Can You Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floor? How To Use It!

Pine-Sol is a famous surface cleaner to remove dirt and grime from floors. But does this cleaner work for laminate flooring?

Yes, you can use Pine Sol on laminate floors because it’s made of natural ingredients making it perfect for any hardwood floors. This cleaner gives extra shine to your laminate floor and makes it look new. 

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before using Pine Sol on laminate flooring.

In this article, I will share how you can correctly use Pine Sol on laminate floors. And also the benefits of using Pine Sol.

Can I Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors?

 Pine Sol On Laminate Floors

Yes, Pine-Sol is a safe option to clean Laminate flooring. It’s made of real pine scent, essential pine oil, and another natural ingredient; all these ingredients are safe and perfectly clean laminate floors.

Apart from natural ingredients, Pine Sol includes a few chemicals like isopropanol and xanthan gum. So you have to use proper techniques to clean the laminate floor, especially if your laminate floor is polished or new. 

How To Clean Laminate Floor With Pine Sol In A Proper Way!

There is no rocket science!

Cleaning the laminate floor with Pine Sol is very simple and straightforward. It’s just like daily mopping or cleaning. 

But you might feel irritated because of the strong odour, so you need some safety precautions before proceeding. 

Also, avoid touching it with your hand. You can wear gloves for your protection.

Similarly, if you have pets or kids at home, be extra careful, don’t allow kids to stay with you during cleaning. 

If you have adopted all these precautions, then let’s get started!

1- Vacuum The Floor

The first step is to clean the dirt from your laminate floor. Even it’s an essential step no matter what type of hardwood floor you have. Because if you mop on dirt, it might create terrible stains even after mopping. 

So mopping will only be effective if you first remove dirt, dust, and debris from the laminate floor. 

Once you have done this step, it’s time to mop with Pine Sol.

2- Dilute The Pine Sol

Now, these are the important steps that you must follow. Pine Sol is strong, so if you use it directly on the laminate floor, it will quickly fade the floor. That’s why it’s recommended to dilute 1/4 cup of Pine Sol in one gallon of water. 

Similarly, if you prefer a spray bottle, add Pine Sol based on the amount of warm water. Generally, it will be good to add 4oz to a 16oz spray bottle. 

3- Start Mopping

Once you have diluted the Pine Sol, start moping. Here you have to remember that soft mopping is more effective for laminate floors. 

Dip the mop in the bucket and wring it well, then clean the laminate floor. Don’t insert too much pressure on the mop, as it can damage the floor’s surface.  

It’s recommended to use micro-fibre cloth because of its soft nature. 

After mopping, you can also remove the floor, which will not only remove the smell of Pine Sol but also make your floor look shiner. 

Dip the mop in clean, warm water, wring it, and wipe the floor. 

4- Open Ventilation Paths

After you have completed the mopping, open the windows and ventilators so that the floor dries quickly and the smell disappears. Also, turn on the fan at full speed. This will dry up your floor quickly. 

Benefits Of Cleaning Laminate Floor With Pine Sol

Benefits Of Cleaning Laminate Floor With Pine Sol

Pine Sol is an excellent cleaner and has a lot of benefits. This cleaner is made with strong formula and natural ingredients and immediately removes dust, dirt and other harsh stains. 

Similarly, if you have trouble with pet pee, Pine-Sol is an effective solution for this. Its anti-bacterial formula not only cleans pee stains but also eliminates floor germs. 

Are you tired of mosquitoes, flies and other insects? You should try the fun strength Pine Sol; this will solve your problem, as insects hate Pine!

And finally, Pin Sol acts as multiple cleaner; it not only cleans your laminate floor but also cleans carpet, laundry, and other surfaces. So you don’t need to buy separate floor cleaners. 

How Often Should You Clean Laminate Floor With Pine Sol?

Every home has a different routine; if you have pets and kids in a home, you must pay more attention to cleanliness. 

But don’t let stains and dirt for a long time on the laminate floor because such grime can damage your floor. Secondly, letting stains for a long time make them stubborn, and later they become difficult to remove.

Generally, it’s recommended to clean your laminate floor with Pine Sol once a week, or twice will be the best if you have a busy home. 

But don’t over-clean your laminate floor, like I have seen people who regularly mop the laminate floor with Pin Sol. This will not only waste your energy but also shorten the lifespan of the laminate floor. 

Instead of mopping regularly, you can vacuum the laminate floor, which is an easy task. 

Is Pine Sol Toxic?

According to the 2012 OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, Pine-Sol is hazardous. Specially it’s dangerous for your eyes and can irritate your eyes. Similarly, if you have sensitive skin, it might have a burning effect on it. 

The one thing that makes Pine Sol harmful is the Toluene chemical. This chemical might leads to pregnancy complications and different types of hormonal imbalances. 

If Pine Sol anciently gets into your eyes, rinse your eyes immediately for a few minutes. 

And if you have asthma, it might cause a problem with breathing. So before using Pin Sol, you should take necessary safety precautions. 

Moreover, Ingestion of this cleaner might cause nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal irritation, and diarrhoea.

Keep Pin Sol away from the reach of kids and pets. You can store it in any dry, boll and ventilated space. 

How To Make Easy Homemade Natural Pine Sol For Laminate Floor?

Do you want to make your life more natural and eco-friendly? And want your own homemade Pine Sol?

You can make your own Pine Sol at home, and it’s very easy. Just take one quart of warm water and add some Vinegar to it. Next, put a few drops of essential pine oil. You can also use liquid Castile soap instead of vinegar. 

Put all these three things in a bottle and shake it well. Here you go; your natural homemade Pine Sol is ready.

Homemade Pine Sol is similar to the original one but can be effective for hardwood floor cleaning. Secondly, it’s also eco-friendly and doesn’t cause you any type of harm. 

Final Words:

I hope you understand now Pine Sol works perfectly well for laminate floors. It’s an inexpensive way to clean your laminate floor. But before mopping with Pine Sol, you have to dilute it first. Similarly, I have also mentioned a few precautions you should follow before cleaning laminate floors.

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