5 Best Light Bulbs For Your Bedroom

A good light bulb for your bedroom is worth considering as it helps to make the room’s environment more bright and vibrant. Most people don’t know what bulb is best for their bedrooms.

The market is overloaded with LED bulbs, incandescent, RGBs, Halogen bulbs, CFLs, and more. But a good bulb for your bedroom should send out around 800 lumens or 3000 Kelvin. It makes your room pretty brighter and produces warm light in the bedroom that relaxes your body. 

Not only do the lumens matter, but the nature of your room and the color temperature of the bulb also matter. This article will discuss which type of bulb is best for your bedroom and how brighter your bedroom should be?

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What Lumens Bulb Is Best For Your Bedroom?

A lumen measures the amount of light produced by a bulb. In short, lumens are a brightness standard; the greater the number of lumens, the brighter the bulb is, and vice versa.

The second factor that matters is the watt, which is the input received by the bulb. The watt varies from bulb to bulb. The old incandescent bulb uses 60 watts to produce 800 lumens, whereas LED bulbs use only 12 watts to produce 800 lumens. 

Nowadays, most people are using LED bulbs as they save energy and produce more lumens. 

If you want to make your bedroom look more relaxing, it’s best to consider less lumens. It also helps you to get better sleep at night time. 

Mostly people used 8000 lumens which spread enough light in the room to easily read a book, search for items in your drawer, write a diary, and chat with their partner while seeing their faces.

The higher number of lumens is mostly used in hospitals, kitchens, and shops to see the stuff more clearly. For this, you need about 3000 lumens to produce much brighter light.

Why Choose LED Bulb

Why Choose LED Bulb

Over the years, technology has changed how we light up our bedrooms. Smart LED bulbs do not remove the filament-based incandescent bulbs. Before LED bulbs, there were Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) that most people still use. 

But the last phase of evolution has introduced LED bulbs that are more energy-efficient. Although LED bulbs are a little more expensive than traditional ones, it’s a superb investment as you save money over time. 

LED bulbs to use about 30% less energy and have a 25 times longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs when it comes to energy consumption. Research conducted by the US department says that LED bulbs save 75% more energy than traditional light bulbs. 

On the other hand, CFL bulbs use about 25% of the energy and last 10X longer than a traditional incandescent bulb.

So, LED bulbs are the best choice for your bedroom. There are different varieties and shapes of LED bulbs available In the market, plus you can also go for LED strip lights that can be fitted to your ceiling. 


  • It uses 75% less energy than traditional bulbs.
  • It has a non-flickering effect
  • The bulbs last longer, up to (9 to 13 years)
  • Never become too hot light incandescent bulbs
  • Immediately give 800 lumens of light with switch on
  • More environment friendly 
  • More eye-friendly 
  • Save money on electricity bills
  • Most LED bulbs are dimmable and adjust the light according to day/night requirements.


  • They are more expensive than a traditional bulb
  • They give off directional light

How many bulbs Should You Need In A Room?

While lighting up your bedroom, it’s important to consider how much build you need for your room to make it cozy. So, it also depends on the nature of the bulb, but we will only cover the case for LED bulbs.

If you have 10 x 10 feet (100 square feet) of the room, it will need 10-20 lumens per square foot. It means 100 square feet of room, and you need 2-3 LED bulbs that can produce 800 lumens. 

But kitchen and bathroom lumens should be stronger, so you can consider 70 – 80 lumens per share foot. 

Why Color Of Bulb Matters:

Why Color Of Bulb Matters

According to verywellind, the colors can control the emotions of a human. The warm colors evoke emotions and feelings of warmth and comfort to feelings of anger. Similarly, such light helps your body produce more melatonin, a hormone that enables you to sleep. The warmer your room is light, and the more melatonin is released, helping you sleep more deeply 

And the colors with the blue spectrum are often known for calm feelings and can increase your focusing power. 

So in sleeping areas, you can install bulbs with yellowish or warm colors, whereas in working areas, it’s best practice to install cool color light. 

According to cdc.gov, blue light can make it difficult for you to fall asleep during sleep. At the same time, white or blue light can increase your productivity during the daytime. 

The blue light also emitted by your smartphones affects our circadian rhythms and causes sleeping problems. Nowadays, most smartphones come with a dark mode that switches the screen towards warm color and blocks blue light. 

5 Best Light Bulbs for Your Bedroom

The best light bulb for any bedroom depends on you and your bedroom. Because there are different types of light bulbs available with different advantages. We have listed the five best bulbs that you can choose from, and all these are available at Amazon.com. 

1- LIFX Color A19 

LIFX Color A19  

If you are a guy who likes smart items, then LIFX is the bulb made for you. It gives you a full command to control the light’s color and intensity according to your choice.  

People always find it difficult to get up from bed to turn off the lights. Therefore, LIFX smart bulbs give you ease, and you can switch them off using Alexa or your smartphone app. Now, you don’t need to get up from your bed and close the bulb during the night. 

