How to Slide a Rug under a Heavy Bed? Easy Steps!

Placing a lovely rug under your bed is the best way to add elegance to your bedroom. However, it’s hard to put rugs under a heavy bed. So, if you’ve got a heavy bed, it’s not always easy to slide a rug under the bed.

By lifting the heavy bed’s frame, you can slide the Rug underneath it. The Rug can be fitted by dismantling and repositioning the bed. You can roll the Rug or set the bed riser. 

This article will discuss how you can easily slide a rug under a heavy bed. Well, there are many ways to do this, but if you’re a single guy looking to get into this, you might need a few tips before starting. 

So, let’s get into it!

How to Slide a Rug Under a Heavy Bed

The best technique to move a rug under a heavy bed is to roll down your Rug into layers. Next, pull the footboard of your bed and roll out the layers of your Rug. After that, lift the bed’s headboard and roll out the remaining parts of the Rug. That’s it.

Even though it appears to be an easy task, moving the bed may be challenging if you don’t have adequate assistance. In addition, if there is no space under the bed, that will bring a significant barrier to the proper positioning of the Rug.

So before sliding a rug under a heavy bed, it is vital to accurately measure the Rug according to the bed’s size and design. Plus, the Rug you choose has a significant impact on how well it will fit under your bed.

Measurement of Rug

  • Measure the bed’s size with a measuring tape.
  • Measure the width of the bed to ensure that you buy the correct size. If your bed has a nightstand, you can also measure the width of the nightstand.
  • Avoid purchasing the extra-large size because it will cover your entire floor.
  • Maintain a gap of around 15 to 20 inches from the carpet to the room wall. If you have a bed that isn’t directly against the wall, it is crucial to measure the length of the bed as well.

Remember: Always have an extra piece from your measurements on hand if you need to make a quick change.

Selection of Rug

An important consideration when putting a rug underneath your bed is the size of the Rug. No matter how careful you are, picking the wrong-sized carpeting can have disastrous results.

It would be best if you kept these things in mind when deciding on the correct rug size for your bedroom:

  • In general, your bedroom rug should not run wall to wall, and there should be at least 5 inches of gap between the bedroom wall and the Rug.
  • When choosing a rug, make sure that the size matches the room’s dimensions. It will prevent the bed from “swallowing” the Rug, resulting in an uneven design in your bedroom.
  • One more thing to keep in mind when deciding what size Rug to use under your bed is the size of the bed itself. You should make sure that the bed size fits the rug size, just as you do with the room size.
  • It is best to avoid rugs that are too large or too little so that they do not look over or be hidden by the bed.

The following table summarizes the recommended rug size for various bed types.

Bed Type Rug Size

  • King size 8’×10′ or 9’×12.’
  • Queen size 8’×10′ or 9’×12.’
  • Full-sized bed 5’×8.’
  • Twin Bed 9’×12.’

7 Easy Steps to Slide a Rug under a Heavy Bed

Steps to Slide a Rug under a Heavy Bed

Following are the seven easy steps to slide a rug under a heavy bed:

Step 1: Make Sure the Floor Is Clean.

First, it is essential to clean the area where the Rug will be placed thoroughly. Next, remove all moveable furniture that could interfere with or prohibit you from successfully laying the Rug under your bed.

Step 2: Find the Ends of the Rug.

Next, we recommend that you take the Rug’s measurements and compare them to the dimensions of the bed it will be placed under. Please make a note of where you exactly want the Rug to finish once it’s rolled beneath the bed.

It is because making alterations once it is placed would be difficult.

Step 3: Bring the Rug to one of its ends and roll it up.

Once you’ve determined where the Rug will finish when unrolled, roll it up from one end to the other and stop at the designated place. It will make it easier to place the Rug because you will only have to roll it out instead of lifting it.

Step 4: Raise thxe Footboard of the Bed

When you’ve finished rolling up your Rug, the next step is to lift the footboard of your bed. It is preferable to have someone assist you in moving the mattress or using a car jack to lift it safely.

Remember: If you have a king-size bed, make sure to remove the mattress before lifting it. It decreases the weight of the bed and makes it easier to place a rug under the bed.

Step 5: It’s time for the Rug to be rolled out!

Next, roll out the Rug from the raised end of the bed until you’re close to the other end of the bed.

Step 6: Lift the Headboards of the Beds

The next step will be to lift the headboard. Before doing this, make sure that the footboard end is lowered so that you don’t have to lift the headboard very much.

