How To Wash Thuma Headboard Cover? (2023 Updated)

Do you want to use your Thuma headboard cover for a maximum period? Then you must know how to wash a Thuma headboard cover. It is washable, removable, and interchangeable. 

Clean a Thuma headboard cover needs appropriate attention and technique. Protecting the ends of each rail of its surface is a vital thing to do.

Always use a soft cloth while cleaning it, and try your best to avoid moisture. Always hang it dry or dry clean if required.

In this article, I will explain how to easily wash Thuma bed headboard covers. So keep on reading…

Can We Wash Thuma Headboard Cover In The Machine?

Wash Thuma Headboard Cover

There is no harm in washing a headboard cover simply in a machine. But to get a better result and keep your Headboard cover fresh and long-lasting, you need to follow the basic instructions correctly as given below.

1- Use Cold Water

Always use cold water when washing a Thuma headboard cover so you may get the best result and keep the fabric fresh. Remember, It means fresh water, not exactly cold.

2- Avoid Hot Water

Only use hot water while washing a Thuma headboard cover. Using hot water may harm the fabric, and you will not be able to use it again.

3- Hang Dry

Always dry your Headboard cover after washing so it may keep its shape in an open position and shape as before.

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How Do You Cover A Thuma Headboard?

Cover A Thuma Headboard

Covering your Thuma Headboard is an excellent way to create a new and different look for your room. It is effortless and affordable if you choose a discount fabric.

The method and procedure of this task are easy to perform. You may go through two modes in this article.

1st procedure To Change The Cover

It is straightforward to cover a Thuma headboard. Using fabric liner and patterned fabric, you can sew a pleasant and plain slipcover for your Headboard. You can attach a single sheet of material with velcro strips.

Things You Need To Change The Cover

  1. Batting
  2. Staple gun
  3. Foam
  4. Fabric (about 3 yards for King and 2-½ yards for queen baking fabric)and (3 yards for king, about 2-1/2 yards for queen)
  5. Screwdriver 
  6.  Large shears

2nd Procedure To Change The Cover

You can perform the procedure by following the process of changing the Headboard given below step by step.

1- Removal Of Headboard By Using A Screwdriver

First, by using a screwdriver, separate the Headboard from the bedframe and put it on the floor. The Headboard is mostly in many pieces so label them after you detach them. It will help you when you cover the area with fabric later. 

2- Measure The Headboard

The exact measurement of the Headboard is an important work to do in this procedure.

3- Choosing Of Thickness

Foam is available in many thick sizes, so you must decide how wide you like.

4- Selection Of Batting, Fabric, And Foam

Correct purchasing is essential in this process. Enough batting, fabric, and foam are required to cover the Headboard.

5- Perfect Cutting Of Foam For The Headboard

Cut them with large shears according to the size of your Headboard exactly.

6- Cut The Batting

You need to add a bit, probably 6 inches extra, to cut the batting, so there is a different staple to the back of the Headboard.

7- Lay Down The Foam Before Covering It With Batting

Lay down the foam on the Headboard. Work around the Headboard to keep the edges flat and smooth.

8- Staple The Batting Around The Top

Lay down the batting over the Headboard by lifting it, then pull the batting to the back of Thuma’s Headboard. Using a staple gun, staple it to the top of the batting. Better to have the help of another person to hold the foam while you staple.

9- Staple All Sides Tightly

Pull batting to the back before moving towards the sides of the Headboard and staple each side in place. Fasten it after you have moved towards it.

10- Keep It Very Tight Around The Bottom

If the place of attachment to the bed frame has legs, wrap the batting around the area very carefully and neatly. Pull the batting from the bottom to the back and staple it properly.

11- Cover Thuma Headboard With The Fabric You Like

Cover the batting with the fabric of your choice, as variety is available in the market. You can opt for it according to your weather too. Then staple it to the back of the Headboard precisely the way the batting is.

12- Reattach The Headboard

Reattach the Headboard to the bed frame at the end.

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How Do You Choose Between Headboard And A Pillow Board?

It all depends on your liking and interest in what you decide to choose for your room. All Thuma beds are compatible with both. 

The Headboard is made from solid wood and is taller and broader than the PillowBoard. It attaches to The bed using Japanese joinery and provides sleek and sturdy support. 

Headboards are available in king, Kali king, and Queen sizes. Note that you can buy a Headboard separately but not the Pillowboard. The Pillowboard is innovative, and The Headboard stays firmly in place when used correctly.

Headboards were just a piece of furniture designed to prevent people’s heads from getting too cold, as houses were not as hard-resistant as today.

What Time Do You Need To Switch From Pillow Board To The Headboard?

You can easily switch from the Pillow board to the Headboard, and it does not take much of your time. 

You will need new pieces to reassemble the bed after disassembling, and five minutes are good enough if you know how to do it. The Headboard assembly is as smooth as the bed is.

What Tools Are Used To Hang A Thuma Headboard?

The tools you need to assemble a headboard are below. You can easily find it in the market, usually kept at home for everyday use.

  1. Screw
  2. Bolts
  3. Wrenches
  4. Washers


Procedure For Attaching A Headboard

You can gather these standard tools quickly as these tools are part and parcel of every home. Attach the Headboard legs and tighten them unshakably by using wall mounts to bolt the Headboard. 

You can drill the Headboard directly into the bed when you have done it. The Headboard should not touch the floor as it may damage it, and cleaning it will be challenging.

In What Sizes Thuma Headboards Found?

Thuma Headboards are available in various full sizes, twin size, king size, Kali king size, and Queen size.

If you want to buy a Headboard for your Thuma bed, you must choose the extent that is compatible with your mattress size for the perfect fit.

In What Fabrics Thuma Headboard Covers Found?

The fabric of Thuma headboard covers comes in different varieties; however, synthetic material is famous.

It has good resistance to wrinkles and static. Polyester and chenille are also very popular. Thuma’s Headboard is made of premium foam with a polyester linen wave cover.

Cotton and linen have a tight wave that you can use for years. These fabrics are readily available in many colors and patterns in the market.

The Bottom Line

It would help you to keep the Thuma Headboard cover neat and clean. It is washable and easily removable.

Always follow the instructions. Use cold water and avoid using hot water while washing it. Hang it dry, or if needed, dry clean it. Use a soft cloth to clean the cover. Transport it with appropriate care.

The cover enhances the beauty of a Thuma Headboard that protects your wall against abrasion. It can also give your room a gorgeous and classy look. It enhances the comfort level while using the Thuma bed and supports your bed.

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