and the super-strong self-adhesive backing will keep your LED strip stick forever. So you easily assemble them anywhere; it takes you 5-10 minutes to correctly set up.

These 4 Pre-cut RGB lights come with a power supply, remote and all accessories, so you don’t need to buy any other extra item.

2- 8 PCS Strong Strip Light

8 PCS Strong Strip Light

This DIY design LED light is pretty long to adjust anywhere. There is a total 8 light strop with a 20inch size, and you can install them with dozens of methods. Unlike other LED lights, you can cut this one according to your need, and it has 7 connections to connect their ends easily.

Like previous LED light, you can easily adhere to any surface, as it has a full self-adhesive back. Because of the golden color, these LED lights look more beautiful with white bookshelves and feel more professional.

The light is only available in a golden color that looks more luxurious, and you can control the brightness level via remote. There are a total of 6 levels of brightness, 2 light modes, and 5 timing off option functions. You don’t need to turn off the light at night because it comes with the night mode option. Moreover, it can be adjusted with every atmosphere.

3- HRDJ Led Strip Lights

Best LED Lights For Bookshelves

If you love a colorful environment, then these HRDJ LED strip lights are best for bookshelves. Because of the 65.6ft” size, these LED lights can easily be set up behind and below the large bookshelves.

The best part is you can easily control these lights via an app. Just install the built-in app in your smartphone and change the color anytime with just one touch.

Moreover, you are free to adjust any color, and there is an entire RGB color globe that allows establishing your desired atmosphere.

According to the product information, there are 16 million colors and 28 pre-programmed style modes, and you can also adjust brightness and modes via remote.

Secondly, these lights come with smart music mode, so the lights hues change with the rhythm of sound. This will create a more relaxing and magical atmosphere, that’s why these lights are also perfect for parties and functions etc.

4- Govee Smart LED Light Bars

 LED Lights For Bookshelves

These are different from the rest of the LED light strips, LED bars are unique and smart LED bars that you can use on your bookshelves. These birds come with colorful lights that can be controlled via mobile phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

These bars can easily sync with Bluetooth speakers and or smartphones so you can easily change their colors and adjust brightness. There are 16 million colors gradients available and 12 preset modes that enable you to make your desired atmosphere.

Apart from this, these LED lights come with smart camera technology that recognizes the colors of your atmosphere and automatically applies them to backlights.

As compared to other lights these LED bars are more durable and easy to install, also they look simple and elegant. You can also use these bras with your TV screens, or for gaming purposes.

5- Govee Smart Table Lamp

Govee Smart Table Lamp

Here comes the smart LED lamp for your bookshelves that offers high quality and soft light. Portable LED lights are best for room decoration purposes, and also you don’t need to assemble these lights.

With intuitive DIY mode, you can personalize light effects and save them for later use. This portable LED lamp comes with a smart app that enables you to set your desired atmosphere. With finger sketching, you can draw color patterns on the app and apply them to your lamp.

There are over 20 different scenes (modes) available, and you can also adjust the brightness level from the app. Govee Smart Table lamp is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. With just one voice command, you can set the desired atmosphere.

There is a smooth sunset mode best for sleeping or reading, helping you drift off peacefully under a soft glow of light. 

Besides, there are dozens of modes for kids that make them happy, and they will enjoy the fun and color display of animated characters.

6- Myriad365 RGB Lamp

Myriad365 RGB Lamp

If you want to try some unique LED lights, then you should try this one. Myriad365 is a floor lamp that can be placed anywhere, and it easily fits every outfit. You can set it near a bookshelf, and it will create a magical atmosphere around you.

This LED corner lamp has an ‘L’ shape and a strong base for extra stability. This LED stand is 30% more bright than ordinary lamps and therefore gives a more relaxing experience.

There are over 300 multi color effects, and in night mode, you can easily adjust the colors and brightness via remote.

Myriad365 is tall enough to spread light in your whole room, and it has 56″ in size, which is enough and equal to the standard floor lamps. You can buy two lamps for both sides of bookshelves, which will automatically enhance the beauty of the shelf.

7- Wobane Under Cabinet Light

Wobane Under Cabinet Light

This Warm White Color LED light is the best way to design your bookshelf excellently and make it more charming and attractive. With Sufficient brightness & Energy-saving features, this light delivers a total of 1100 lumen and a lower power consumption of only 12W.

It comes with the 4pcs 20inch light bars, an adapter, and connectors. This LED light is suitable for under lighting, background lighting, display lighting, and decorating bookshelf.

It is made of ‎Plastic and Copper and is very easy to assemble. All the requires installation accessories are included in the package. No extra tools are needed. You can install light bars by yourself in minutes.

8- LEADTOPS Flexible Led Light

LEADTOPS Flexible Led Light

If you want to put LED lights around your bookshelf or under the shelf, LEADTOPS flexible LED lights are the best option. It comes with four modes that spread soft ambient light and create a magical atmosphere.

This LED light comes with 3M adhesion to quickly mount wherever you need extra light. It has a double side adhesion, and you can also cut the bale at the point where the copper connectors are.

Compared to the rest of the LED lights, this one is pretty bright, and its lamp is safe for your eyes. Additionally, you can adjust the Light-On time from 15 seconds to 5 minutes with the Time-Delay button. 

