How To Make Traffic Carpets Look New? (Secret Revealed)

Nowadays, people use carpets in the house to make it attractive and feel aesthetic. Especially in cold areas or in winters, it feels warm and fluffy. Most people put the carpet in traffic areas at home as well.

There is no denying that carpets in your home take a whipping. They can quickly become stained and dreary between kids, pets, and everyday traffic. 

Here in high-traffic areas, you are mostly unable to clean it repeatedly. Then your priority is to change the carpet and get a new one. But it is very costly for you.

So you don’t worry about maintaining the carpet. We have some solutions for making the carpet new in high traffic areas.

Tips For Carpets To Look New In Traffic Areas

Let us have some solutions in a list below

  1.  Use a vacuum cleaner. 
  2. Get your hands-on deep cleaning every while.
  3. Clean it with a steam cleaner every other year.
  4. Consider using rugs and runners.
  5. groom your pets regularly, so they don’t shed hairs on your carpet.
  6. Don’t walk on wet carpets as much as possible.

We will discuss this in detail in the following sections to extend your rug’s life and make the most of your investment. 

1- Vacuum Your Carpet

Vacuum Your Carpet

In a high-traffic area, you should keep your carpet clean regularly because the carpet gets stained and matted. Vacuuming prevents dust, dirt, and other particles which can cause damage over time. 

So it must be clear to you that vacuum the carpet at least once a week, for the best result. 

Vacuum the carpet back and forth across the surface will be the best way to vacuum. Use a suction set only and move it on. Ensure that you don’t put pressure on vaccum cleaner which can damage the material fibers. 

When you buy a new carpet, sometimes they will come with a brush attachment that can be used to vacuum the edges and corners of the rugs. It will be a great way to remove dust and dirt that may have been missed by suction alone.

Moreover, you can also use this attachment to vacuum between the cracks of your floorboards if needed. 

However, you shouldn’t use the beater bar on the carpet, as doing so will damage it over time and cause more wear than what would naturally occur by foot traffic alone. 

Additionally, make sure not to put or jerk at any dirt, as this could cause permanent discoloration of your carpet. 

Although, vacuuming is the best and easiest way to keep the carpet clean and save from damage in high-traffic areas. 

After doing this process routinely, the carpet will look like new for a long time. It will also help to reduce dirt and dust tracked in, keeping your home clean overall. 

2- Deep Clean Your Carpet Every Few Months

This is the best way to clean the carpet deep clean and remove dirt and dust which are building it up. It is recommended to deep clean the carpet every few months for the best result. 

You must focus on avoiding over-spraying carpet cleaner on your pieces. Well, you should keep in mind the substance can leave marks and coloration and structurally damage the material’s fibers. 

Additionally, the chemicals or power in this cleaning product can damage some types of finishers with time.

Few Steps About The Best Result With Carpet Cleaners

Before using the carpet cleaner, you should follow these steps and test it on an inconspicuous area of your carpet first. This will help you to avoid any undesirable damage. 

Let we have to tell you about those simple steps that followed.

  1. Once you have tested the product, start by vacuuming your carpets wholly. This will minimize any flexible dirt or debris that could obstruct the cleaner or spread onto your furniture. 
  2. Ensuing, fill up a spray bottle with water and add about one cup of vinegar to it. This will create a safe cleaning solution for most fabrics without causing any damage. Use this mixture to pre-treat any stains on your rug before using the carpet cleaner. 
  3. Finally, use the carpet cleaner according to the instructions given on the bottle. Keep in mind to begin from a small area and work your way out. Be careful not to saturate the entire carpet. 

Afterward, don’t walk on the wet carpet until it gets dry because it will damage and flatten. 

3- Use The Steam Cleaner Once Or Twice A Year

Steam cleaner is the other best tool for deep cleaning the carpet. These machines heat water to create steam that helps to break down first debris without harsh chemicals or other abrasive tools. 

To use this steamer on any type of carpet, whether it’s made of nylon, Berber, wool, and more. 

Furthermore, the benefit of using this process which helps to remove allergens or other adulterants that may be hiding on your carpet. It will also help to assassinate bacteria or mold that may be present. 

4- Consider Using Rugs Or Runners In High Traffic Area

use rugs in high traffic areas

Sometimes, people use rugs or runners other than carpets. Runners are usually used to cover up a carpet that is beginning to indicate signs of wear and tear. 

These rugs come in distinct styles, colors, and patterns. Well, you must find it which suits your style. 

The distinction between the rugs and runners is that rugs are larger than runners. Carpet can cover the entire area of your floor, whether it’s a room or hallway. At the same time, runners are usually about only 3 feet wide and 10 feet long. 

Moreover, you can find rugs or pieces that are around the square or rectangular shapes you want. 

5- Groom Your Pets Regularly

Most people have pets in their houses. If you have a pet in the house, groom your pets regularly like their meal. Grooming your pet is an impressive way to keep their coat clean and free of mats. 

It will give a decent look to them and make you feel better about yourself as an owner. 

If you don’t groom your pet regularly, your carpet will become matted with pet hair and will be much harder to clean. While grooming your pet also helps keep them healthy and can help to prevent skin allergies. 

For the best results, groom your pet at least twice a month. You Can use a clipper, comb, or brush. So make sure that you use the best tools for the type of coat they have.

6- Avoid To Walk On Wet Carpet

This is one of the most important rules for keeping your carpet looking good. When you walk on the wet carpet, it causes the carpet to become matted together and get damaged. 

Well, you should always wait until it is dry before walking on it again. If you have children and pets that like to run through puddles, try putting towels or rugs in the area to absorb moisture before it gets onto your carpet.

Bottom Line

If you feel that your carpet needs to be clean and look new. You should follow these steps to maintain your carpet in a high-traffic area. 

Above, we discuss all methods or tips clearly to keep your carpet clean routinely twice a year or after a few months. These tips are quite easy to keep your carpet clean as you might have thoughts.

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