Step 7: Roll Out the Rest of the Rug

To finish the process, just roll out the remaining part of a rug and then set it down on the end of the bed from the raised headboard end.

Things to Consider

  • When moving your furniture, be careful not to damage it, and make sure the Rug is aligned straight as you unroll it.
  • When putting a rug under a bed, it’s best if you have a second person to assist you.

How to Style a Rug under the Bed

If you’re trying to figure out the best way to place a rug under your bed, you have a lot of choices. This section will share three styling ideas that create a fantastic look for your bedroom.

Putting the Rug Under the Bed and Other Bedroom Furniture

In this arrangement, a rug is placed under the entire length of the bed. Additionally, it will extend underneath your nightstands and the foot of your bed bench. If you have a huge bedroom, this is the perfect design for you.

A Rug That Covers Two-Thirds of the Space Under the Bed.

In this style, the Rug covers just two-thirds of what the bed occupies on the floor. To get this great look, while the Rug may not completely cover the floor area where the bed frame and nightstand will be placed, it should cover the end of the bed and the foot bench, which is a good compromise.

The Rug goes from the Center of the Bed to the Bottom of the Bed.

If your Rug isn’t big enough to cover the entire length of your bed, the best way to style it is to run it from the center. It will extend to the area beneath the foot of the bed, providing significant support for the foot bench.

Advantages of Keeping the Rug under Your Bed

There are many advantages of using rugs in your bedroom. These are:

Enhances the Beauty of Your Bedroom

Area rugs are popular for various reasons, not the least of which they enhance the aesthetics of any room in which they are placed. A rug gives a room a polished and personalized appearance by adding color, pattern, and depth.

Aside from that, they may assist you in creating a cohesive look for your bedroom by bringing together several disparate pieces.

Improve the Friction of the Floor

The smoothness of hard floors makes them prone to sickness, leading to furniture sliding around and causing damage. Aside from this, they can cause injury to children who may enjoy playing around the house.

To prevent furniture from moving and people from getting hurt, rugs can create more friction and, thus, a solid grip on the floor.

Separate the Bed Portion

Rooms can be defined or separated with the placement of bedroom rugs. If you have a large bedroom, you can use the carpet to create a barrier between one area and the rest of the space.

For example, you can buy a large rug and place it under the bed to expand your living space. It helps to create and preserve the aesthetic value of a room.

Preserve the Quality of Your Flooring

If your floors are stunning, covering them up with a rug could seem strange. Nonetheless, there are numerous reasons why a rug is necessary for a bedroom, and you can be comfortable that it protects your flooring from scuffs and dents. No doubt, a bedroom rug is the most effective way to prevent floors from scratches and scuffing.

Thus, there is no need to spend a lot of money on floor repairs, so you can afford to get an inexpensive rug.

Keeps You Warm

During the winter, you can place the Rug underneath the bed. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also maintains the temperature in the room. However, wool carpets are ideal for colder seasons since they are both warm and thick in texture.

Cover Stains

It’s possible to hide an unclean floor by covering it with a lovely rug. Similarly, if your carpet is stained with oil and other things, you can use the Rug to cover it up.

Helping With Allergies

Using rugs in the bedroom prevents allergens from flying around the room. If you suffer from allergies, placing an area rug in your room will help to alleviate your symptoms.

Reduce the Noise

Another significant advantage of a rug is that it considerably reduces noise in your room. Therefore, if you have a wooden floor and want to reduce noise, you can place a rug on the floor.

Easy to Clean

You can clean the Rug easily because it has a small size. If your room contains carpet, cleaning it is difficult because you can’t wash it. On the other hand, a rug is easy to clean because of its negligible weight. When you wash it, it appears to be completely new, allowing you to reuse it over and over.


Rugs come in various shapes and sizes, and you can buy them from any local retailer, but carpeting is a labor-intensive task, and the cost of the carpet itself is too high depending on the room’s size and length.

Final Thoughts

A rug is unquestionably one of our bedroom must-haves because a room can appear incomplete without one. However, sliding a rug under a heavy bed is not easy as its sounds. Further, it is better to do this with the help of other people to avoid any harm. In addition, it is essential to pick the perfect size of Rug for your bedroom to avoid any mess.

I hope you found these tips and suggestions helpful about how to slide a rug under a heavy bed perfectly. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to comment below.

Thank You for reading!

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