How To Choose Best Carpet For Concrete Floor?

Concrete floors are the best alternative to wood floors and marbles. But because of their drawbacks, most people prefer carpets on concrete floors.

According to our research, concrete floors become slippery when they are wet. Also, after some time, cracks are formed in these floors. 

So, to prevent slipping and hide the cracks, people used to place carpet on concrete floors. The carpet adds extra beauty to their room look and also prevents them from slipping.

How To Choose Best Carpets For Concrete Floors

As it has been proved that concrete floors can cause condensation and damp forming on the underside of the carpet, so it is important to choose that carpet which is best for concrete floors.

The following factors must be considered in any carpet before buying.

1- Fiber Type

what should be the fiber of carpet

Fiber type is one of the most important factors in the best carpets for concrete floors. It is highly recommended to check the variety of fibres in the carpet you will buy for the concrete floor.

You can use any carpet fiber style, from push to loop, for a concrete floor. But keep in mind that the fiber you have chosen must not be a synthetic foam, such as olefin face fiber.

Artificial fibers in flooring will be less susceptible to moisture absorption and are easier to clean. For long-lasting flooring, it would be best to use man-made fibers.

Ensure that the fiber you will buy is lightweight, soft, and warm and mimics natural fibers like cotton and wool and is blended with them.

Additionally, this fiber has fair to good abrasion resistance and good stain resistance, chemical resistance, mildew resistance, and fading resistance.

Having a carpet that is functional and aesthetically pleasing is important for high traffic areas such as hallways. Moisture-absorbing carpets can be damaged by mold and mildew attacks.

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2- Underpad Compatibility

how to choose best carpet

Underpad compatibility is also one of the most important factors considered before buying a carpet for concrete floors.

As all the carpet pads are not created equally. Many are made from porous foam. So, it is important to purchase the one which is perfect for concrete floors.

The solution is to use antimicrobial rubber pads. Rubber will repel any moisture derived from the concrete floor, and automatically, it protects the carpet placed above.

It is essential to ensure that the combination of padding and carpet is compatible. When stepped on repeatedly, some stiff kinds of padding will degrade under carpets.

Also, the best underpad will feel more comfortable and soft on walking. In addition, the underpad makes it easier to clean your carpet. By having padding under the carpet, you can vacuum more dirt and reduce allergies.

3- Carpet back type

How To Choose Best Carpet For Concrete Floor

The type of carpet back is also very important to consider because when the underpad is not placed, the back of the carpet will be in direct contact with the concrete floor.

If the carpet back is general and common, it would be damaged due to the concrete moisture. So, in this case, synthetic backing is very important.

The back of the carpet must be synthetic because as it will be in direct contact with concrete, a synthetic backing will automatically absorb the moisture from the concrete.

Another good thing about synthetic backing is that it will not be harmful to your carpet structure. 

So when the moisture from the concrete is absorbed, then the chances of mould and mildew attack. And if you place the fibers that contain a lot of moisture and are made from natural fibers, you will be more susceptible to mould and mildew.

4- Glue Considerations

things to consider before buying hard floor carpet

Despite the tack strips installed on the concrete’s edges, it can still move along the surface slightly. 

Therefore, a carpet without padding will cause friction with the lower concrete surface. Over time, this friction can deteriorate the carpet’s backing and deteriorate the entire flooring. 

The carpet should be glued directly to the concrete if you want to add protective padding underneath. To preserve the carpet’s structure, please ensure that there will be no excessive friction between the concrete and the carpet.

How To Properly Apply The Glue On The Floor

To properly place your carpet, the glue must be appropriately applied on the floor.

  • To glue the outside corners, use a trowel to apply a layer of glue. 
  • The glue should cover an area between 12 and 16 inches long.
  • Place the carpet back into place and smooth it out until there are no wrinkles. 
  • Using a straight piece of wood or hard plastic, press the carpet into the glue.

Final Words

After reading the above guide, we hope that now you should be able to choose the perfect carpet for a concrete floor. But please ensure to look at all the things mentioned above on that carpet.

If you buy the carpet by considering the above things, your carpet will not lose its structure. And if you buy without considering the above items, then you will get disappointed.