This smart bulb comes in various colors, changing them according to your mood and working routine. You don’t need to do manual settings on the bulb to adjust the color, and all color charging settings are available on your phone app.

You can switch colors and change light modes and intensity easily. There are billions of color options available to choose from that you can also change from your Alexa assistant. 

The LIFX also gives you the freedom to control it outside of your home. Using your smartphone app, you can turn it off/on even if you aren’t home. You can also set schedules to change colors or the intensity of light. So when the sun sets, your LIFX bulb will automatically give warm and relaxing colors. 

The light bulb offers 800 lumens of brightness which is enough for normal use. You can also reduce the lumens during the night or whenever you want to sleep. It also has impressive colors and a huge 1500 – 9000K range. 

Compared to traditional bulbs, it’s much more efficient and long-lasting. With 25,000 hours of long-lasting time, it can save your money on electricity bills. 

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2- Philips LED Dimmable 

Philips LED Dimmable 

Philips is a well-known multinational company that focuses on home mode appliances. Philips has manufactured different bulbs over the years. But its latest LED bulbs won the Title 20 award. 

This latest Philips light bulb has multi-effects; it can be warmer when you dim the light, best for sleep. And when you are working, it can spread light up to 800 lumens—the warmer light rage from 2200 to 2700 kelvin that feels very soft and eye-friendly. The bulb dims very smoothly, even with ordinary lamp dimmers. 

I’m also using this bulb in my bedroom, and it gives more natural lighting at 1/4 of the incandescents. Plus, it provides 10X extra lifespan as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. 

This two-in-one bulb is affordable and saves money on electricity bills. 

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3- AmazonBasics LED Bulb

AmazonBasics LED Bulb

If you’re looking for an affordable way to light up your room, Amazon Basic LED bulbs are the best option. This is a non-dimmable bulb but available in different colors, including; soft white, daylight, clear daylight, etc. 

Like most LED bulbs, this AmazonBasics LED bulb also spreads 8000 lumens, considered the best lighting for a bedroom. But if you want a dim and more relaxing light, you should go for its 40-watt variant that produces 450 lumens. 

Compared to traditional bulbs, Amazon Basics non-dimmable LED light lasts for 10,000 hours (9 years). It also consumes less energy than conventional bulbs and gives a more clear tune that feels natural. Although this LED bulb uses less power, it can produce incandescent equivalent lumens. 

This LED bulb is only best for kids’ bedrooms or working areas because this bulb can’t be dimmed during the night. You have to turn it off manually. 

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4- KOR 9W LED 

KOR 9W LED A19 Light Bulb

Some people are accustomed to conventional light bulbs that turn on/off by manually flipping the switch, so Kord 9W is the best option for such individuals. It gives very soft and natural light that feels comfortable to the eyes. 

The bulb instantly spreads full light without any flickering effect, which is a plus point.  

Although these bulbs are inexpensive yet offer 15,000 hours of lifespan, which is longer than Amazon’s basic LED bulbs, plus very low wattage saves money on bills. KOR 9W LED bulbs are available in two options; daylight and soft white. 

The daylight bulb produces a 5000K light spectrum that feels cozy and warm and gives comfortable feelings at night. 

These bulbs are used in most bedrooms, kids’ rooms, and makeup rooms as they produce 800 lumens of light that are bright enough to do different operations. Because of its eye-friendly nature, it’s most recommended to use information about mirrors or makeup sittings.

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5- OHLUX Smart Wifi Bulb

OHLUX Smart Wifi Bulb

Here comes a multi-color smart bulb with a variety of smart features. If you are a person who likes decorating their bedrooms, then this is the right item for you. Its colorful LED lights make the room look more cozy and stylish. 

You can control OHLUX smart bulb with Alexa or voice assistant. Plus, there is also a smartphone app that helps you change the colors, hues, and gradients.  

With its 16 million different colors, you can change your bedroom environment according to your needs. The dimmable feature helps you dim the bulb at night for a more comfortable sleep. 

OHLUX smart bulbs can be used in party rooms, kid’s bedrooms, TV launches, drawing rooms, etc. It has eight different scene modes that produce other effects, so whether you are sleeping, partying, or doing work, you can adjust it accordingly. 

The good thing about this bulb is it can easily sync with your smartphone music and change the lights on lyrics, and it gives a real club feels in your room.

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The best light bulb for your bedroom should produce 800 lumens of light racing from 2800K – 3000K. But for kitchen purposes, the lumens would be higher. 

Keep in mind that choosing the wrong light bulb for the bedroom can affect your sleep and waste money. Similarly, we recommend that you not use incandescent bulbs as they use more energy and make your bills heavier. 

LED light bulbs with dimmable features are the best choice for smart people who want to control their room’s lighting with their fingertips. 

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