Can You Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors

A laminate floor is made to give the shining look of hardwood. Pine Sol surface cleaner is good to use on most hard surfaces like hardwood, ceramic tiles, and laminate floors.

You can safely use Pine Sol Multi-surface cleaner on Laminate floors. It is safe and effective in removing dirt and dust. 

Most of the hardwood floor cleaners fade the surface, but Pine Sole no side-effect-free on laminate floors. Pine sol has crucial and mandatory chemical elements that make it safe to use for cleaning purposes on laminate floors.

Pine sol is used as a disinfectant; when used according to the instructions, it may kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria. 

Is It Safe To Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors?

To keep the laminate floor clean and maintain its charm, it is necessary to clean the floor regularly with pine sol. 

Therefore, you should prefer pine sol without any doubt to clean and maintain the purpose of laminate floors. 

People usually worry about the maintenance of laminate floors’ glint and smoothness; therefore, pine sol procures an effective cleaning solution to sustain its glow. 

Pine Sol Is Used For?

Pine sol is originally and widely used to clean any floor. It is also effectively and successfully used to remove stains and grease from the laminate floor.

People use pine sol to clean their home floors, particularly laminate floors. It gives shine to your laminate floor after a thorough cleaning. 

Moreover, you can use pine sol to effectively clean hard and stubborn marks and soil stains on the laminate floors.

How Should You Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors?

To clean a laminate floor, specific tips and points are mandatory to keep in mind while cleaning the laminate floor.

However, the following are some significant steps that make it easy for you to use pine sol on laminate floors;

You Should Have Full Equipment

In cleaning the laminate floors, you have to ensure that the equipment is complete. Without having well-cleaning instruments, you can not do the cleaning properly.

  • A bucket- to put water and pine sol, you should have a medium-sized bucket.
  • Mop- second, a mop with whom you have to clean the laminate floor. A good quality mop cleans the laminate floor perfectly.
  • Pine Sol- the mandatory equipment that gives your floor a shiny and clean look.
  • Water- it is one of the most crucial cleaning equipment to take while using pine sol to clean the laminate floors.
  • A Good Quality Microfiber Piece Of Cloth- before cleaning, it is necessary to use and remove any dust and dry the laminate floor after cleaning. 

Steps To Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors

Before cleaning, you have to follow some essential points which make your cleaning process manageable. 

People usually face difficulty in cleaning the laminate floor by using pine sol. Therefore, the following steps will help you to clean the laminate floor with pine sol perfectly;

1- Remove The Furniture For Effective Cleaning

First, you have to set aside the furniture from the cleaning place. For proper and good cleaning, you should remove the home appliances to do the cleaning process.

However, if the furniture is not removed then it will cause a hurdle in perfect and decent cleaning. So, before cleaning on the laminate floor, it is mandatory to set aside the furniture.

2- Clean The Laminate Floor 

Prior to moping or starting the cleaning, first vacuum the laminate surface thoroughly to clean the debris or any dust. 

Furthermore, if you do not clean the floor properly, the dust and dirt will make a hurdle in the proper cleaning of the laminate floor. 

3- Make The Cleaning Mixture Of Water And Pine Sol

Second, make a solution of water as a solvent and ¼ cup of pine sol as a solute. This solution is then used on the laminate floor to clean the germs and debris.

Moreover, this mixture of water and pine sol is excellent and effective in cleaning the debris and dust from the laminate floor.

4- Take A Mop To Start Cleaning

Thirdly, after making a solution, use a mop to clean the laminate floor. A mop is the essential equipment in the cleaning process of the laminate floor. 

Moreover, dip the mop in the bucket of pine sol-water solution and then start cleaning in one direction on the laminate floor. 

5- Dry The Laminate Floor

When the cleaning process is done, then let the laminate floor dry completely. If the laminate surface is wet or not fully dry, it will leave scars and bad stains.

Therefore, the final step after laminate floor cleaning with pine sol is to dry the floor either by using a fan or with the help of the cloth. 

