How To Remove Plastic Ceiling Light Cover: Easy Hacks!

Removing plastic ceiling light covers is not tough, but it requires a deep and correct guide. There will be a lot of information regarding this matter but not in an arranged form. You don’t need to worry about it, as you will be able to understand it thoroughly by the end of this article.

Light covers are supposed to protect the light from getting damaged and dirty. But over time, they can get dirty, and the bulb inside it can fuse. Therefore, you need to remove it to fix the problems.

But after years of being there untouched, the covers get stuck and cause a headache in the removal process, for which we have shared some useful hacks.

Light covers are available in different types, such as with screws, without screws, and clips. And although the initial stages are almost the same for all three of them, the process slightly varies.

How To Remove Plastic Ceiling Light Cover With Screws

How To Remove Plastic Ceiling Light Cover

The steps are pretty simple but need to be done in an organized way. Let’s have a look at the simple steps.

1- Stool Or Ladder

A stool or ladder will help you reach the ceiling easily and comfortably. Therefore, choose a sturdy ladder placed on leveled ground. Having someone stand beside you to hold the stool or hand over the tools is even more recommended.

2- Wear Gloves

You should wear gloves as well for safety and protection purposes. Any gloves will work fine for you. Whether it is rubber or plastic gloves, you can wear both. If you have handy mechanic gloves, it is the best option. 

Wearing gloves will also ensure that your hands remain tidy throughout the changing process.

3- Grip The Ceiling Light Cover With One-hand

You must hold the ceiling light cover with one hand before removing it because you don’t want it to fall and break on the ground. Therefore, stick your hand to it until it is completely removed.

4- Unscrew The Knob

Now that you are holding the cover with one hand, grab a tool and start unscrewing the knob with your other hand. You can even unscrew the knob with your hand but still take a tool with yourself when you step up to be on the safer side.

5- Find The Washer

Once you have unscrewed the knob, the plastic cover of the ceiling light should be loose and come off quickly. But if it is not loose, find a washer holding the cover. When you find it, remove it so that the plastic cover can easily come off.

6- Remove The Cover

After finishing all of the previous steps, it’s time to remove the cover. You only need to take it in your hands and place it somewhere carefully. Then you can either change the bulb or clean the cover as per your desire.

How To Remove Plastic Ceiling Light Cover With No Screws

Remove Plastic Ceiling Light Cover With No Screws

Plastic ceiling light covers with screws and those without screws have almost the same steps for getting removed. The first three steps, including getting a ladder, wearing gloves, and holding the cover with one hand, are the same with both plastic light covers.

Therefore, you need to follow the three steps in both procedures. The slight difference begins from step 4, which we will discuss in the following steps:

1- Twist The Cover Counterclockwise

To remove the plastic light cover without screws, you need to rotate it counterclockwise or simply to your left.

Some tips here would be not to press it too hard as it might crack. And also, do not remove your hand below it because you don’t know when it comes off and may even fall on the ground.

2- Hit The Cover

When the cover is untouched for a long time, it can get badly stuck to the light fixture. And when you try to remove it, it frustrates you. As a result, you spend all of your energy trying to remove it, which can damage the light fixture.

Therefore, a helpful hack here would be to hit it slightly with a rubber material. The back of the shoe works just as fine in this case.

3- Take The Cover Off

After following all of the steps, you only need to carefully take off the plastic cover. And change the light or clean the dust and debris accumulated on the cover all these years.

How To Remove Plastic Ceiling Light Cover That Has Clips

When you have a ceiling light cover with clips, you treat it differently than the ones with and without screws. Below, we will discuss the steps you have to follow for easy removal.

1- Grab a Ladder Or stool

The first step for removing a plastic ceiling light cover with clips is looking for a ladder that can easily help you reach the ceiling. Also, it should be sturdy enough not to wobble while you stand on it, as it can cause you serious health hazards.

A great idea would be to have someone near the ladder who can hold the ladder for you to do your work quickly and comfortably.

2- Arrange The Gloves

Arranging gloves is more crucial in this procedure than the test of procedures. The reason is that the clips are tiny and sharp, so it is better to prevent them by wearing gloves.

Here the type of gloves should also be specific, like gardening gloves which are tough enough to protect your fingers from cuts. Mechanic gloves also work fine while removing the clips.

3- Carefully Hold The Cover

In this step, you have to hold the cover carefully. The cover will not come off quickly; therefore, some essential tools are required. But once you do it, take it in your hand and hand it over to somebody else.

4- Look For The Clip

There are three clips in the ceiling light cover with clips, one of which is a bit looser than the other two. And the possibilities are also that the clip is not removable, so in that case, it should be broken and taken out of the light cover.

Therefore, first, identify what type of clips you have and how to remove them; then, you can eventually take them out. This step is crucial, and you have to be very gentle here because you don’t want to pull the wrong clip and cause damage to the light.

For extra help, try to use small tools while removing the clips that way, they can assure no harm to the light.

5- Take Off The Plastic Ceiling Light Cover

After you spot the loose clip, pull it with a bit of strength but make sure not to do it roughly as it can damage the light. You have to put a gentle pressure with firm hands, especially if your clips are removable and reusable.

While you do it with the correct pressure and grip, the ceiling light cover will remove from the underside of the clips. Afterward, the cover will unmount from the light and come in your hands from where you can gently put it down and proceed to your main work.

If you removed the cover for cleaning purposes, go with a deep cleaning. And if you removed the cover to change the damaged bulb, do likewise.

There can be some people who did the process of changing the light cover and fixing a new one. For installing a new cover, you can reverse the whole process.

Final Thoughts

The steps for removing light covers are pretty simple but need to be done in an organized way. Getting a light cover with screws removed is pretty much the same.

For example, you are getting a stool, wearing gloves as an optional step, and holding the cover with your hand. The steps start varying afterward, where unscrewing the knob and finding the washer takes place in the case of light covers with screws.

Similarly, twisting the glass and hitting it gently takes place in the case of light covers with no screws. But in the case of light covers with clips, the steps are entirely changed except the getting ladder and holding the cover.

Wearing gloves gets highly crucial in this case because you can have unwanted and sometimes severe cuts on your hands. And in general, the steps for removing the light cover with clips are more complicated than the other two because you have to find the clips, which can be tricky.

The right amount of gentleness and pressure will do the job for you quickly. Once the cover is removed, you can go with your desired needs and fix the bulb or clean the cover. In some cases, where people want to change the cover, you can reverse the procedures and get your work done.

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