Is Leather Couch Good For Dogs? (Plus Ways To Protect it)

Many people wonder, Is a leather couch suitable for dogs? In this article, we have discussed every aspect of this question. Keep reading to learn more!

Whenever you have a dog, you should make sure that it is comfortable in your home. The best furniture for dogs is leather, so you should invest in leather furniture first.

And keeping a dog at home should not be a problem, as the furniture you choose should be dog-friendly.

In general, leather furniture works well for dogs, even those with long claws. However, regularly trimming and grooming your dog’s claws will minimize the possibility that your leather furniture will become damaged. You can also use leather sealants to prevent stains on leather couches.

Furthermore, leather couches are the best furniture for dogs and other pets since they are durable, easy to clean, and less likely to be damaged by their claws.

Although some dog breeds don’t claw leather couches, they are pretty thick and hard to puncture if you purchase original leather couches.

It’s great to have leather furniture because it’s comfortable for you and your dogs as well. Below are some details about leather couches.

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The Best Type Of Leather Couch For Dogs

The best leather in terms of strength and durability is top-grain, while full-grain leather is more expensive.

The thickness of top-grain leather makes it less prone to cracking and tearing than other types of leather; therefore, pet owners should consider it.

The couch made from denim, man-made microfibers, and canvas will appeal to both dogs and cats. And select dark colors to hide dirt more effectively or avoid the fabric altogether.

When choosing a couch for your dog, make sure it is made of leather or a fabric that will complement its color.

How Do You Prevent Leather Furniture From Dogs?

Leather Couch For Dogs

A leather couch can be prevented from becoming damaged or stained by covering it up. If the leather is covered, your dog cannot claw at it. This will protect the leather from becoming soiled or damaged. You can prevent stains on your leather couch by following these steps.

If you use a throw-on, you can protect your leather couch. They are available almost anywhere that sells pets or groceries.

You can choose between two types of covers based on whether you want a cover that compliments or contrasts with your furniture.

Ensure that the cover can be washed at home rather than dry cleaned since a cover must be waterproof, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant.

As throws are often thin, they can tear easily. To prevent this from happening, you should add a folded sheet underneath, preferably of waterproof material, to protect your throw from tearing.

To prevent the sheets from shifting during snuggling, tuck the ends under the cushions. The couch cover should be washed regularly or as often as possible to maintain its cleanliness.

It’s possible to purchase an elegant cover-up to drape over your leather couch if you don’t want to compromise on appearance.

What Makes Leather an Ideal Choice For Dog-friendly Furniture?

The following factors need to be considered:


If you’re concerned about your dogs puncturing your couches, consider leather couches because leather is more resistant to beautiful and tearing than commercial-grade fabric and indoor or outdoor upholstery fabrics.

Since genuine leather is nearly impossible to puncture, furnishings made from genuine leather are even more prone to damage.

Easy to maintain:

The easiest way to pet dander, remove spills, and pet hair on surfaces is to wipe them down with a soft, absorbent cloth. In contrast, cleaning fabric upholstery due to its tendency to absorb pet hair and spills can be challenging.

Repellent to odors

Leather couches are also beautiful since they don’t absorb pet smells like fabric does. Since fabric upholstery quickly absorbs pet odors, leather is the best option.

Looking For a Dog-Friendly Leather Couch?

In many cases, a dog owner may wonder whether a dog-friendly leather couch is appropriate for their dogs. There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend, and they love their owners without any reservation.

Additionally, dogs can be considered family members, and family room purchases such as the best leather couch should be made with their needs in mind. Leather offers several advantages over fabrics, such as its durability.

Many dogs owners are concerned that their dogs’ claws might damage leather furniture by puncturing the surface. However, genuine leather is exceptionally thick and tough, making it unlikely that claws will penetrate the material.

As real leather is thick and durable, it is less likely to tear than faux leather, which is thin and fragile. Animals are much more likely to rip through faux leather than fabric, and this is why real leather is a better choice than faux leather.

In most cases, the back color of the leather does not match its top color, so any scratch on the leather will be more obvious. Even though some leathers are tough to scratch, and leather can be scratched, so the color under the top color is crucial.

You can almost completely hide scratches on leather with a relatively even color between the front and back. Leathers like our lightly protected leather are designed to conceal scratches.

Select leathers that are highly protected or protective if you want to avoid this. They will constantly scratch with these leathers, which is the look you’re going for.

Can a Couch Be Dog-Proofed?

Check out this advice for dog-proofing your couches:

  • Protect your furniture from dogs by using covers.
  • You should keep your dog away from bare wood if he chews wood.
  • Make sure your furniture is made from dog-friendly materials.
  • You can reduce shedding by regularly grooming your dog.
  • Make sure that furniture and covers match your dog’s fur and coat.
  • Lastly, Make sure you buy quality dog bread.

Tips For Picking a Dog-Friendly Leather Couch

If you have the choice, go with genuine leather for your couch rather than fake leather because fake leather is thinner and more fragile. Even if it is more expensive, choosing the quality of leather you use for your couch is essential.

  • Ensure that the top and bottom colors of the leather couch are as similar as possible. This will make scratches less noticeable.
  • The best leather is heavily protected or protected rather than lightly protected. Some leathers, such as lightly covered leather couches, are designed to scratch easily.
  • At last, your dog will be very comfortable on a leather couch, and it will also protect it from being chewed upon by your pup. Additionally, leather couches can be kept clean by ensuring that pet hair, odors, and stains do not accumulate on them.

Frequently ask questions

Can dogs scratch leather couches?

The common belief is that pets’ claws will damage leather furniture. Fortunately, genuine leather is exceptionally thick and strong, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. Leather-like, these will scratch continuously, so you’ll see this in the finish.

Is a leather couch suitable for dogs?

The durability of leather makes it an excellent choice for pet owners looking for couches, covers, and pet beds. Leather gets better with age and can be used over and over again.

You don’t need to worry about maintaining leather, and you can choose from many different colors and prices – and it stays beautiful even if you have pets in the house.

Which material is suitable for a dog-friendly couch?

In general, microfiber offers many benefits to pet owners, no matter what type of animal they have. Microfiber is often referred to as microsuede. It is safe, easy to clean, extremely durable, and durable enough to last for many years.

Which fabric makes the best furniture for pets?

Canvas is a material that is easy to clean and withstands harsh weather conditions, and it is also easy to maintain.

Canvas is a woven material, so it is easy to clean, does not hold dirt, and is suitable for various uses. You can protect your furniture easily with canvas slipcovers.

Does leather hold dog odors?

If you teach your pets not to sit on the leather chairs, you can reduce the smell. Leather furniture covers are great for homes with pets since they are durable and easy to clean. The leather does absorb moisture, however, which leaves it smelling.


In the end, Leather couches are acceptable for dogs since they are durable, easy to clean, puncture-resistant, but not indestructible. Make sure your leather couch is well cared for to keep it long-lasting and beautiful.

You can remove the dog odor from your carpets, couches, and other pieces of furniture by cleaning these areas every day.

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