How Long Can A Flea Live In A Carpet? (Explained)

Are you aware of the fact that fleas, although rare, can harm your carpet and cause severe damage? It can stick to your carpet and might be troublesome for you to get rid of. So when you’re busy with your norm, you should check your carpets keenly.

If you keep pets at your home, it could be a concern. Fleas can be a mode of transmission of various diseases. Due to their miniature size, they can reside in any place. They can irritate your pets. 

So, how long can a flea live on a carpet? There is not a fixed period for a flea to live. Let’s have a glimpse of the answers to this tricky question.

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How Long Can a Flea Live in a Carpet?

How Long Can a Flea Live in a Carpet

It is hard to answer because the lifespan of a flea is not fixed. It depends on the conditions. 

It depends if it is living with its host or without it, getting proper oxygen or not, young or aged. 

 Also, it can live for long and reproduce better in summers than in winters. A flea will only survive for a few days if food is scarce or unavailable. 

The average life span of a flea during which it can reside on your carpet is about two to three months. However, if no checks and balances are there, it can live endlessly on your carpet and will make its colony by its reproduction.

The Life Cycle of a Flea and Lifespans in a Carpet

There are four stages of the lifecycle of a flea with variant life expectancies.

1- Egg stage

 It is the very first and premature stage. Flea eggs live for three to four days.

2- Larva stage

 It is the first stage after hatching, which lasts 6 to 12 days. Its food includes debris and other food particles on your carpet.

3- The pupae stage

 It comes after the larval stage and is mature to some extent. Its lifetime depends upon the availability of carbon dioxide. Usually, it can live from a few days to several months.

4- Adult stage

 It is a highly developed stage of a flea’s life. An adult flea feeds on dead skin and organic matter on your carpet. If not terminated, it can stay on a rug for three months to years.

Can a Flea Live in Your Carpet Without a Host?

It can only live 14 to 20 days without a host. A flea can live and enjoy its life with its host. It can live longer when a host is at hand. But it is alarming news for it when a host is not available because most of the fleas need a host to live. It is a source of food for them. Animals, especially pets, are their favorite hosts. 

Types of Fleas Living in Your Carpet

A different kind of fleas might live on your carpet and in your home for a long time. So, let’s get into some of the most common types of fleas.

  • Pets fleas – They are the most frequent type of fleas. Furtherly they are of cat fleas and dog fleas. They spread through cats and dogs. Their eggs fall onto the carpet, get warm and hatch.
  • Human Fleas – They don’t live on humans but feed on human blood. When you sit on your carpet, they bite you.
  • Rodent Fleas – They usually feed on rodents, especially rats, and become a source of several disorders.

How Can a Flea Get into Your Carpet?

How Can a Flea Get into Your Carpet

There are various modes of transmission of fleas into your homes and carpets. One of its major causes is your pets. When they go outside, fleas stick to their long hair. When they enter your home, they bring fleas along with them. 

When fleas lay eggs on their hair, eggs fall onto your carpet and sink deeply into it. They get warmed and hatch into larvas in 10 to 12 days. Then they transform into pupae and finally adults. In this way, their life cycle continues on your carpet.

They also manage to enter through open windows and doors. Warm weather and humidity in the climate also welcome them warmly into your carpets. 

The Physical Appearance of a Carpet Flea? 

You can not see fleas easily because of their small sizes. They are insects with no wings, hard skin-like shells, and comb-like legs to jump. Most of them have a reddish brown color.

Methods to Detect Long-living Fleas in Your Carpet

To know whether your carpet develops fleas or not, you will notice that;

  •  Your pets will start pricking and tickling their skin with black dots on their skin.
  • Due to flea bites, there will be scratches on your skin, especially on your legs.
  • If your carpet is of dark color, start combing the fabrics of your carpet. You will see its larva and eggs.
  • Apart from these, there is a special method to expose the hidden fleas. Wear long white socks and start walking on your carpet. After some time, these fleas will start sticking to your socks.  

Problems Caused by Fleas in Your Carpet

Fleas living on your carpet for up to a month can cause severe diseases and infections. They are also responsible for itching caused to humans and pets. They also give rise to different allergic problems. 

How to Get Fleas Out of Your Carpet?

Once they accumulate on your carpet, getting them out of the carpet is not an easy task. You will have to take this problem seriously into your account. Here are some effective methods to get rid of them. 

1- Vacuum your carpet

By vacuuming, you can clean your carpet. Once you have vacuumed it, wrap the vacuum bag tightly and keep it away from indoors. You cannot apply other treatments before vacuuming.

2- Sprinkle diatomite

After vacuuming, sprinkle diatomite, a white powder with excellent insecticidal effects. It will help you in cleaning your carpet to a great extent.

Precaution: While using this natural agent, you should cover your mouth and nose because it can cause trouble for your throat and eyes.

3- A mixture of water and soap

Add some water to liquid soap, mix them well and then spray it on your carpet. It will catch all the fleas due to its viscousness.

4- Lemon spray

Besides its other wonderful effects, lemon can be used as a natural remedy to treat fleas. Add lemon juice to water and boil it. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and spray it on the overrun area.

5- Dehydrating agent

Use natural dehydrating agents like salt to prevent fleas. Sprinkle salt on your carpet and let it sit for a while, so it soaks into the clothes. It will keep your carpet flea free.

6- Use baking soda

Baking soda is not only used in bakeries but also is effective in flea treatment. All you have to do is to put baking soda over your carpet and see its incredible results.

7- A mixture of vinegar and water

Add vinegar to water and finally add lemon juice to it. Spray it on your carpet after vacuuming. 

8- Use Natural Flea Repellents

These repellents have some chemicals in them that repel fleas, like rosemary. You can also plant Chrysanthemum, a flea-repellent plant.


What is the fastest way to get rid of fleas on a carpet?

Vacuuming is the most effective way to remove all fleas. This fruitful method will help you to get rid of the carpet fleas. The method helps you in removing all other undesirable things.

Is vacuuming enough to get rid of fleas?

Vacuuming may or may not be enough to eliminate these unwanted visitors from your carpet. It depends upon the number of fleas accumulated in the fabrics of your carpet. If they are in less number, vacuuming is enough. In case they are more, you will need a natural spray. 

Can fleas survive in carpets?

Yes, fleas can survive in carpets. Their eggs come to the carpets directly or indirectly. They hatch over there and complete their life cycle for their survival. They can also get their food from carpets to sustain themselves.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the colony of fleas would be problematic for you. If left unchecked, they can stay on your carpet for a long time. However, when you have seen even a single flea, be alert at the moment. Clean your carpets regularly so that a flea might not stay over there. Read this article if you want extra tips on removing Red kool-aid from the carpet.

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