Some Important Precautionary Measures You Should Adopt

People should keep in mind some crucial and mandatory points that assist you to remain safe and secure.

Thus, while cleaning the laminate floor with any chemical, particularly pine sol, you must follow instructions.

Although pine sol has lesser harms and more advantages and uses. But you should follow some following important instructions;

  1. Pine sol may cause eye irritation. Therefore, you should wear safety glasses to prevent any harm or danger.
  2. After successfully finishing your cleaning work, make sure to wash your hands to secure yourself from any infection.
  3. Check a little bit of pine sol to know about its intensity whether it is safe to use or not.

Why Is Pine Sol The Best To Use On The Laminate Floors?

All chemical cleaning solutions are not best to use on laminate floors. Instead, for a sensitive surface, a side-effect-free cleaning solution is needed to clean properly.

In addition, pine sol is the best and ideal option to choose as a multi-cleaner solution for laminate floors.

Likewise, pine sol is made of environment-friendly and harmless chemical elements that cause no risks and dangers to use on laminate floors.

Moreover, the synthesizing elements in pine sol are entirely non-dangerous and non-toxic. It gives you a safe cleaning sol to use on laminate floors.

Ingredients Of Pine Sol

Following are some essential and basic chemical ingredients that make pine sol safe and danger-free to use on laminate floors;

  • Sodium carbonate
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Acid Violet 48
  • Acid Red 52
  • C 10-12 Alcohol Ethoxylates
  • Fragrance Ingredients
  • Aqua
  • PEG/PPG Propylheptyl ethers

Additionally, all these crucial ingredients have zero dangers of causing any harm and disaster. 

Therefore, pine sol is, for sure, the practical and first-rate option to select for your laminate floors for a shining cleaning.

Surprising Uses Of Pine Sol

A multipurpose cleaning pine sol has many unspoken advantages and latent uses besides cleaning. 

It has a vast use in cleaning any floors, particularly best for laminate floors. It gives a stunning and sparkling shine to your laminate floors.

Besides, pine sol has some significance in some works, excluding cleaning;

  • It keeps cats and felines away- therefore, the use of pine sol on laminate floors usually keeps cats far away. They dislike the smell of pine sol smell.
  • To keep pests away, people spray the pine sol so that the pests do not contact the laminate floors.
  • It gives a charming look, glow, and stunning glint to your laminate floors. The surface looks clean and dazzling after cleaning the laminate floors with pine sol.

Recommendations For Laminate Floors Maintenance By Using Pine Sol

The first thing that comes into mind is whether pine sol would secure the shiny look of the floor. So, yes, pine sol effectively protects your laminate floor for a longer time. 

Therefore, you have to follow some maintenance tips and instructions to keep the charm of the laminate floors alive;

  1. Vacuum the laminate floors regularly- it is one of the prime steps to abide by without any compromise. 
  2. Do not use any harmful or acid on laminate floors. Wax, bleach, or any sort of damaging solution on laminate floors.
  3. Clean the laminate floors twice to ensure every debris and dust has been removed properly.
  4. After cleaning, dry the laminate floor properly so that the maintenance of the surface is ensured.
  5. Make sure no one walks on the wet laminate floor after cleaning.
  6. Use a fan or dry cloth to dry the wet laminate floor. If it is not dried properly, then it will hurt the charm of the laminate floor.
  7. Use a clean and good-quality cleaning mop. A high-quality mop with a dense form of long threads helps you clean thoroughly and maintain the glow of laminate floors.


In final words, pine sol is an entirely and surely effective option to choose for your laminate floors. It is easy to buy and safe to use without any dangers.

Furthermore, pine sol directly suits your laminate floors to maintain the sparkle and glow of your floor. 

Pine sol having side-effect-free chemical ingredients, is beneficial for you to use for cleaning purposes on laminate floors.

Moreover, unlike other cleaning solutions, pine sol is trustworthy to harness. It gives you desired cleaning results. 

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