Do You Put Vinyl Flooring Under Appliances? Explained!

Vinyl floors are considered durable but can you put vinyl floors under bulky appliances? 

You can use vinyl floors under heavy appliances, and it is safe until the appliance doesn’t weigh more than 500 pounds. It’s safe to put a vinyl floor under refrigerators, fridges, tables, chairs, beds, etc.

But bulky appliances might cause dents in your vinyl floors. The damaging of vinyl floors also depends on their quality; if you put bulky furniture on the low-quality vinyl floor, it starts cracking. 

In this article, we will cover whether you should put vinyl flooring under heavy furniture or not? And how many appliances your vinyl floors can hold.

Is It Safe To Put Vinyl Floor Under Heavy Appliances?

Although vinyl floors are sensitive to scratches and discoloration, they can’t crack easily because of their durability. 

It’s safe to put the vinyl floor under heavy appliances until the appliance weighs less than 500 pounds. 

Unlike other floors, vinyl planks can last upwards of 10-20 years; that’s why vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for any home. 

If your vinyl floor has a wear layer, then it is a big plus as this layer resists scratches and stains. So it’s better to use this layer before putting appliances on vinyl floors. 

You can adopt different measures that keep your floor safe from cracks for extra safety. We will discuss all these measures in this article.

Heavy Appliances Might Scratch Your Vinyl Flooring

Heavy Appliances Might Scratch Your Vinyl Flooring

If your home appliances are heavier or have rough surfaces, they might scratch your vinyl floor. These scratches become permanent after some time and replace the vinyl planks.

So, it’s better to use a wear layer on the vinyl floor to protect these scratches. 

In some cases, rough surfaces of appliances also leave scuff marks on floors that look awful. But these scuff marks are easy to remove. We have written a detailed guide on how you can remove scuff marks from vinyl floors.

Heavy Appliances Might Cause Floor To Wrap

Vinyl plank flooring are floating floors in which the edges of each plank are connected. When you put heavy appliances on these floors, they prevent the expansion or shifting of the floor. 

There is no expansion in the vinyl floor that starts wrapping or bubbling. This problem might become more expensive with time and spend a lot of investment to fix bumps. 

Things To Consider Before Putting Heavy Appliances On Vinyl Flooring

Safety should be your priority, and you have to think smart before putting any heavy appliance on vinyl floors.

There are some safety measures that you should consider before putting heavy appliances on vinyl planks.

1- Use Furniture Pads To Secure Your Vinyl Planks

Furniture pads are one of the most convenient ways to secure your vinyl floors from scratches. These pads also prevent heavy appliances from leaving dents on the floor.

Secondly, furniture pads keep your appliance in place; putting appliances on such pads makes them non-slip and firm. 

The big benefit of these furniture pads is that they prevent discoloring of your floor over time. 

As compared to other methods, pads are affordable and easy to install. You have to stick them under furniture legs. Also, you can easily clean these pads after some weeks or months. 

There are a lot of furniture pads available in the market but which one should you choose? X-Protector Pack Furniture Pads are the best protection for wooden or vinyl floors. With these pads, you don’t need to worry about repairing your expensive floors because of scuffs marks or scratches. 

X-Protector pads are available in different sizes and varieties, and you can buy them for a single appliance or multiple pieces of furniture. 

2- Glue Down The Vinyl Planks Under Appliances

To protect your vinyl floor from dents, make sure you glue down the appliance area. However, the vinyl floor doesn’t require any adhesive to stick. But heavy appliances can cause lift or bubble them. 

Also, applying glue under appliances makes your vinyl planks more firm, and they last for a longer time. That’s why professionals always recommend gluing vinyl planks under heavy appliances. 

3- Use Furniture Slider

I have seen some people often slide their heavy furniture on vinyl floors, and because of the rough surface of furniture, it damages the vinyl floor in a bad way. 

The heavyweight of appliances can cause vinyl planks to lift or scratches. And In most cases, appliances may cause dents while sliding.

So who can slide your furniture on vinyl flooring in a safe way?

Using furniture sliders, you can quickly and safely slide furniture on planks. Even your appliances are very bulky, and you can still safely move them using sliders. 

Furniture sliders have a smooth surface that allows appliances to slide on hardwood floors easily. Secondly, these sliders handle all the pressure of your furniture, so you don’t have to worry about dents. 

You use X-Protector Furniture Sliders that are available in different sizes. 

4- Use Appliance Hand Truck

Pulling appliances on the vinyl floor might damage it, so using an appliance hand truck is recommended. Especially if you have heavy furniture or appliances, these hand trucks are most recommended for you. 

Using a hand truck is better than replacing your entire vinyl floor because of scratches and dents. Hand trucks come with rubber wheels that are smooth and easily roll on Hardwood floors.

If there are stairs in your home, these hand trucks help you quickly move the appliances across floors. 

Appliance hard trucks also come in different varieties, and you should go for one that can handle more weight. The Harper Truck 6781 can carry the weight of 800 pounds, plus it has a glass-filled belted stair climber so you can safely move it on stairs. 

If you have a lot of heavier appliances in your home and you want to put a vinyl floor under them, you should use an appliance hand truck for safety.

5- Forklift Straps

These are the best load lifters that efficiently manage the bulky weight of the appliance. It is significantly used to lift your heavy appliance.

In addition, these straps are long elastic strips that bear a big load of home appliances. You have to put these straps under the appliance to shit it on the vinyl flooring.

Moreover, forklift straps will prevent your heavy appliance from damage and harm. These straps will safely transfer your bulky load on the vinyl flooring.

6- Make Sure Floor Doesn’t Come In-contact With Walls

You can put heavy furniture on vinyl planks but make sure that the floor doesn’t contact walls or cabinets. In this way, you can quickly shift it in any direction without creating hard lumps. 

Final Words

Vinyl flooring planks are a reliable flooring option. Most individuals like them because of their durability and long-lasting nature.

But when using vinyl floors under heavy appliances, you have to take care of a few things. Appliances having a weight above 500 pounds can cause dents in planks. 

You can use above mentioned safety cautions before installing vinyl floorings under appliances. 

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