How Thick Is A Twin Mattress? Twin Mattress Size

In this article, we will discuss how thick is a twin mattress and who can sleep on it?

A twin mattress comparatively offers less amount of space as compared to other mattresses. A twin mattress is meant to fit a single person only. Commonly, the dimensions of a twin mattress are 75 inches in length and 39 inches in width.

The twin mattress is also known as a single mattress and was primarily sold in two sets, thus getting the name “twin.” A twin XL mattress is formed when extra 5 inches is added to the length of a twin mattress. The twin XL mattress measurement is 39 inches wide and 80 inches long.

How Thick Is A Twin Mattress?

Who Can Sleep On a Twin Mattress?

The thickness of a twin mattress can range from 5 to 20 inches. Different companies use a standard measurement to ensure the mattress is comfortable enough for users.

The thicker your twin mattress is, the more comfortable it is. A thin twin mattress might not last long, but that is not an absolute rule. Sometimes a thin mattress lasts longer than expected due to its high quality.

If the twin mattress is thicker than 16 inches, it is referred to as “extra deep,” affecting the height of your bed.

An ideal bed height is considered to be 25 inches from the floor. This idea is that an average height person can have his feet on the ground while sitting on the bed. That makes getting in and out of bed easier.

Who Can Sleep On a Twin Mattress?

A twin or twin XL mattress can easily fit in any child’s room. If you buy a good quality twin mattress, it can last for years in your child’s room.

The twin mattress is not only for children. Adults who have limited space at home can also easily use it to fit in small rooms.

Except for sleeping, a twin mattress can also be used as a daybed (a mattress like a sofa for daytime relaxation) because it fits perfectly.

Twin Mattress Dimensions According To Its Depth

Mainly, the dimensions of a twin mattress are determined by its length and width. However, depth is also an important factor when investing in a twin mattress.

Twin Mattress 4 to 7 inches In Depth

Twin mattresses are available at prices ranging from under $100 to more than $200. The ones below $100 are 6 inches or even less deep. Such a mattress is used as a day sleeping bed or sitting space.

Mattress with this depth range contains foam or hybrid. Similarly, 4-inch mattresses are made of a mix of foam ingredients. This type of mattress can be used as a mat and is foldable.

Twin Mattress 8 to 12 Inches In Depth

A twin mattress with 8 inches or above depth is made of memory foam, gel foam, latex, and coils. Such a mattress is thicker and may even increase the height of the bed. That’s why it is best for people who weigh more than average.

These mattresses can range from $500 and above. A mattress with this depth provides you with more cushion and comfort.

Twin Mattress 12 Inches or Above In Depth

Twin mattresses 12 inches or above depth are not so popular and expensive. They can be made of memory foam, gel foam, latex, or coils and foam.

If you select a twin mattress with this much depth, you might need to hop onto your bed to reach it, as it will make your bed quite tall.

Points To Keep In Mind When Deciding a Mattress Thickness

If you are looking for a durable mattress, you should look for one with at least 8 inches thickness, provided that the comfort layer should be 2-3 inches while the base layer should be 5-6 inches.

It is evident that the thicker the mattress, the softer it would be. But a thick mattress is not always your cup of tea. There are specific points to consider before choosing mattress thickness.

1- Your Sleeping Position

As everybody has their specific sleeping position, you should get a mattress according to your sleeping position because one mattress can not fit all. Some sleeping positions need extra support, while some need extra cushioning.

2- Side sleeping

Side sleepers need cushioning on their hips and shoulders. Therefore, a mattress with 12 to 14 inches thickness can provide the required cushioning.

A mattress with such thickness will not let the pressure build on your hips and shoulders, resulting in a night of good sleep.

3- Back sleeping

A back sleeper needs a mattress that supports the natural curvature of their spine to avoid spine misalignment. For this purpose, a mattress with 10-12 inch thickness would work fine for you. Such a mattress has a thick base layer and a thin comfort layer for preventing sinkage.

Choosing a thinner mattress can increase the chances of neck ache, backache, or muscle stiffness.

4- Stomach sleeping

Stomach sleepers need a thinner mattress as compared to side and back sleepers. A mattress with a thinner comfort layer would work fine as it provides a firm surface. That’s why to prevent spine misalignment, a 10-inch mattress is recommended.

More Info About Twin Mattress

Twin mattresses can be formed into a king-size mattresses by combining two twin-size mattresses side by side.

Although the length would be shorter than a typical king-size mattress, this combination is still very convenient.

Since they can be separated and combined, they prove the best option for guest rooms. You can save money by combining and separating them according to the situation.

The twin mattress set and flexibility make you rethink whether to get king-size, queen-size, or two twin mattresses!

Pros and cons of a thick mattress

As evident, thick mattresses are softer and more comfortable because they provide extra cushioning to hips, shoulders, etc. But they also come with a list of disadvantages. For example, it is costly and heavier to lift.


  • A thick mattress offers more cushioning to your body
  • More people can sleep on thick mattresses conveniently


  • A thick mattress will make your bed too tall
  • Thick mattresses are heavy and therefore difficult to lift
  • As compared to other mattresses, thick mattresses are more expensive


A twin mattress is an excellent mattress for a kid’s room or a single adult. You can also use them as a daybed or even a mat.

The thickness of a twin mattress can range from 5 to inches 20 inches. The prices of twin mattresses increase as their depth increases. For example, a 4 to 7 inches deep mattress can be around $100, while a twin mattress with 8 to 12 inches or above depth can be about $500.

The thickness of the mattress also depends on what type of sleeper you are. A plus point about twin mattresses is that they can be formed into a king-size mattress easily by combining.

However, a thick mattress is not everybody’s cup of tea as it has many disadvantages. Such as causing health issues. Therefore, you should do your research properly so that you don’t have any confusion in buying your twin mattress accordingly.

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