Replace Bed Slats With Plywood: Easy Steps!

Half of your personality depends upon how you decorate your room. Your room interior, like your bed design or anything, shows what kind of styles you love. So, the point is that you have to choose your bed or room design wisely.

While you’re choosing your best type of mattress, don’t forget to choose the best style of bed for you. Your mattress durability depends upon the base of your bed.

Also, before choosing the base of your bed, choose wisely whether you want a slated base or plywood. One common thing in bed slats and plywood is they both don’t support the air circulation on your bed. If your bed slates are making any, then you should change them. If you want something new, you should replace your bed slats with plywood. 

Most people don’t know what is best for them. You can also consult someone to get an idea, but the choice is all yours. If you have decided to replace your bed slate with plywood, you should go for it. Some people don’t know how to replace your bed slates, and if you’re one of them, you’re at the right place to know the answer.

Difference Between Slate and Plywood:


Slat is the most popular choice for beds that comes in many varieties. Bed slates can level up the nature of your bed. People mostly prefer bed slates because it gives their bed and room a dynamic look, and the mattress stays thick, so your back won’t hurt while sleeping.

Besides this, your mattress can adjust easily without any box spring on your bed slate.


People consider plywood an old-fashioned style, but plywood bed is more comfortable and reliable than bed slates as we all know that old designed things last longer than newly designed things. This solid platform gives you more comfort and works better than slatted beds. Box spring isn’t needed for these kinds of beds.

Plywood is a solid surface on which you can rest your mattress, and it won’t lower down while sleeping, so you can sleep peacefully on it without getting any pains in your body.

Plywood is less flexible and a bit hard too. If you need a soft surface for sleep, you should consult a doctor first because those with lower back pain can face problems while sleeping on a plywood bed.

Can You Replace Bed Slats With Plywood?

Plywood beds are like solid surfaces and are a little bit thick too. If your bed comprises a solid surface, then a plywood bed will work better on it than slatted bed designs.

You can replace your slatted bed with a plywood bed. Before replacing your slatted bed, makes sure you have consulted your doctor first if you have any problems like back pain or any problem in your bones.

How To Replace Bed Slats With Plywood?

To replace your bed slats with plywood, all you have to it is as follows:

  1. First, you need to remove the mattress and all beddings from your bed.
  2. Remove all the screws from the corners of the bed, then remove the slates of the bed carefully.
  3. Visit your local hardware store and purchase suitable plywood for your bed.
  4. You can bring plywood to your home through any possible method.
  5. Measure the length and width of your bed frame and cut the plywood according to its measurements.
  6. Carefully adjust the plywood on your bed’s frame and tighten it up with screws.
  7. Make sure that all the sides are tightening up, and your plywood is adjusted finely on your bed.
  8. Adjust all the beddings and mattress back on your bed.

Here is your new bed, all set to be used. It will enhance the beauty of your bed, and you can sleep on it all day without having any back or body pain.

Pros and cons of plywood bed:


Plywood is made up of solid wood surface that is good for your body. Plywood supports all the areas of your mattress. Plywood works as an aid while you are sleeping for your back and is more firm than slatted beds.


The plywood bed has a few cons too. It can firm up your mattress. If you’re willing to sleep on a soft surface, it isn’t suitable for you because it will not give you peaceful sleep.

If you have lower back pain or any pain in your bones and your doctor has asked you to sleep on a soft surface, you should avoid sleeping on a plywood bed surface.

Pros and cons of slated bed:


If you have a slated bed, you can put any weight on it. They work as great support for your back. If you want to sleep on a soft surface, then a slated bed is perfect.


People think slated beds only have pros, but besides these all comfort, they have many cons. Bed slates don’t support all kinds of bed types. The slatted bed is unable to support dense areas of the mattress.

Does plywood or bed slates affects the life of the mattress?

These bases might be hard to choose, but while selecting suitable bases for your bed, we probably forget to think about our mattress. These bases can affect the life of your mattress, so while choosing a good base for your bed, keep in mind if it is also suitable for your mattress.

Slate beds will go for spring-based mattresses, while plywood will go for dense foam mattresses. These are some key points that you should keep in mind while choosing the base for your bed. Selecting the base according to the nature of your mattress will last longer and will be a good investment. Moreover, there are a lot of care tips to make your mattress last longer.

When choosing any mattress or base for your bed, keep in mind that selecting the low-quality material can affect your sleep and waste money.

So, while buying plywood, Slate or mattress, always choose high-quality material. Spending money and buying a good quality product will give you more peaceful sleep than buying a low-quality product and saving money.

Do they affect our sleeping experience?

Yes, this mattress or base has a big impact on your sleeping experience. Using a less comfortable material will not allow you to sleep peacefully, and you will wake up in the morning with different body pains. Are you confused about which will give you comfortable sleep, bed slate or plywood? It’s totally up to you.

The answer to this question varies from person to person. To experience the sleep on these bases, you can try them at any store to see which type of base is best for you and which one gives you more comfort.

The verdict:

Replacing any bed surface with plywood isn’t a difficult procedure; you can easily do it at home. Choosing a plywood bed surface is a good choice, too, because it is more reliable than any other bed surface. You can easily switch to a plywood bed surface because all you need is comfort.

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