7 Methods To Remove Black Urine Stains From Hardwood Floor?

Owning a pet is a wonderful feeling, but seeing their pee on the floor is frustrating. 

Moreover, seeing their pee absorbed in the hardware floor and causing a black stain and an awful odor is even more unpleasant.

But you need to worry because there are many methods by which you can remove the urine stain from your hardware floor. 

Homemade and store-bought solutions both work fine in this case. Fortunately, the homemade solutions are easy to make, and the ingredients are already present in your home. To clean the floor, you can use soap, baking soda, Vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, enzyme cleaner, and grapefruit oil.

How To Remove Black Urine Stains From Hardwood Floor

1- Use Soap And Vinegar

You will need Vinegar, dishwashing soap/soap, water, and clothes.

It is a very effective method for removing urine stains from hardwood floors. Using soap or even dishwashing soap in the cleaning solution will help break down the grease 

It will ensure the removal of the last traces of urine. You need to keep the ratio of 75% of dish soap and 25% of Vinegar.

Then, add warm water and scrub the stain with a wet rag already soaked in the solution.

When scrubbing, grab another clean rag to wash out the soap from the floor.

2- Use Baking Soda

You will need Baking soda, a clean cloth, and water.

If you are a cleaning freak, then you must know how wonderful the ingredient baking soda is in cleaning.

In the same way, it proves to be a helpful ingredient in cleaning urine stains from hardwood floors.

Urine is slightly acidic; therefore, baking soda breaks down the acids present in urine and removes moisture and its odors.

If the area with urine stain is damp, you won’t need to make a baking soda paste. But if the area is not humid, you’ll need to make a paste with water. 

Once the paste is made, it is time to scrub it over the stain and let it dry for some minutes before wiping or vacuuming.

3- Use Hydrogen Peroxide

You will need: Hydrogen Peroxide, Cleaning Clothes, water containing spray bottle.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best chemicals for removing stains. Make sure to dilute the peroxide with water and spray it all over the area.

Then allow it to soak for at least 20 minutes. Once it is soaked, clean it with a damp towel or cloth.

You will get a shiny floor when you clean it because hydrogen peroxide is great at removing urine stains without damaging the hardwood floor.

4- Enzyme Cleaner

You will need Enzyme cleaner, water, and a clean cloth.

There are many cleaners on the market, one of which are enzyme-based cleaners that use natural or synthetic enzymes to break down tough stains.

Moreover, enzyme cleaners are specifically made for pet urine to break down the odors and stains with minimal damage to the floor.

If the home cleaners don’t work, we recommend you to get an enzyme cleaner which can be a little expensive but cheap overall.

5- Grapefruit Oil And Vinegar

Things you will need: spray bottle, cleaning cloth, Vinegar, grapefruit essential oils 

Vinegar is an acid and is a wonderful thing to use for cleaning purposes, especially stains. Although Vinegar won’t neutralize the urine as it is an acid, it will surely remove the black urine stains.

Grapefruit has natural antiseptic properties; therefore, a few drops of grapefruit essential oils will help the cleaning more effectively. Likewise, the smell of grapefruit or other citrus oils is usually repellent to dogs, cats, and other pets; hence it is less likely to urinate again.

6- Bleach

You will need bleach and a cleaning cloth.

As you know, bleach is mostly used to lighten the dark stains; therefore, it proves to be a helping hand in removing dark urine stains from hardwood floors.

Rub some amount of bleach on the stain and wait till it dries. Apply another layer of bleach and keep it there for a day.

If you notice that the bleach has lightened the dark stain, you can bleach a few more times.

But you need to be careful while bleaching your floor repeatedly as it can be harsh and damage the floor.

The bleach also might interact with fresh urine and create fumes; therefore, you need to be careful.

7- Refinish The Floor

You will need: sandpaper, wood stain, and sealant

If the stain has been absorbed deeply in the floor, there is no solution to the problem except to remove the finish.

To strip the finish, use rough sandpaper and fine-grain sandpaper to smooth out the floor.

Be careful not to sand too deeply because you will be left with a divot. Once you are done with sanding, it’s time to refinish and reseal the floor.

One con of this method is that finding the perfect stain can be difficult. Also, if the odors are too deep in the wood/floor, this method might not remove it.

How To Prevent Black Urine Stains From Hardwood Floors

Prevent Black Urine Stains From Hardwood Floors

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, there are some steps you can take to save yourself, your time, and your money from getting wasted on cleaning the urine stains.

Train Your Pet To Pee In A Litter Box

Training your pet to pee in a litter box is the most effective yet basic way to prevent urine stains on your floor.

Although it is not easy to train your pets to pee in litter boxes and takes time too, once they are trained, you will be relieved.

Make Sure There Are Rugs Nearby The Litter Box

Learning is a slow process, especially for pets. That’s why you should keep a rug near the litter box.

It is important because your pet might sometimes mistakenly pee on the floor rather than in the litter box.

If you have a carpet nearby, the pee will be absorbed in it, and you will only need to wash the rug/carpet.

Consider it a prudent step to save your floor and let the carpet be a savior.

Clean The Pee Quickly

Another prevention for keeping your hardware floor from urine stains is to clean your pet’s pee quickly.

If you feel lazy and leave the cleaning for later, the urine will dry and even get absorbed inside the floor.

It will cause stubborn black stains that are difficult to remove and an unpleasant odor that is even more difficult to remove.


Cleaning the dark urine stains off your floor is extremely difficult, especially when it’s absorbed inside the floor.

But by using the remedies discussed above, you can easily get rid of the problem. Whether it be Vinegar or baking soda, both are the best choices for removing stains.

Similarly, bleach and store-bought enzyme cleanser won’t disappoint you either.

Although the remedies are pretty helpful, it would be better to take some precautionary steps beforehand instead of trying remedies.

So that you don’t have to encounter any urine stain or odor on your hardwood floor.

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