Can You Install Vinyl Flooring Over Linoleum? (Explained)

In this guide we will discuss how you can install Vinyl Flooring Over Linoleum.

You can install vinyl flooring over linoleum if your existing linoleum floor is in poor condition and has a rough surface texture.

Don’t worry, you can also install vinyl flooring over it using the coating name’s embossing leveler.

First you need to find out whether your linoleum flooring is good enough for vinyl flooring to be installed over it without using an embossing leveler. If your linoleum flooring is in good condition, you don’t need a coating or embossing leveler over it.

Let us guide you on whether your vinyl flooring needs embossing leveler coating not. So, by simply measuring the factors of what I have told you in the following paragraph, you can easily find out whether your linoleum flooring need embossing leveler coating or not.

Linoleum floor Which Needs Embossing Leveler Coating

Well! If your linoleum is old and is not in good condition even apparently, then you should do emboss level coating before installing because it will make the subfloor plain, smooth and level.

Using emboss leveler will make the subfloor plain and level and increase the life of vinyl flooring installing over it if your existing linoleum floor is covering these features.

Straight and simple! If the surface texture of your linoleum floor is smooth and don’t have bumps or molds. Meanwhile, the most important thing you must keep your eye on is the level of the linoleum flooring.

The best way to check is by comparing the level of an area on the floor which is most frequently used (like, the entrance or along with the door) with the level of space on the floor which is least used. If the ratio is the same, you are good to install vinyl flooring over it.

How Can You Install Vinyl Flooring Over Linoleum?

How Can You Install Vinyl Flooring Over Linoleum?

Heat balm, you can install vinyl flooring over linoleum on your own. The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it’s easy to buy, but installing it is easier, especially if the subfloor is flooring like a linoleum floor.

I will only discuss the most convenient method to install the vinyl flooring over linoleum on your own. Believe, If you have time to install vinyl flooring over linoleum, then this will not only save your money but increase your physical skills.


Earnestly, If your existing linoleum floor is old or in poor condition, as I mentioned earlier, you need to emboss level coating.

If your existing linoleum floor is good enough by the points I have discussed earlier in this blog post, then you can install vinyl flooring over linoleum without embossing leveler.

Coating Of Embossing Leveler

What is an embossing leveler? A typical embossing leveler is a dry product based on Portland cement and containing urethane or acrylic components. You have to make a paste of it by mixing it with mostly water and other products.

Moreover, you can also buy a premixed embossing leveler to save time and energy.

What is the best embossing leveler for linoleum? The best embossing leveler for linoleum is the Henry 574 Unipro. If you want to buy a premix embossing leveler, then I will also recommend Henry 345 premix. Many flooring service provider companies have used it.

How to use Embossing Leveler On Linoleum Before Installing Vinyl Flooring Over It?

It would help if you had essential tools for using embossing leveler over linoleum before using. Don’t worry! These tools are prevalent at any home in the US. So, the only thing you’ll be spending money on is the glossing leveler.

  • Glossing leveler
  • A bucket for making the paste of shining leveler
  • A drilling machine for helping you in mixing the glossing leveler paste
  • Margin Trowel to patch the glossing leveler on the bumps and non-uniform area of the linoleum floor
Important note
You have to paste the vinyl on the linoleum floor coated with an embossing leveler. Otherwise, It will not work as efficiently as its do.

Measuring area where you are installing vinyl flooring over linoleum

Now, you have to measure the area where you are installing vinyl flooring over linoleum. However, the best method to measure area is as following

First, measure the length of the area

Second, measure the width of the area

Last, find out the square per area by multiplying length with width. As stated below;

  • Length x Width = Square foot.
  • Choosing vinyl flooring

You have to choose the type of vinyl flooring you will installing over the linoleum subfloor.

Sketching And Cutting The Vinyl Sheets or Vinyl Tiles

It is the most critical part of installing vinyl sheets over linoleum. You need to be very careful in measuring the area to fill by vinyl flooring and cutting the parts like a built-in wardrobe (unmovable one).

if it’s popped out from the wall like mines—similarly, those things you can move to install vinyl flooring under them.

Suppose you are not a science student like me. In that case, this information is essential for you as things get to expand and contract with temperature and vinyl flooring also shows this behaviour of expansion and contraction.

To avoid any problem like these, leave 1/8 inch space between walls and vinyl flooring for expansion and contraction.

After measuring all the area filled by vinyl flooring over linoleum, sketch it on the vinyl plank with a pencil. Cut it with a scissor, and it is not easy to cut it precisely, so use a straight edge.

Pasting The Vinyl Flooring Over Linoleum

Bringing the up the last Now, it’s time to paste the vinyl flooring over linoleum. If you have accurately measured and cut the vinyl planks, then you are all ready to paste it over linoleum and say goodbye to your linoleum flooring. After all, you have finally gotten rid of it.

Vinyl tiles don’t need adhesive to be install but installing it over linoleum. We would recommend pasting it with adhesives.


Install Vinyl Flooring Over Linoleum

The adhesive is glue, which glueing down the vinyl planks over linoleum in your case. Now, finding the most efficient adhesive to install vinyl flooring over linoleum takes me to the point where we recommend the best glue to paste the vinyl flooring over linoleum.

The best adhesive for vinyl flooring installing over linoleum is Roberts 2057-0 adhesive.

How To Use Adhesive

Using adhesive can be creepy if you don’t wear gloves to avoid it sticking to your fingers. Other than this, it is just super easy pasting the vinyl flooring over linoleum with adhesive.

  • First, wear disposable gloves.
  • Second, get the adhesive and open it.
  • Third, use a brush to paste it on the area of the floor where you are pasting the vinyl plank.
  • Fourth, paste the adhesive on the vinyl plank.
  • Last, Now, it’s time to paste vinyl plank over the area where you have used adhesive.

What To Do After Adhesive

The thing that can ruin your hard work is not avoiding the walking traffic after pasting the vinyl flooring with adhesive.

You must have to let the adhesive wholly dried. Typically, it takes 12 hours to dry enough to allow minimal walking traffic over it, But to bring on furniture or other heavy items, you must give it one entire day ( a day and a night).

Now, if you have followed me carefully and thoroughly, you have successfully installed the vinyl flooring over linoleum—all on your own, congratulations.

Mistakes in Linoleum and Vinyl Flooring Installation

  • Failure to measure and cut with extreme accuracy. Though linoleum and sheet vinyl flooring are attractive and cost-effective, they do not provide nearly as much room for error as a pieced floor does.
  • It is installing your flooring as soon as it arrives.
  • Trying to save time by not creating a floor template.
  • Using your sheet flooring adhesive without reading the manufacturer’s directions
  • Applying the glue in a haphazard manner.
  • Allowing insufficient “open time” between the application of glue and installing the sheet flooring material.
  • Excess glue cleanup is being postponed. If left to dry, sheet flooring adhesive will need to be removed using a solvent.
  • After you’ve glued the linoleum or vinyl flooring in place, you forget to smooth it out with a roller.
  • In the future, rough up your carefully laid vinyl or linoleum floor.

Final thoughts

Can you install vinyl flooring over linoleum? If your linoleum flooring is in poor condition or you make the wrong decision to choose the linoleum flooring. Only then, installing vinyl flooring over linoleum can turn out to be the best solution.

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