Does Vinyl Flooring Fade In The Sun? Explained!

Most of the people having vinyl flooring ask a question; Does Vinyl flooring fade in the sun? The answer is Yes. Sunlight is one of the major sources that lead to fading over time. 

Vinyl floor is one of the most durable and water-resistant floors, but it’s not ideal for outdoor use. 

Although most of the vinyl floor covering contains UV inhibitors that prevent the floor from sunlight, fading may occur if it’s constantly exposed to the sun. 

There are a lot of ways that you can use to prevent fading of your vinyl floor. And there is not only one reason that causes fading of your floor, but numerous factors can lead to fading. We have mentioned a few tactics in this article that protect your floor from sunlight, so try these things from today.

Does My Vinyl Flooring Fade In The Sun?

The vinyl floor comes with a waxy surface that brings shine to the floor. But this layer needs protection to avoid fading. Especially high temperature is the big factor that leads to fading of vinyl floors. 

Undoubtedly the constant exposure of the vinyl floor to the sun fades its color that looks awkward. The sunlight emits strong ultraviolet rays, which is the cause of fading and discoloration of your vinyl floor.  

Similarly, steam vacuum and steam mopping also ruin vinyl floors, so never try such cleaning methods. 

Especially if there are many windows in your home or tall windows, you need to take extra care of your vinyl floor. In such houses, vinyl floors immediately fade because of constant exposure to sunlight. 

We have seen in our time that light color vinyl flooring fades quickly compared to dark one. So always try to look for dark color options because they last for a longer time. 

Apart from harmful sunlight rays, choosing the wrong cleaners also leads to discoloration of vinyl flooring as the vinyl floor contains some chemicals and wrong cleanser reach with them and case fading. 

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How To Prevent Vinyl Floor From Fading?

You need to take extra care of the vinyl floor to last for a long time. As compared to other hardwood floors, vinyl flooring is easiest to clean and maintain. But constant maintenance is most recommended for vinyl flooring. Here are some of the pro tips that prevent your floor from sun and fading. 

Exterior Windows Covering

Windows are the major source of sunlight, so you need to use protection that blocks UV rays and doesn’t let them reach the floor. You can use an awning that consists of sheets. You have to install these sheets on the exterior side of the windows.

If you want to see your indoor clean and simple, then you should use these sheets. Install awning in the direction of sunlight so that it completely blocks UV rays. 

Use Shades or Dark Curtains

This is another most convenient way to protect vinyl floors from the sun. Unlike normal curtains, roman and roller shades can completely block sunlight. These types of shades also help you to bring dark in your room for more deep sleep, so you can also enjoy your ZZZ.

Best Dark Shades: 

Use Rugs

In most cases, only a few parts of the vinyl floor are exposed to sunlight. In such a case, the best solution is to use rugs on such spots. But this method may be tricky for some people because you can’t put rugs anywhere inside the home.

It only makes sense to use rugs either under seating areas, under the bed, or in doorways. So you have to change your setting and outfit so that rug can be placed on sunlight exposed spots.

We recommend you use a large rug under your sitting to protect your vinyl floor from fading and discoloration. But don’t forget to clean the vinyl floor under rugs. 

Best Rug For Vinyl Floor

UV Inhibitors

UV inhibitor finishes are another most popular method to protect vinyl floors from sunlight and fading. Most of the people refinish their floors 1-2 times a year. We recommend you always use a finisher with UV inhibitors in it.

Although these inhibitors increase the floor’s lifetime and prevent it from discoloring, it’s also not a permanent solution to block constant UV rays. As vinyl flooring absorbs much moisture when exposed to high temperatures, so it leads to fading. 

Some Tips To Maintain Your Vinyl Floor and Prevent It From Fading

Fading is not only caused by the sun; several factors are involved that cause fading and discoloration. To avoid these factors, you need to maintain your vinyl floor. Here are some of the tips that you should follow from today.

  • Clean your vinyl floor 2-3 times a week. The best way to clean is using vinegar mopping. It efficiently removes all the bacteria and viruses and also makes your floor shiny. 
  • Never try hot water mopping on a vinyl floor. It will ruin the waxy surface on it, and soon it will lose its shine. Similarly, steam vacuum cleaning is also not recommended for vinyl flooring. 
  • To clean the dark and stubborn stains from the floor, use baking soda and water. Baking soda is safe for vinyl floors, and it effectively removes stains. Don’t use a local cleanser for cleaning stains as they affect the durability of the floor.
  • Never forget to clean the vinyl floor beneath your carpet and rugs. Leaving dirty floors under rugs can lead to yellow stains, which make them more stubborn with time. 
  • Try to place some high-quality rug pads under heavy furniture, chairs, and table legs. Try to avoid rubber pads as they are the major source of staining. Veken No-slip rug pads are best for vinyl flooring.
  • Use doormats at the entrance to prevent dust and dirt from entering. It will help you to clean your vinyl floor more easily.

Final Words

Vinyl floors easily fade in sunlight as they contain harmful UV rays that affect the waxy layer of the vinyl floor. We mentioned some of the tips that can help you to prevent fading. I hope you will get the actual point that high temperatures lead to fading. 

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