How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Kill Mold? (Easy Steps)

You can use Tea Tree Oil (TTO) to remove mold, tile grout, black mold, mildew, and other bacteria that need acidic properties to get cleaned.   

Tea Tree Oil comes from the melaleuca tree and is one of the best oils to get rid of acne. However, the countless benefits of Tea Tree oil can help you kill mold

This article will discuss some of the benefits of Tea tree oil and how you can use this oil to kill mold.

What is Tea Tree Oil (TTO) 

Tea tree oil (TTO) is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree, which grows in wet places near Australia’s southeastern coast. It has a strong pine fragrance to it. 

Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is a multipurpose essential oil nobody knew about. It can be used to get rid of black mold hiding around the house due to its antifungal properties. 

Properties Of Tea Tree Oil

If the condition gets worse and black mold spreads all around the house, it can cause respiratory problems. Therefore it’s important to get rid of it.

While tea tree oil is typically safe to use, persons who are allergic or have sensitive skin may get a skin reaction called dermatitis. 

It is better to consult a skin specialist if the burning sensation does not go away. Tea tree oil should never be consumed, even if it is considered safe for use topically.

Uses of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

As mentioned above, TTO can be used more than just for skin and dealing with acne problems. It has antioxidant and antifungal properties. Here are some of the most efficient ways that you can tea tree oil that you never knew about:

1- Cleaning Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is something that most people don’t like to do because of harsh chemicals and bleach products. Fortunately, you can make homemade cleaning sprays using tea tree oil to keep the mold away from your shower curtain and sink area. 

Mix one part of water with 10 pieces of the spray and clean the areas with a cloth. The Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is supposed to be able to kill mold within two days if applied correctly.

2- Surface Cleaner

Tea Tree Oil also makes a great surface cleaner. Mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio, and you can use it to clean your countertops, sinks, and other kitchen surfaces. It is an effective grease cutter as well. 

You can even use TTO on your laundry by adding ½ cup of this product to the final rinse cycle of your washing machine. 

This will kill any germs or bacteria on your clothing or towels after washing them, making them safe for later use.

3- Killing Mold

Tea Tree oil is one of the best ways to kill mold in your kitchen or any other areas that always have moisture. Usually, people prefer bleach or vinegar, but tea trees have antioxidant properties that help kill mold and mildew instantly. 

You need to add other chemicals, as only spraying tea tree oil directly to the mold will not be very effective. 

You can combine a few drops of TTO with water and use it as a mold spray. But there are many other ways to make a better tea tree solution to kill mold.

However, tea tree oil also works to help remove stains from clothing, furniture, or even hardwood floors. Use this natural product for safely cleaning your house. You can put it into your carpet steam cleaner or even use it on its own to clean upholstery or the floor.

4- Deodorizer

Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is a popular choice for natural deodorizers. It can help eliminate unpleasant smells in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. 

While it can be used as an actual deodorant spray, it is much more effective as an air freshener to mask odors in your home. 

Use a cotton ball soaked in tea tree oil to plug the holes where mold would normally grow. 

You can even add 3-5 small drops of Tea Tree Oil (TTO) to all your cleaning supplies to add additional antibacterial benefits. It will help kill germs on your skin and other surfaces.

What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that makes its home in moist areas such as wet walls, kitchens, and bathrooms. Mold and Mildew are resistant to physical and chemical attacks. So it seems that only tea tree oil cleaning can solve this problem. 

Mold can cause health issues if it’s not cleaned off properly before it gets on other materials. 

Even if mildew is not a serious problem for you, its presence may lead to issues that may require immediate action as it has toxic gas emissions, which can cause health problems like asthma or bronchitis. 

Where To Find Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil (TTO) can easily be found in most pharmacies and health food stores. Moreover, there are a lot of recipes for homemade tea tree oil that you can make yourself. It is very effective and has many good properties for cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces in the home. 

For example, you can use it as a natural pesticide against insects such as mosquitoes. But it should be used only on external surfaces because it may cause skin irritation or damage some materials inside the house, such as wood.

Nowadays, people like tea tree oil so much because they know that they can use a lot of advantages. For example, you can use it not only for mold cleaning but also for other purposes. 

You can wash your hair or use it as a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. So if you have a problem with mildew/mold, then Tea Tree Oil (TTO) will help you with this problem.

Advantages Of Using Tea Tree Oil To Kill Mold

Tea tree oil is a popular ingredient in shampoos and cleaners because of its antifungal properties. It specifically attacks the spore-forming cells of the mold, which usually prevents it from reproducing. 

Therefore, tea tree oil is used to make antifungal products and disinfectants. The antifungal properties of tea tree oil are due to its terpene content, which includes terpinen-4-ol and alpha-terpineol.

These give tea tree oil its distinctive aroma while also providing the antifungal activity that makes it so useful. Tea Tree Oil (TTO) can also be used as a fungicide in areas where mold or mildew will not affect your health or cause an allergic reaction.

You can use 50 percent tea tree oil to kill mold and mildew, but it should be diluted with normal water. It helps in preventing drying out the wood or tile. 

When you kill mold with tea tree oil, you get a bright white finish that will never yellow over time as bleach does.

Note: When you use tea tree essential oil to deal with mold, it’s important to know that this may not eliminate all the mold in your home. 

For example, suppose a crack in your foundation allows water in, thus causing the mold. In that case, you’ll need to get this repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 

There may be some moisture still present, but you can try adding Tea Tree Oil and let it sit for a day or two before you come back and clean it up.

Although we hope that this will be enough to kill the mold completely with natural ingredients, if you are trying to get rid of mold at all costs, you will probably need a professional to assess the situation and perform some cleaning procedures. 

