How to Make Memory Foam Expand Faster?

When you buy memory foam, it usually comes in a box and is compressed. The foam needs time to get into its actual shape.  

Memory Foam expands faster in warm temperatures. The heat helps the foam more malleable. Setting the room temperature high and letting it expand for at least 24 hours will allow it to expand 100%.

Different brands of foam have different instructions that you need to follow. Using any other method other than that listed below might damage the foam.  We will discuss different methods that are recommended by experts and companies that help in expanding memory foam faster. 

How Long Should I Let My Mattress Expand?

The rule of thumb is that it needs at least 24 hours to expand and inflate, but this can vary depending on the type of mattress. For example, memory foam mattresses often take less time than conventional mattresses. In comparison, airbeds may need more time before being ready for use.

You can measure the amount of time it takes for a mattress to ultimately expand using a ruler and measure the height it gains after 24 hours. If it matches the height claimed by the company, your mattress is fully expanded. 

But for convenience, this is not necessary. It is common for a brand new mattress to get in the initial shape of the item immediately after it has been delivered. 

So if you aim for maximum comfort and can afford to wait for a little while before using your new mattress, leaving it at least 12 hours before using it is ideal. 

How to Make Memory Foam Topper Expand Faster

How to Make Memory Foam Topper Expand Faster

Memory foam topper expansion is essential for ensuring quality sleep and getting the rest you need. However, any DIY methods to speed up its expansion can ruin the foam, affecting your comfort and sleep. 

But with standard mattresses, the mattress always gets to its set size before your memory foam top layer has fully expanded and settled into its final shape. 

So you may be wondering why your memory foam topper doesn’t feel comfortable on your body, and you may be wondering what can be done about it.

The expansion of a new memory foam topper is not quick. It usually takes 1-3 days for the memory foam to expand after being placed entirely on a mattress. 

Even though you bought a new, expensive memory foam mattress, it is recommended that you allow for extra space between the top layer and the mattress itself. 

If you have money to spend, it is worth spending on an extra inch of high-quality memory foam around the edge of your mattress. This will ensure that your memory foam expands evenly (with less chance of pressure points).

Use Bed Skirts

make memory foam expand faster

Using a bed skirt might be a helpful solution to the problem. A bed skirt is a type of fabric, usually with a ruffled edge, placed over the mattress and helps hide the space between the mattress and the closet edge. 

This ensures that your memory foam has as much space to expand before it reaches the end of its growth process. You can also use pillows to fill this gap and create more of a “head-space.”

Room Temperature

Increasing the room temperature to a warmer setting can help expand the mattress faster. The foam molecules will absorb the heat, and the energy will reduce the expansion time to a certain extent. 

Increasing the room temperature usually reduces the time anywhere from 4-to 8 hours, depending on the type of foam and its hardness level. Ensure the mattress cools down after its expansion before using it. 

The Smell of New Memory Foam

You’re also going to have to allow time for the smell of a new mattress to dissipate, which is particularly relevant if you have been provided with an airbed. 

The smell of a new mattress can be unpleasant, especially if it comes from a foam mattress. Still, the odor should disappear from the bedroom after several days. 

Please note that there is a difference between the smell of plastic and foam and the smell of chemicals, so do not worry about your mattress being unsafe to sleep on simply because it has an odd odor when it first arrives. 

It’s good to know that there are non-chemical ways you can help your new memory foam mattress get rid of its weird plastic /rubber odor.

Final Verdict

Memory foams are expensive, and they are designed to relax orthopedic muscles like the lower back, shoulder joints, and other muscles that collect lactic acid if we strain them. 

Using any DIY methods to reduce the expansion time of the foam can affect its performance. It may make the mattress more hard/soft than usual. It is better to give ample time for the foam to expand. 

You can use a bed skirt or increase the room’s temperature so that the foam can expand to its entire shape. But if you think putting any weight or using any chemicals on the edges of the mattress will help, you are wrong. 

Instead, using these two tips can help expand the foam, as these methods are tried and tested by many mattress companies. 

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