Do Loft Beds Come In Queen Size? (Explained!)

A loft bed is an excellent way to maximize floor space in a small bedroom. The queen-size loft beds are a perfect option for small apartments with limited storage capacity, expanding your square footage in some cases.

You’ve probably noticed thousands of loft beds in twin and full sizes, but only a few come in queen size. 

We started searching the internet to find some amazing queen-size loft beds that Genuinely have a queen-sized mattress on top, so your search seems to be over.

Our buying guide delves into all of the essential factors to consider when choosing the best queen loft bed for someone’s needs.

Do Loft Beds Come In Queen Size?

Yes, loft beds come in queen sizes, and most people choose these beds because they have enough space underneath. The prices of such loft beds are pretty much higher than other beds. Their raised-sleeping component makes a studious nook ideal for home and office work. 

Don’t worry; loft beds are not only for children or college students. Most adult humans can sleep comfortably on a twin or queen-sized mattress.

Additionally, Loft beds are a fun sleeping option for children, and they are also excellent for maximizing floor space in a small bedroom. 

Raising the bed frees up the floor space beneath it, which could be used as a desk or storage space.

What Is A Loft Bed?

Loft beds are storage-saving and multi-functional beds with a raised bed on top and space under it for other work.

A loft bed is a single bed held high enough off the floor on long, sturdy legs to free up space underneath for other useful purposes. 

The space saved beneath could be used to house a chest of drawers, a cozy desktop, or transformed into storage space.

They are a popular choice for children’s rooms; however, the open space underneath the bunk can also be used as a play area. 

If the open space under the top bunk is big enough, loft beds can be converted into something much more similar to a bunk bed by incorporating a futon.

Are Queen Loft Beds Worth It?

Yes! Of course, a loft bed is an excellent solution for tight quarters. Its raised sleeping component creates a homely environment ideal for studying or working. 

A queen-size mattress is a bare minimum for a queen-size loft bed. Another advantage is that you won’t have to give up much floor space.

A queen-sized loft bed is perfect for kids because it provides plenty of space and privacy. 

A desk underneath the bed can help with studying and be used for storage. It can also be utilized as a worstation.

Is sleeping in a Queen loft bed a good Experience?

A queen-sized loft bed will provide you with a comfy and graceful night’s sleep. So, get rid of your children’s crutches to free up valuable space in your apartment. 

The 2,000-pound volume queen size loft bed has an advanced modern design and inventive construction, and it is ideal for adults because it does not move. 

The basic bed frame comes with almost everything needed to assemble it.

These queen-size loft beds are made of high-quality American aluminum and are built to withstand your weight as an adult. 

The Queen Loft Bed can facilitate up to 2,000 pounds (or nearly 1,000 kg), more than enough for two people. The x-brace structure, which holds the frame stable, ensures that the frame is always secure.

Some Best Queen Loft Beds

While there are thousands of twin and full-size loft beds available, only a few queen-sized loft beds are available. Here are a few listed below:

1-Theo Chestnut Queen Loft Bed with Desk

This queen loft bed which comes with a desk combination, provides a comfortable place for young kids, teens, and elders to sleep and work. 

This queen loft bed features a large bed on the main deck and a comprehensive workstation on the bottom deck.

If you need some more storage area, you can place one or two 3-drawer desk chests beneath the desk board. 

Drawers are dovetailed and have full extension glides for a strong overall structure. This queen loft is made of solid birch and is available in Chestnut, or Lily White finishes.

It is also available in Bennett Natural. And if you want, you’ll be able to remove the extension legs, transforming them into a queen-size bed.

2- Queen loft ultra-high bed

Queen loft ultra-high bed

Exceptionally high queen-size loft beds provide more floor space. This large queen-size loft bed is ideal for teenagers and adults with growing bodies! 

You can rest easy knowing that ultra mattresses have an 800-pound potential and “rock lock” technology to keep them safe.

More than 4 feet of under-bed space is perfect for storing or continuing to work at your desk. Advanced Rock Locks ensure that the legs are rock-solid and extremely strong. Guardrails that are 16 inches taller than the competition.

3- Queen Size Loft Beds by Matrix Kids

Queen Size Loft Beds by Matrix Kids

Matrix Kids makes a range of queen-sized loft beds with numerous accessories and add-ons. 

You can select from desks, various ladder styles, various heights, etc. This loft has been the most adaptable and reasonably priced option on this list.

4- Queen Size Adult Loft Bed

This adult loft bed features a queen-size mattress on top as well as an easy-access ladder. It is one of the most durable loft beds on this list, with a weight capacity of 2,000 pounds. It’s the only loft with a metal frame.

Francis lofts and bunks concentrate on adult-style bed sets that give extra space and are built to withstand even the heaviest individuals’ daily lives.

