How to Make a Nightstand Taller? Easy Ways!

Making your nightstand taller is not as difficult a task as it seems. There are different easy tricks. You can use casters or add wood blocks to make it look taller. This is the most basic stage and is ideal for stationary furniture such as nightstands.

When we talk about nightstands, they are tall and wide to accommodate the amount of bedside space we need. However, if you’re tired of your nightstand being so short, it doesn’t adjust your lamp or alarm clock. Then this article is for you.

Here’s how to make a nightstand taller so that it can better carry all of your necessary items:

How to Make a Nightstand Taller

Make a Nightstand Taller
  1. Add some wood pieces on the side. Two 2×4 pieces of wood can be nailed together to create extra height on one side.
  2. Any piece of furniture will do; you can use a piece of wooden furniture or even a box. Make sure it’s at least 12 inches for the width and 6 inches for the height.
  3. The width should be enough to accommodate your nightstand. This will act as the base for your nightstand.
  4. Add some wood to make a base for it and part of an inset cutout at one corner. At the same time, do the same at the opposite corner of your nightstand.
  5. Lastly, make nooks to place your items on those inset cutouts.

How to Use Casters to Add Height to Your Nightstand

An easy way to increase your nightstand’s height is by adding casters. This will not only make it taller but also more stable

With this addition, it will be easier for you to reach objects from the top shelf without strain. You can also use this project as an opportunity for DIY fun and personalizing; go for a style that reflects your personality or favorite color.

Tools Needed

  • Casters: Four casters of the same size. If you are using hardwood, ensure that the four casters’ diameter is at least 10% of the length of your nightstand. Of course, you can always look for durable hardwood, like maple or oak.
  • Screws:  Four 1-inch screws or bolts, depending on size and preferred attachment method. Ensure that your bolts have flat heads to avoid scratching your nightstand’s surface. You can also use wood glue and drill holes if you want a more permanent attachment.
  • Tools:  Small awl or drill bit, a hammer.


  1. Measure the height and width of your nightstand. Next, measure 1-1/2 inches from the top and bottom of each side; this will be where you screw in the casters. Mark it with a marker or pencil.
  2. Drill holes on each mark with your drill bit, then screw in the bolts (or slide in wood glue). Ensure that the casters are fully installed, then test your nightstand’s height before proceeding to step 3.
  3. Screw the casters from the top until the table is level and the legs are entirely in contact with the floor.
  4. To finish your nightstand, paint it and attach it with decorative hardware to create a finished look for your home!

4 Ways to Increase Height Of Nightstand Naturally

 Increase Height Of Nightstand Naturally

The nightstand itself will never be taller. Instead, it’s usually made to look taller by placing a plant on top, using two stacked books as pseudo-stairs, or wedging something in the back corner.

But the good news is there are plenty of ways to get it looking taller without having to buy an expensive new one:

  • Get rid of anything currently obstructing its height, causing it to look shorter than it needs moving or getting rid of. Clocks, nightstand lamps, and other things you don’t need on the nightstand shouldn’t be there.
  • Something as simple as moving a table lamp from the back corner to the front corner of the nightstand can make it look taller. This creates a visual illusion that it’s taller and surprises the brain as it prepares to assume what is supposed to be there.
  • Leave some space between the end of your bed and where your nightstand starts. The illusion is made better if there are no other objects close by that could make it look shorter than it is. If the nightstand goes up against the wall or ends right after your bed ends, it gives the impression that there isn’t much of a difference in length between the mattress and nightstand. There is a slight but measurable visual effect if you leave at least 5 inches of space before the nightstand begins.
  • Move your bed away from the walls to create a more significant space between the bed and your nightstand. Placing it as far back in its corner as possible creates a more incredible illusion of height. Get more distance from corners if possible for the best results.

How Tall Should a Nightstand Be?

The nightstand should not be less than 20 inches or more than 30 inches. Set the nightstand about 29-30 inches if you have a standard bed. 

If you are using an adjustable base, it might be best to keep it at a distance from your bed to sit higher on the frame when necessary.

The height is determined by your mattress thickness and where you want people in your home to place their cups, glasses, plates, books, etc., on top of it.

The design of your room and its lighting also determine factors for your nightstand’s height. If you are using overhead lighting, 30 inches should be enough to accommodate all your needs.

Can Your Nightstand Be Taller Than Your Bed

Since we spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed, it’s no wonder that bedroom furniture can be a significant investment. You’ll want to consider the height of your nightstand relative to your bed.

Usually, nightstands are designed to be around 20 inches tall, meaning if you have a king-sized bed, the top of your nightstand should be about five feet high from the ground. 

This ensures ample storage space for books, glasses, and other nighttime needs in an aesthetic way – not too low and not too high.

However, you may want to adjust this number should you need to. Although the standard design is safe, you can move your nightstand higher than average if:

You have a shorter bed. For instance, if your bed is only 8 feet long, adjust your nightstand height by 2-3 inches.

How to Extend Your Nightstand

If you have a queen or king-size bed, the nightstand won’t fit on the side you need it on. Here are some quick and easy ways to fix that problem.

1- Revolving Nightstand

This is a straightforward option and only requires three things.

You need a regular-sized nightstand. You’ll also need a drill, paint, and a screwdriver to be able to make this work.

First, drill holes into the bottom of the nightstand on two opposite ends. Then, measure how far apart you want them to be (usually about 15 inches). Use that measurement as your guide when you start painting the holes. 

Once painted, place the screws in each hole and tighten them to ensure they don’t come loose over time. Then put the nightstand back together and place it back where you need it.

2- Extension Nightstand

This is the easiest solution because it doesn’t require painting or drilling: just a few supplies and some assembling of the nightstand itself.

You’ll need a regular-sized nightstand, a piece of two-by-four, and a couple more nails than you usually find in a package of nails. You can also use wood screws if you don’t want to nail anything together if you don’t have nails handy.

Once you have those three items, open up the nightstand where the legs are attached to its bottom by removing those screws or nails.


There are many ways to increase the height of your nightstand, from replacing the legs to adding casters. 

We also recommended the ideal nightstand height according to your room and bed. Lastly, we guided ways to help you extend your nightstand if it seems smaller to place your accessories or decor items. 

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