How Long Do Leather Couches Last? Explained!

Leather is one of the most flexible and durable fabrics that can last between 10 and 20 years, depending on leather quality. But compared to the rest of the fabrics, leather lasts longer without looking worn and shabby.

Most leather couches face frame issues that can decrease their lifespan, but leather still looks fresh. So Try to choose a leather couch with durable frames and suspension.

By taking care of your leather couch, you can extend its lifespan, and it’s the very easiest fabric to clean. Try to prevent leather couch from pets, excessive spills, clawing and staining. 

Today, we will go deeply through how a leather couch will last longer than other fabrics. We also spread light on some of the tips that you should follow to increase the lifespan of your leather couch. 

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How Long Do Leather Couches Last— Explained!

How Long Do Leather Couches Last:

We have seen over time and also experience that leather is a more durable fabric. Although this fabric is pretty expensive, it’s more worthy of buying. The reason behind the durability of the leather fabric is tightly bounded grains.

In leather, grains have a characteristic of breathing, and grains have not been removed. So compared to other fabrics, there is less moisture in the leather, and it doesn’t crack and last for a longer time.

If you want a long-lasting leather couch, we recommend you never go for bi-cast leather. Bi-cast is one of the most affordable leather made with an embossed layer of polyurethane or vinyl, and it contains weak natural elements. 

If you want a leather sofa, we suggest you pick pigmented leather, the most durable and long-lasting leather. Secondly, you have another option to choose faux leather, durable and soft leather because of polyester.

How To Know That Your Leather Couch Is Long Lasting?

Are leather couches durable

Here comes a most crucial question that you must ask yourself before buying a leather couch. And if you don’t know the answer, keep holding and read this section carefully!

Leather is available in different types and qualities, but you know which one is the best. There are a lot of ways to check whether the leather is real or fake. 


When you are going to buy a high-quality leather couch, check its smoothness. If a leather feels coarse or smooth, it’s real. And if the product feels too soft or feels like plastic, it means that it can crash, so it’s a fake. 

Check The Edges

The second way to examine the quality of a leather couch is to check its edges. Genuine leather has a more natural and rough edge, whereas fake leather will have smooth edges that feel like plastic. Brand Label

An authentic brand always tries to build trust and credibility. That’s why it attaches its logo tag with its products. Similarly, high-quality leather couches include a label indicating that this is genuine leather. And if no label or product says “man-made materials,” then definitely it’s not genuine leather. 

Check The Pores

The last thing that you can check is a pattern of pores. Genuine leather has inconsistent or irregular pores patterns as it’s made from natural synthetic material. At the same time, fake leather has a consistent pores pattern.

Does Full Grain Leather Couch Last For Longer Time?

How long do fake leather couches last

Among all types of leather, full-grain leather is the most durable and most potent. You are lucky if you have a full-grain leather sofa because it can last for more than 25 years. However, this type of leather is expensive because it’s tough to produce. 

In full-grain leather, hair is removed, and the hide goes into the tanning process. The grains are so tightly packed and resist moisture giving it a long lifespan.  

Secondly, the natural fibers and 100% synthetic material increase the strength of full-grain leather. So if you have a substantial budget, we recommend you go for full-grain leather couches. Compared to other leather, it’s more water-resistant and easy to clean. 

Because of the extra upper layer, the full-grain layer has a 10mmm thickness, making it durable and saving pores from moisture.

Tips To Make Your Leather Couch Last Longer:

Proper maintenance and care of the leather couch increase its lifespan, and it also looks shiny and fresh. Here are some of the great tips that can make your leather couch last longer. 

Proper And Regular Maintenance:

The key to making your leather couch last longer is regular maintenance. Although dust is a single source of damage, dust starts accumulating into the pores of leather that leads to cracking over time. Normal dusting and vacuuming can prevent your leather couch from first pollutants and dust. 

Stay Away From Fake Cleanser:

Avoid using commercial cleaners or solvents as they may become a reason for cracking. These cleaners contain strong chemicals that can react with leather and damage it. 

Use natural ways to clean your couch; if you are serious about regular dusting, you don’t need to use any cleanser. If there is a stubborn stain on the leather couch, you can use a solution of water and vinegar to clean these stains.  

Don’t Expose Leather Couch To Sunlight:

Leather couches are not a perfect option for outdoor use because sunlight can decrease their lifespan, and leather soon starts cracking.

The harmful UV rays from sunlight react with your leather and cause it to fade over time. If your leather couch is placed near windows where it exposes to sunlight, then try to change its position by using dark curtains to prevent the couch from sunlight. 

Limit Your Pets To Use Couch:

No doubt pets can cause scratches on leather couches. We have seen a lot of people and customers always figure out this problem. The only solution is to limit your pets to sit on leather couches. Also, cut their nails on time so that they can’t damage the couch.

Similarly, if you have kids at home and are prone to counseling, jumping, and doing other such activities, you might prevent them from doing such stuff on a leather sofa.  

Use Microfibers To Remove Scratches:

Scratches may often occur in leather couches; even if you are using a full-grain leather couch, scratches can’t leave it.

But it’s not a big problem. You can remove such minor scratches using a microfiber cloth. Don’t let scratches stay for longer, as they will become stubborn and difficult to remove.

Disadvantages Of Leather Couches:

Although leather couches have dozens of benefits, there are some disadvantages of leather couches. You can’t consider it as the best and a dream material for your couch. Here are some of the significant drawbacks of leather couches that you must consider. 


Leather is more expensive than regular sofa fabrics. Compared to velvet and other such materials, leather is three times more expensive. It’s because leather has high quality and durability that lasts for a longer time. 

Limited Colors Option:

If you want more stylish-looking couches, then leather is not made for you. In leather, you will get either brown or black colors. Similarly, leather couches don’t have any pattern, so unluckily, if you want a patterned couch, you will be disappointed with a leather couch.

Immediate Temperature Changing:

Leather is the best conductor that can immediately adapt to the temperature of your surroundings. In summer, when you sit on a leather couch for a long time, it may become too hot and cause rashes on your skin. Similarly, in winters, it feels too cold and makes you not want to use it.  

What Is The Cheapest Type Of Leather?

We have told you about the most expensive leather, “Full-grain leather.” Now, it’s time to talk about the most affordable and cheap leather, and we don’t recommend you to use such leather couches because they can’t last for a longer time.

Bonded leather is the lowest grade leather and also a cheap one. This leather is not made with natural synthetic material; instead, it’s made with different impure materials and polyurethane. Bonded leather easily attracts dirt and stains producing moisturizing which leads to cracking.  

Bonded leather also comes with different types of variants depending upon the purity of natural synthetic material.

The best-case scenario contains 90% of leather, with only 10% of leather in the worst-case scenario. 

Final Words:

After going through the above article, we hope you have got the answer to “How long does leather couch last.” Leather is one of the most usable sofa fabrics in the USA and the rest of the world. Although it’s expensive, people buy it because of its comfort and durability. And if you regularly maintain your leather couch, it may last for over 25 years.

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