How Wide is the Carpet Roll? Here Is Right Size!

If you want to place a new carpet in a room, then one of the most important factors that are stuck in your mind is carpet size.

Normally, Wall-to-wall carpeting is typically sold in 12-foot rolls. However, depending on the carpet manufacturer, carpet widths of 13’2″ and 15′ may be available. Other countries’ carpet is typically four meters wide, which is roughly 13’2″.

In this article, I will discuss what the common carpet roll sizes are? And which size is suitable for your room.

How Wide Should a Carpet Roll Be for a Small Room?

How Wide Should a Carpet Roll Be for a Small Room

The width of a carpet roll is approximately 125 cm, which equates to about 5 yards. So that makes the width around 44 inches.

The total length of a roll will be approximately 2 meters or a little over 6 feet. The weight and durability will vary depending on the thickness, type, and quality of the material used in making the carpet. 

However you cut it, though, you’ll end up with an area of around 43 sq ft when measuring out your area, which is plenty for a bathroom, kitchen, or those hard-to-fit areas.

How Wide is a Roll of Carpet in Meters?

A roll of carpet is made up of 1-meter width rolls rolled together. This density makes each roll 8 meters wide. 

The carpet’s thickness determines if it will cover more than 1 square meter. For example, a 5mm thick pile will be .5 meters wide, which covers .2 square meters. A 7mm thick pile would be 0.7 meters wide, covering 0.3 square meters.

If you’re about to measure for new carpeting for your home or office and want to know how many rolls are in one roll, the answer is ten rolls per meter and 100 rolls in total. Use a tape measure and calculator to get accurate measurements.

How Wide is the Average Roll of Carpet?

How Wide is the Average Roll of Carpet

The average width of a roll of carpet is 3’6″ (100cm), and the height varies depending on your desired depth. The depth ranges from 12mm up to 100mm, but most commonly, it will come in at around 25mm. 

If you go for a thicker depth, then you may have to deal with overhanging fibers, as this can be seen as unclean. These are often found in homes with pets or where people wear shoes inside the home.

The width of the carpet is measured in two ways, both of which vary slightly according to the manufacturer. First, the width between the selvage edges and the width across which a tread has been cut.

The first measurement is called panel width, but it is more commonly known as carpet width in most countries. This means you should look at two measurements when buying a carpet: the panel width and the overall carpet thickness.

What Are Common Carpet Roll Sizes?

There are a lot of different carpet roll sizes out there. So the first thing you need is the height of your flooring and its thickness: if your flooring is 4 inches high, it will be 12 inches wide, and if it’s 10mm thick, then it will be 900mm wide. 

The width for most carpets is 3 feet which would be 30 inches or just over one meter in length. The width of the carpet may be different in other countries or throughout the US. 

It is best to measure the size of your room using a measuring tape and then check which size of rolls are offered at the carpet stores around you. You can use this guide as a reference to know what width you will need:

  • 1.5-2m – Width for bedrooms and hallways 
  • 2-3m – Width for larger rooms and stairs
  • 2.5-3m – Width for stairs, hallways, and larger rooms
  • 3-4m – Width for staircases, large rooms, and entryways.

How Much Does a Roll of Carpet Cost? 

How Much Does a Roll of Carpet Cost

The exact cost of a roll of carpet depends on the type and size. For example, a standard-sized 10-yard roll (10 feet by 30 feet) with indoor weight will be more expensive than a runner rug or small area rug. 

It starts anywhere from $0.50 to $1.5, depending on the quality, thickness and various other factors.

The best way to estimate your expenses is by taking a roll. Roll carpet is usually 30 ft long, which is about the size of a small room. You can get an estimate for your room or floor by finding the carpet measurements and weight of the current/old carpet. 

Carpet style affects their price value as well. For example, carpets installed in entryways and stairs are priced slightly higher than those installed in other rooms because they are visible to people all the time as they walk by them.


Carpet rolls come in various sizes, and the width of carpet rolls varies in different countries. To get an accurate measurement for your room or office, use a measuring tape and calculator to get the exact size you need. 

Apart from that, carpet rolls have different thicknesses according to the weight and thickness of the tiles. The material can also vary according to your budget and the type of material you are looking for. If you’re confused, look for professional help or visit your local store. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How wide is a carpet roll in the United Kingdom?

Remember when in the UK, most carpets come in 4m wide rolls, though some also come in 5m wide rolls. 

Does the Carpet roll come in 16 Feet Width?

Yes, it does. Many brands carry a variety of standard sizes in carpeting up to 18 feet wide.

As for the larger widths, there are so many options that we recommend you contact your local store and ask them to assist you better than we can with this one. However, many customers prefer flooring up to 18 feet.

How much does it cost to install 500 Sq ft of carpet?

The cost of installing 500 square feet of carpeting will vary depending on the type and make of the carpet, whether or not installation includes padding, nails, or tacker strips, and whether it includes cleaning up afterward.

Carpet installation for a home starts at $0.60 per square foot, which makes around $300 for half a room and can go as high as $1.00 per square foot, over $600 for half a room. 

The materials can range from $900 to over $4000, depending on the type. Prices will also depend on your geographical location. The less dry area of your home, the higher the price.

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