Best Living Room Furniture For Bad Backs

Nowadays, most people are suffering from bad backs. Your back muscles and spinal ligaments are stressed when you sit in an awkward position and adopt the wrong postures.

It also occurs when your furniture does not give the proper support to your back when you sit on lay on it.

So are you also suffering from bad backs and want to buy that furniture which supports your back properly? If yes, so don’t worry. After deep research, we have collected the data of the best living room furniture for bad backs.

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Best Living Room Furniture For Bad Backs

CANMOV Elizabeth Fabric Arm Chair Recliner

best living room furniture for bad backs


This chair is best for people which are suffering from bad backs. It gives you the proper back support and gives you the proper postures to sit on it.

If you want to fully recline this chair, just push on your arms and lean against the back of the Recliner to find your most relaxing and comfortable positioning.

Is Its Padded Cushion Gives Relief In Bad Backs?

Yes, this accent chair has a firm padded cushion and its softness gives you amazing comfort and gives relief in bad backs.

The high back of this chair commands attention and provides support for your spine.

It has a tufted diamond design, which offers a refreshing air of sophistication to your home. You can set this chair in your living room to give your room a stylish look. Its light beige color will complement most furniture sets.

This recliner chair has a dimension of 30 x 36 x 40 inches with a seat height of 19.6 inches. It supports a weight of up to 300 lbs.

This recliner chair comes up with 4 pieces and is very easy to assemble. Its legs are sturdy which makes this chair durable.

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Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Seating  Sofa

best living room furniture for bad backs

If you want to experience the dream level of comfort like never before while watching TV or using mobile, so this amazing sofa is best for you.

It has an adjustable powered headrest and memory function all at your fingertips. This sofa is made from the finest material of Painstakingly, hand-selected genuine top grain leather, which gives it the finest touch, looks, and durability.

Is This Sofa Gives Relief In Bad Backs?

Yes, this sofa has a powered recline that gives you proper back support and relieves relief during bad backs. And you experience the dream level of comfort while sitting in your living room.

If you want to enjoy the movie theater experience in your own home while suffering from bad backs, so you can experience it with the convenient features.

These features include the centre fold-down table that has two cup holders, wireless and USB/AC charging and overhead lights, hidden in-arm storage.

This sofa weighs 363 pounds and has a dimension of 42 x 86 x 43 inches. It is 86 inches wide, 43 inches tall, and 42 inches long when it is upright. And when it is fully reclined, so it becomes 71 inches long, 21 inches seat depth, and  5.5 inches of wall hugger.

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AUXSOUL Massage Recliner Chair

best living room furniture for bad backs

If your doctor recommends you a massage chair in bad backs or you want a massage chair for relaxation, so this one is perfect for you.

This chair comes up with 8 massage modes, 2 vibrating modes on the lumbar with a provided corded remote control for suitable selection.

Is The Recliner Of This Chair Is Suitable In Bad Backs?

Yes, the recliner of this chair can be adjusted to different angles of your choice in different situations. You can adjust the recliner in between 90 -160 degrees, suit for taking a rest, watching TV, or napping. A new study shows that sitting at a 135-degree angle is the best position for your back.

This recliner is made of high-quality skin-friendly PU leather and soft comfortable sponges. You can sit for a long time on its Resilient seat.

Dimensions of AUXSOUL Massage Recliner Chair

  • Seat Dimensions :19.7 inch x 21.6 inch
  • Back Dimensions:19.7 inch x 25.5 inch
  • Open Dimensions: 29.6 inch x 62.5 inch x 26.6 inch
  • Closed Dimensions: 26.6 inch x 35.2 inch x 40.2 inch

Using this massage recliner chair gives you relief from bad backs and you don’t even have to go outside for a massage.

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American Furniture Classics Sedona Sofa

best living room furniture for bad backs

If you want a classic design sofa, then this sofa will be perfect for you. This sofa has a unique and classic lather design, which gives your living room a cool and attractive look.

It has a solid wood frame that will last for years and has a solid wood leg, which shows that this sofa is sturdy.

Is It Good In Bad Backs?

Yes, this classic design lather sofa offers a comfortable foam seat and back cushions which are wrapped with fiber for a comfortable seat. The seat and back cushions provide proper support to your back.

This sofa weighs 244 pounds and has a dimension of 88 x 36 x 37 inches. It’s very easy to assemble and when it is fully assembled, its height becomes 33 inches, length becomes 89 inches and width becomes 38 inches.

You can use this sofa in bad backs because it will give relief and give proper support to your back so that you can sit on it with the right postures.

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Waldo Brown Leather Recliner Club Chair

best living room furniture for bad backs

If you are looking for a classic recliner to complete your living decor, and to get relief in bad backs, then look no further than the Waldo recliner club chair.

This chair has comfortable leather, which gives you the proper postures to sit. It is very helpful when you are suffering from bad backs.

Is Its Upholstery Gives Relief?

The upholstery of this chair comes with bonded leather with a wood frame. And also the upholstery is not too soft, because too soft upholstery results in pain in bad backs.

This classic recliner will give you the feeling of when you were young. It feels like bringing back memories of sitting in your father’s chair.

The recliner chair is sure to fit with any décor and is perfect for those looking to class up their living room.

It weighs 98.2 pounds and has a dimension of 35.83 x 41.34 x 41.34 inches. With a height of  21.50 inches, it gives you ease to sit on it even you have a larger height.

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Things That You Must Consider Before Buying Furniture For Bad Backs

Before buying any living room furniture, ensure that the following furniture has the following characteristics.

  • Supportive spring system
  • High-Density Cushions
  • A sturdy frame
  • A design that prevents slouching

Supportive Spring System

The furniture with well-crafted sinuous springs has a very well-supportive spring system and gives your back proper postures so that you can get relief from the bad backs. So always buy furniture that has a supportive spring system.

High-Density Cushions

Many people don’t like that furniture, whose cushions feel hard, but only a few people know that a too-soft sofa can be problematic, too. The best kinds of cushions are high-density cushions.

These cushions provide a little give without causing you to sink and also providing you the best postures that don’t cause back pain.

A Sturdy Frame

Always buy furniture that has good material and a sturdy frame. Because this increases stability and prevents it from moving while you get situated, and gives you comfort in bad backs.

A Design That Prevents Slouching

Must keep in mind that when you sit down on your sofa or chair, so your knees should be able to bend to a 90-degree angle. If your sofa or chair is too high or too low to the ground that you’re instead forced to sit in a slouched position, so this will put a lot of stress on your back.

So always buy that furniture with a design that prevents slouching.

Final Words

After reading the above reviews and information, now you should be able to pick the best furniture for bad backs. But keep in mind that whatever furniture you are going to buy, must fulfill the conditions of comfort and gives you relief in bad backs.