5- Queen Loft Bed Project Kit w/ Ladder

This queen-size loft bed is handcrafted to order and can be configured to meet your preferred direction and height specifications. It is also available in various colors and finishes.

This bed is available in twin, full, and king sizes and a queen size bed on top. Customers appreciate the bed’s durability and sturdy design. Individuals will not be dissatisfied with the product’s quality.

6- Solid Hardwood Loft Bed 

Solid Hardwood Loft Bed 

This queen-size bed makes the best use of available space. You get not only a queen bed but also a built-in desk, ladder, and shelving unit. Essentially, you get a two-in-one bed and office setup.

This bed is available in various sizes and ends to complement any decor. Solid Cherry Heirlooms (the company that makes this bed) also make a variety of other queen loft beds.

7- Best queen size loft bed by Walker Edison

This high price metal queen-size loft bed takes up little floor space, allowing you to maximize your bedroom space. 

This storage-saving loft bed has a storage area underneath for your favorite items, such as magazines and books, or you can add a desk and chair to create a study and sitting room area.

This stylish loft bed is made of a sturdy steel frame with two stairways on both sides, allowing you to climb up either one to get over to the bed.

8- DHP Abode, Black Queen Size Loft Bed Metal Frame with Desk and Ladder

DHP’s Abode loft bed will appeal to those seeking an advanced visual appeal and modest design. This impressive loft bed has a full-size resting level that can fit a classic queen mattress.

The top bunk layer has full-length slats to provide a sturdy foundation for your mattresses and full-length handrails and a barred bed frame and footboard to keep you safe at night. 

Two built-in ladders provide access, with each ladder positioned at a different side for comfort. This loft bed also has a built-in workspace area beneath the sleeping level. 

Because the incorporated desk is positioned widthwise beneath the headboard, there is a little intrusion into the open area.

9-DHP Full Metal Loft Bed with Ladder, Space-Saving Design, Black

This elegant loft bed from DHP will look great in modern bedrooms or open-plan living spaces. 

This loft bed’s attractive black frame and matte black finish make it a good choice for any interior, regardless of décor or existing color schemes.

The upper section has enough area for a queen-sized dual mattress, while the metal slatted foundation has a good load-bearing capacity. 

The full-length concrete barrier also makes you feel safe in bed all night. Only one ladder allows easy access to the resting level while not obstructing the open area below.

Are Queen loft Beds good options for adults?

Adult Queen loft beds are more usable than children’s beds, and they still have a wide range of options to choose from. Take a glance at some beds which include features such as:

Work Stations: An upgraded version of the study area in children’s beds includes file cabinets and computer workstations, ideal for adults living in small studio apartments.

Bookshelves and Storage: To help make the most of the space, many adult loft beds include storage such as shelves or a built-in chest of drawers just underneath the bed.

Benefits of a queen loft bed

A loft bed, particularly a loft bed with a queen-sized mattress, offers the buyer numerous advantages.

  1. Taller adult sleepers can be accommodated – a queen-size loft bed allows larger people to sleep peacefully, whereas a twin or full bed will not.
  2. More usable floor space – a loft bed raises the mattress into the air, allowing you to use the space under for a desk, closet, seating, or other purposes.
  3. Loft beds are visually pleasing and make a modern style statement in any room.
  4. Some people appreciate the extra privacy that a loft bed provides. If the room is shared, the adult sleeper may prefer napping in raised high queen beds as they provide some level of privacy.
  5. Queen loft beds are typically made of higher-quality materials than regular beds.
  6. As a result, these raised queen beds can withstand more weight than other raised beds.

What can you do if the store doesn’t have a queen loft bed?

There are two options. The first step is to contact a home furnishings design firm and request a custom design. The second step is to do it on your own.

  • Many businesses create custom beds. The second option is to do it on your own.
  • If you dislike dealing with manufacturers, you can do it yourself and build your queen-size loft at home. It is possible as long as you have the necessary tools and expertise to implement the work.

DIY Queen Loft bed should be less expensive and often better suited to your needs than what you’d buy in a store. 

A ready-made bed does not consider the height of your ceiling or the amount of space accessible in your living room.

Doing it yourself does not rule out the use of a professional designer. You can get advice from a carpenter, welder, or woodworker on safety precautions.

Aside from those minor issues, I don’t see why people shouldn’t enjoy the ultimate comfort of a nice queen size loft bed. 

Generally speaking, Queen loft beds may be hard to locate, but they exist. Some online stores are selling a few lovely ones, but they will always sell out quickly.


Queen loft beds are frequently the ideal solution for small apartments with limited storage space, as they can more than double your floor space in some situations.

One of the most tricky types of beds on the market is the queen size loft bed. The good thing about loft beds is that they are one of the best beds in the industry for those who want to host visitors and enjoy other benefits. 

The area beneath their foundation is larger than the floor area of a standard bed. They are also reasonably priced, making them a great investment place.

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