Even if there is no visible mold on the surface you’re cleaning on, it is still important that you have a professional checkup of all surfaces in your home as part of their inspection.

How to Clean Mold/Mildew from Tea Tree Oil — Step by Step Guide

1- Take Safety Measures

First of all, wear safety goggles and dust masks. It is because tea tree oil, straight from the bottle, can irritate your eyes and lungs. Moreover, you need to ensure that the room is well-ventilated to kill mold spores.

Before making the solution and spraying on the mold, make sure to shower and scrub your body with antibacterial soap. 

If your house has hard water, it is better to use distilled white vinegar instead of white vinegar. Just make sure you purchase it at the supermarket or drugstore.

2- Make a solution to kill mold

Clean Mold/Mildew from Tea Tree Oil

  • To make a Tea Tree Oil (TTO) solution for mold:
  • Mix one teaspoon of oil with 1 cup of water in a spray container.
  • Add a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide (10%) and spray it over the same areas in a little amount of lukewarm water.
  • Allow for a 15-minute rest period.
  • Mix the spray bottle before spraying the solution onto the mold you’re trying to get rid of. Allow 18-20 hours for it to dry before cleaning it away with a clean cloth.
  • Scrub if needed

There is no need to rinse the area that you sprayed tea tree oil on, but you can scrub the surface with a brush if the stains are stubborn. After scrubbing, the mold will burn and kill itself. 

Make sure not to spray too much solution, as it can fade the color of the wall paint or even damage the surface. However, suppose you think you have sprayed too much solution. In that case, you can wipe the excessive solution to avoid any water spots left behind. 

How to Kill Mold with Tea Tree Oil and Vinegar on Tiles

Vinegar and tea tree oil are pretty inexpensive household items found at most stores. You might already have these sitting in your cabinet or bathroom.

1- Take Safety Measures

Again, make sure to use the dust mask and wear gloves. You don’t want any dust flying around the room and landing directly in your eyes, irritating. Also, at this time, vinegar and tea tree oil can damage your skin badly if you do not handle them correctly. So, it would help if you were extra careful.

2- Spray Vinegar Directly on the mold

Spray the vinegar onto the mold until it has soaked into all crevices (between tiles and on the shower wall). This is also where you can pour a little bit of tea tree oil into your spray bottle to make it smell a little fresher.

Take one bottle of distilled white vinegar and one bottle of tea tree oil. Be sure to shake up your vinegar/oil mixture before each use to mix well. 

After mixing both of them in equal ratios, spray and lightly scrub the mold until it is gone. If you have tiles, be extra sure that there isn’t any mold. Otherwise, it will grow again.

3- Let the mold sit for 24 hours

After thoroughly soaking down your shower, let it sit for at least 24 hours to ensure all of the mildew/molds are gone. You could probably go longer, but why take a chance? 

If you’re planning on using this method again, leave your shower as is so that it doesn’t get dirty again. 

How to Kill Mold/Mildew in Washer

Before cleaning your washer with tea tree oil, remember that the solution you will make has a strong odor, although it fades over time. If you can’t stand the strong foul smell of Tea Tree Oil (TTO), you can add a pinch of peppermint oil to give a refreshing scent. 

Although adding peppermint oil may affect the strength of the solution, The solution may be kept after cleaning because tea tree oil does not lose its strength soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you use tea tree oil to kill black mold? 

Yes! Tea tree oil is also very effective against black mold. In addition, tea Tree Oil can be used as a natural fungicide when diluted with water or vinegar.

Does tea tree oil kill mold on contact?

No. It can only work if the mold is wet; once it dries, the tea tree oil is useless. 

Does tea tree oil kill black mold instantly? 

Like most chemicals, tea tree oil needs to be combined with water or vinegar to kill infected areas. So it’s not an “instant cure” but a longer-term solution. 

What percentage of tea tree oil should you use to kill mold? 

It depends on the type of surface that you’re trying to kill mold on. It can usually clean almost all types of surfaces. But spraying tea tree oil solution might damage the surface.

Is tea tree oil effective against black mold? 

Yes, but you should use it to kill black mold in conjunction with other cleaning methods. It’s not enough on its own to fully eliminate the problem, although it works well as a natural fungicide when mixed with water and soap. 

Does tea tree oil kill all types of mold? 

No, but it will seriously affect any mold covered by the solution. Generally speaking, it’s not an instant fix; you’ll need to reapply the solution regularly for the best results. 

Is tea tree oil effective as a mold killer? 

Yes, TTO is effective, but it can take some time to kill mold with this method. Probably up to 24 hours or even more if the concentration is low. 

Also, beware that using tea tree oil as a killing solution may leave behind concentrations of the chemical in the air, which can be unhealthy for people and pets. 

Do you need any special equipment to kill mold with Tea Tree Oil? 

You’ll need a spray bottle and water to spray the tea tree oil on the moldy surface; if you’re looking for something more concentrated, then dilute it further with water or other solutions like soapy water. 

You should also wear protective clothing in case of accidental spills.

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Mold?

Yes, but it’s not that simple. It’s possible to use tea tree oil as a natural fungicide and surface cleaner, but factors to consider. 

How well does tea tree oil kill mold? 

It depends on the concentration of the solution and how long the solution is left on the moldy area. 

Generally speaking, to completely kill mold, potent solutions in combination with high heat or exposure time are necessary. However, weaker concentrations or exposure times may temporarily stop its growth. 


Tea Tree Oil (TTO) can be used in many ways, and you never thought of cleaning mold/mildew with tea tree oil. But it is possible. However, follow all the steps and take preventive measures before starting the process. 

Keep your area dry to prevent mold growth, as it is hazardous for you and your family. Black Mold is one of the most dangerous molds that you can ever deal with, as it releases toxic gasses that can cause breathing problems. 


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