Best Carpet For Basement Stairs in 2022

Stairs are one of the essential parts of a home, but decorating stairs is pretty difficult compared to other parts. Similarly, choosing carpet for stairs is challenging because you have to look for different factors. 

Different types and quality carpets are available in the market, and not every carpet suits perfectly on basement stairs. So what carpets can you choose for your basement stairs? 

Mostly the stair runners should have 3/8” thickness and 8 pounds density. Similarly, your carpet must be durable to last longer on the stairs. 

Based on my experience and research, I have shared some of the best carpets you can use on basement stairs or stairs. 

So let’s get started!

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7 Best Carpet For Basement Stairs 

1- ToStair Non-Slip Carpet

carpet for stairs


  • Number of pieces: 15
  • Color options: 4
  • Item dimensions: 30 x 8 x 0.5 inches
  • Material: Polypropylene fiber

If you have kids in your home, then ToStair carpets are the best option. It comes with a non-slip back that prevents slipping. The back side of these carpets is made of TPU, which is self-adhesive, so you don’t need any glue or tap. 

The quality of a carpet is also good; it feels thick and looks durable. In a package, you will get 15 pieces of stair runners. These runners are made with high-quality polypropylene, which is water resistant. Because of its dark color, it doesn’t get dirty too quickly. 

Compared to other stair carpets, the ToStair carpet is easy to install. The 8” wide and 30-inch long runner perfectly sits on any stair. You can also cut this carpet according to your stair size. 

The maintenance of these stair treads is effortless, and you can clean them with a vacuum. And it also protects your stairs from unusual stains. 

  • Durable
  • No carpet tapes need to install
  • Leave no residue on wood stairs
  • Comfortable
  • You can wash it in a machine
  • Not much effective for cement stairs. 

2- RioLand Stair Treads Carpet

RioLand Stair Treads Carpet


  • Number of pieces: 15
  • Color options: 6
  • Item dimensions: 8″ X 30″
  • Material: Durable Wool Blends

RioLand Stair treads are best for hardwood stairs. The backing of these treads is made of non-slip material. These stair runners stay in place even in high-traffic areas. 

Whether you want to carpet your basement stairs or indoor stairs, these treads work perfectly in any place. For installation, remove the backing film cover and adhere them to the stairs. You don’t need any glue or tape as an adhesive. 

Unlike other stair carpets, RioLand stair treads are made of premium wool blends, making them durable and stain-resistant. Quality-wise, this runner feels soft and comfortable. Because of their thick material, it also protects your floor from wear and tear. 

The good thing about RioLand stair treads is you can easily wash them in a machine. Also, these treads are easy to clean; vacuum them regularly to clean pet hairs, dust, and other trash. 

In a pack, you will get 15 sets of stair runners. Moreover, there are six different color options available. My favorite ones are grey and brown, that match perfectly with any color combination. 

  • Durable
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Six different color options are available
  • Easy to clean
  • Don’t move when set down
  • Some people complain about their packaging

3- Oak Valley Carpet Stair Treads

best stair runners


  • Number of pieces: 14
  • Color options: 5
  • Item dimensions: 27”, 31”, 35”
  • Material: Durable Soft Polyester

If you want premium carpets for your basement stair, look at Oak Valley stair runner. Whether you have tile or wooden stairs, these treads work perfectly for any stairs. The treads look stylish and have a textured surface that gives a comfortable feel to your feet. 

Oak Valley Treads are made of premium polyester, which is too soft and stain resistant. And it’s suitable for high-traffic areas, or even if you have kids or pets at home, it will last longer. Unlike most stair carpets, it doesn’t fade or become dull. 

I know that installing carpet on stairs is a time taking and challenging task; you need lots of tools to adhere carpet. But in the case of Oak valley carpet stair treads, you don’t need nails, taps, or any glue. The floor’s friendly adhesive back protects the finish of your stairs. 

A protective coating on top of the carpet makes it water and stain-resistant. In case of any stains or spills, you can easily clean them with water. Never wash the treads with bleach, as it will damage the protective coating. 

  • Premium quality
  • 100% stain and water resistant
  • Strong adhesive power
  • Stylish and luxury design
  • Difficult to wash
  • Expensive

4- Shap28 Stair Treads


  • Number of pieces: 7
  • Color options: 4
  • Item dimensions: 9”x26”
  • Material: Premium Microfiber

Shap28 stair treads not only provide protection for your basement stairs but these are beautifully designed and look very attractive. These stair treads come in four different color options; the grey one is my favorite. 

These treads are thin and perfect for any indoor stairs. In a package, you will get seven treads. Moreover, there are three different designs available to choose from.

All the stair treads are made of durable microfiber that feels comfortable. Because of premium material, these treads are stain resistant and won’t fade too quickly.

Shap28 stair runners come with slip-resistant backs that protect you and your kids from skidding. These treads are also easy to install and don’t need any hardware. 

The good thing about these stair treads is their reusable design; you can relocate them according to your need. For cleaning, you can vacuum these treads or wash them in a machine. 