The light is fully waterproof and has a robust design. That’s why the company gives a 12-month warranty plus 30 days return guarantee time. 

9- BASON RGB Lightning

BASON RGB Lightning for bookshelves

Here comes the last LED light that spreads a very soft ambient around it. This is a unique LED pucks light that you can adjust according to your need. 

You will get a pack of 4 RGB lamps that you can fit at any point on your Bookshelf. I recommend you to buy 8 pieces if you have a large bookshelf. Their light is pretty soft, and it feels more relaxing. 

These LED puck lights come with 16 static, 4 dynamic modes, and have 10 brightness levels. You can adjust their settings via remote, as it’s too easy a process.

It’s too easy to assemble these lights, and their wiring is safe and lengthy. You don’t need to damage your furniture, and Velcro taps can support more DIY ideas. Apart from Bookshelf, you can also use these LED lights for showcases, wine shelves, hitch shelves etc.

LED Installation method (DIY)

While you should always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions that come with your LED lights, there are a few fundamental principles to keep in mind.

  • Make accurate measurements. It’s critical to measure everything exactly, whether you’re centering your lights inside your bookcase or lining the entire thing. When light is cast, a few centimeters can make a significant difference; everything is multiplied when mounting lights in an enclosed environment.
  • Make a decision about where your lights will go and stick to it. There’s no going back after you’ve started drilling or gluing adhesive LED lights to your bookcase – at least not without some mending.
  • Make a plan for your power supply. Some bookcases don’t have cord cutouts, whereas others do. The last thing you want is to finish installing your lights only to learn that you’ll have to run a wire through your bookcase to get to the power supply. If you’re utilizing low-voltage lighting, you’ll also need to figure out where you’ll put the driver that powers the lights.

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Buying Guide To Buy Best LED Lights For Bookshelves

To select the ideal LED lighting for a bookcase, you must first determine the color temperature and brightness requirements. LED lights are measured differently.

It’s critical to grasp the distinctions between them because they’re more reliable and can be used in limited locations like bookcases. LEDs produce very little heat. Thus those with a high enclosed-space rating will last a long time.


The brightness of an LED light is measured in lumens, and it’s difficult to identify a pattern in side-by-side comparisons. A 40-watt incandescent light produces roughly 450 lumens, while a 60-watt conventional bulb produces about 800 lumens. Further:

1,100 lumens at 75 watts

1,600 lumens = 100 watts

2,600 lumens at 150 watts

Avoid LEDs that produce more than 800 lumens unless you’re aiming to highlight the contents of your bookcase. Low-lumen outputs are better for bookcase lighting in general.

The light that is warm and cozy vs. light that is harsh and contrasted

LEDs, unlike incandescent bulbs, may be precisely calibrated to a certain color temperature. The Kelvin scale is used to assess the warmth or coolness of an LED; the lower the number, the warmer the light. Warm lights contain yellow undertones, while cool lights have a slightly bluish tint.

Imagine a bright, sunny day on an Arctic ice floe; that’s what the coolest LED bulbs (those with a 6,500K rating) will accomplish for your bookcase.

Consider how a single candle’s flame dances in a gloomy environment; that’s exactly what the warmest LEDs – those designated 2,700K or lower – will produce.

While the color temperature you choose for your LED bookcase rope lighting is mostly a question of personal opinion, it should blend in seamlessly with the contents. Warmer tones may enhance the appearance of dark, leather-bound books, while cooler light temps are preferable for collectibles and other valuables.

Proper direction

You’ll also need to pick how you want your shelves’ contents to be highlighted by the lighting. Some people choose to light their bookcases from the sides and top, while others merely illuminate the top rim of each shelf.

LED lighting on top of bookshelf shelves may not be enough to properly illuminate the volumes, depending on the size of your bookcase.

Your bookcase might appear better with a backlight — LEDs attached to the upper or lower joint of each shelf in the rear — or when the LEDs are utilized to spotlight the contents of the frames from a hidden place in the front.

You’re ready to choose the fixtures for your bookcase lighting DIY project once you’ve made your final decisions about temperature, brightness, and placement.

Final Words

You can make your bookshelf more elegant and attractive by simply adding a few LED lights to it. All above mentioned LED lights are best for bookshelves, and we have collected these lights after deep research. 

Note: If you pick any light from our selection, it helps us make some pocket money. Thanks 🙂


What’s the ideal spot for LED light strips?

Around your home, there are five wonderful places to put LED strip lights.

  • Under the kitchen cabinets. 
  • Under-cabinet lighting, as the name implies, illuminate’s spaces beneath your cabinetry.
  • Along with toe kicks.
  • Behind computer and TV screens.
  • Under bookcases.
  • Under the bed.

Is it true that LED lights attract bugs?

Because LED bulbs emit little heat and have long wavelengths of light, they are less appealing to bugs. They also emit very little or no UV light. It makes them ideal for use as outside lighting at events and in the home.

What’s the best way to conceal puck light wiring?

A cable protector is one of the simplest ways to hide unsightly under-cabinet wires. You can attach the wiring into a single bundle with tie wraps and staple it to the cabinet’s underside. The length of the wiring should run straight from the light to the wall.

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