  • Don’t slip
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • It comes in three different design
  • Safe in the washing machine
  • Made with the high-quality microfibre
  • These treads are too much thin
  • You will only get 7 pieces
  • Expensive

5- Pure Era Carpet Stair Treads

best stairs treads


  • Number of pieces: 14
  • Color options: 8
  • Item dimensions: 30″L x 9.5″W ”
  • Material: Premium Polyester

Pura Era is well known for making premium carpets. Their stair treads are very soft and made of premium and durable polyester. Also, these stair runners are larger than other brands, and you will get a 30″L x 9.5″W tread. You can also cut the treads according to your stair sizing. 

Unlike most stair treads, Pure Era doesn’t use any adhesive, but still, it clings firmly and stays in place for a long time. It comes with a back coated with a special get that helps treads cling firmly on any surface. 

The good thing is you can re-position these treads repeatedly without using any adhesive. 

No worry, you’re using these treads for basement straps or any other surface; they will never slide. If you have kids or pets in your home, it’s the best option. Because of the 0.8” thick pile provides a comfortable experience when you place your feet on it. 

When it comes to cleaning, it’s pretty easy to clean, and you only need an assumed cleaner to remove dust and other stuff from it. But it’s a challenging task to wash such thick treads. 

  • Thick and comfortable
  • Easily cling to any surface
  • Easy to re-position
  • Protects your stairs from wear and tears
  • Easy to install
  • Pretty challenging to wash 

6- Cosy Homeer Edging Stair

best treads for stairs


  • Number of pieces: 4/7/10/15
  • Color options: 5
  • Item dimensions: 328″x9″x0.3″
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Cosy Homeer offers stylish treads which enhance the beauty of your home decor. You will get 15 stair treads made of 100% pure polyester. It comes in different colors; my favorite one is grey, which gives an appealing look to your stairs.

The installation process is too easy; remove the backing of the treads and place them on your stair. But before placement, make sure that the stairs are clean. 

Cosy Homeer carpets come with an anti-slip layer; this layer keeps the treads in place and prevents slipping. You can also wash these treads 30 times without affecting the slip resistance. 

These stair rugs can be used on all types of surfaces. Cleaning these rugs is also easy; clean them with a vacuum cleaner twice a week. 

The only thing that disappoints me is their thin surface which doesn’t provide much comfort.

  • Beautiful design
  • Maintenance is simple
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent anti-slip surface
  • Too thin
  • No much comfortable

7- The Sofia Rugs Shag Stair Treads

 Sofia Rugs Shag Stair Treads


  • Number of pieces: 7/13/14
  • Color options: 2
  • Item dimensions: 28 x 9 x 0.7 inches
  • Material: 100% low pile polypropylene

If comfort and softness are your priority, look at Sofia Stair treads. These low pile stair treads have soft surfaces that feel like cotton. Apart from their softness, the design of Sofia rugs is also premium. 

These stair runners match any outfit and decor. Moreover, they add additional beauty to your home decor.

Sofia Rugs are made with 100% pile polypropylene which is eco-friendly and durable. The backside of these treads has strong clinging power that prevents falls and protects your kids and family from stumbling. 

Sofia Stair runners are easy to clean, even you can wash them with your hands or in a machine. These treads are also easy to clean.

Unfortunately, there are only two color options available. But both colors look attractive and match every type of decor. You can use these runners on any hardwood stairs and tile stairs.

  • Soft and thick
  • Durable
  • Amazing design
  • Easy to clean
  • During installation, some finer stick out on edges

How To Select The Best Carpet For Basement Stairs?

There are a lot of stair runners or carpets available in the market, but every family or homie has different demands. Similarly, basement stairs need durable and breathable carpets that can absorb moisture because, in the basement, the air percentage goes down. 

Here are a few factors that you should consider before getting basement Stair treads.

1- Durable

Stairs are one of the high-traffic areas in your home. That’s why it needs durable carpets or treads. Similarly, durability will be your priority if you have kids or pets in your home. 

Climbing stairs puts a lot of pressure on treads; that’s why your treads must be durable to survive in high-traffic areas. 

2- Non-Slip Surface

After durability, the most crucial factor is the non-slip surface. Sliding from stairs is very dangerous; it can lead to severe injury or bone cracking. That’s why it’s crucial to choose stair runners with non-slip surfaces. Their adhesive power must be excellent, so they easily cling to the surface.

3- Comfortable 

Most people prefer to buy comfortable stair runners. So if you want comfort, make sure that your runner is thick. The thickness of stair treads should be more than 0.5. 

Comfortable stair runners give you a relaxing experience. Similarly, such thick runners also save your stair from daily wear and tears. 

4- Material

When it comes to choosing the best stair carpet then, material matters a lot. For stair carpets, Nylon, polyester, and polypropylene material are usually considered best. These materials are durable, comfortable, breathable, easy to clean and last longer. 


How much does it cost to carpet stairs?

It costs you between $50 to $300 depending on the quality of the stair carpet and the number of steps. I have 15 stair steps, and it cost me $90 to install a high-quality runner on my stairs. 

What carpet color is best for stairs?

Depending on the home decor, the stair carpet color might vary. But I have seen that most people use grey, half-white, and grey; these three colors perfectly match any decor or outfit. 

How much time does it take to install carpet on stairs?

It depends on how many stairs you have and your DIY skills. If you have strong DIY skills and have ten steps, it might take 15 – 20 minutes to install the carpet. 

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