Should The Shower Curtain Be Inside The Tub?

A classic kind of bathtub brings your bathroom interior design on another good level. The royal look will make you want to relax and have some good warm times.

Clawfoot tub showers are trending, which gives your bathroom a vintage look. They can be fixed anywhere in your bathroom. Turning it into a shower, your tub will need a curtain.

Bathroom shower curtains can be of different sizes. For a shower clawfoot tub, you need to have a medium-sized curtain because the tub is freestanding.

The fabric shower curtain sounds more suitable for the bathroom. The curtain should be durable and of good fabric because it’s an essential element of your bathroom.

People often sometimes get confused about where the curtain should be? Inside the tub or outside the tub? Let’s discuss this matter and make your problem more manageable.

Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside or Outside The Tub?

Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside or Outside The Tub?

A shower curtain plays a very important role in protecting your bathroom tiles. They give your bathroom a welcoming look. People have been arguing for ages about hanging curtains inside or outside.

Shower curtain hooks should be made up of steel so that they won’t break. The shower curtain goes well outside the tub. There are many more reasons discussed to clarify why shower curtains should be outside:

  • It will take care of your privacy.
  • Putting it outside looks elegant and gives a decorative look
  • Putting it outside will be easy for you to grab the curtain from any end.

Which Side Of The Shower Curtain Goes Inside?

You can put the lower side of the shower curtain inside. Make sure to put it outside when you’re about to start. Putting it inside while taking a bath might make it wet.

You can put the whole shower curtain inside when you’re just starting up. Usually, it is made to put outside because it’s the key to the beauty of your bathroom.

How Far Into The Tub Should A Shower Curtain Hang? 

Your shower curtain shouldn’t be too long. It should be of medium size. The average length of a shower curtain is 72 inches.

People think a shower curtain touching a floor would give their tub an aesthetic look, but it might make you fall. To keep them clean, you should keep them off the floor.

You can put it inside when it’s wet, but you should put it outside after it is dried up because you want your bathroom to look beautiful.

Should The Shower Curtain Touch The Floor?

It’s all depends upon your choice. People found it fashionable that your shower curtain was touching the floor. This will cause accidents, or you might fall.

It might look aesthetically nice but keeping it off the floor is much better. If your bathtub is a bit dirty or old, then you should make it touch the floor.

Shower Curtain VS Shower Liner; What Is The Difference?

Shower curtain VS Shower Liner

A shower curtain or liner shower curtain might have a slight difference. Usually, shower curtains are to be hung outside the tub, and shower liners inside the tub.

The shower liner can be used without any curtain, but it doesn’t look much attractive as a shower curtain. Usually, they are available at affordable prices but have more cons than pros.

Shower curtains are a bit expensive, but they should be put outside, so they don’t get wet. They are your privacy partner because they don’t let anyone look inside.

Shower liners are made up of thin fabric, while shower curtains are made up of thick fabric. Shower liners don’t need anything, while shower curtains require liners.

Where Do You Hang A Shower Curtain?

Take a shower curtain rod according to the size of your bathtub. Fix it around your tub. Make sure to keep the height high because our curtain should be off the floor.

Hang your shower curtain on rods with the help of curtain hooks. If your tiles are old, you can keep them a bit low to hide the ugly tiles. Keeping it high will give the ceiling a more elevated look.

You can also buy a readymade rod available in markets with different, more reliable sizes than the ones you fix at home.

1- Measure and mark the area

Take a measuring tape to mark the area; also measure your curtain and cut the rode according to the size of the tub and curtain.

Your rods should be according to the size of the bath and the tub. You can put a mark on the areas, which will make it easier for you to fix them in the right place.

2- Hang the curtain rod

When you’re done with marking, and measurements take the rod and fix them on the marks. Fix them carefully to avoid any problems.

After fixing the rods, hang the curtain hooks. You can use hooks of different shapes and sizes according to the color and design of your shower curtains.

3- Shower Curtain Etiquette

Different kind of things is involved in shower curtain etiquette:

  • Put the shower curtain inside while you’re taking a bath.
  • Please don’t pull the curtain immediately; otherwise, it may put a hole in it.
  • Close the curtain after taking a bath so it may dry.
  • Take all the shampoo and body wash bottles out with you to avoid any dirtiness.

Is A Fabric Or Plastic Shower Liner Better?

A wise decision is to get a washable shower liner. A fabric shower liner would be great to use. It is easy to take it off and wash it.

It would be best if you were looking for a suitable fabric. The plastic liner isn’t easy to wash. So better look for a piece of cloth rather than plastic. The plastic liner might be a pain because it can’t be easily washed off.

How Often Should You Replace Your Shower Curtain Liner?

People often use fabric shower curtain liners, so you can’t keep a piece of fabric for a year. A shower curtain liner should be replaced after six months.

Humidity might make it more ugly, so your shower curtain liner won’t last forever.

Shower Curtain Designs

You can hang two to three shower curtains of different designs. Using different colors is a good option. This will give your bathroom a cool look, and you can have a relaxing shower in different colors.

They are available in different patterns like stars, kines, hearts, clouds, or fish. Using black and white curtains is also trending. It gives your bathroom a simple look.

Funky Shower Curtains

People who love funky designs would love to have waterfall shower curtains. This sweet and cute design will give your bathroom an elegant look.

Scenery shower curtains will be excellent. A curtain with a beachy look or some mountains in the clouds might be eye-catching for people.

Shower Curtain Hacks You Want To Know

Shower Curtain Hacks You Want To Know

Here are some fantastic shower curtain hacks you want to know and share with your friends:

  1. Do you want to prevent mildew problems in your shower curtains? Use a zig-zag scissor to cut them from the lower side and make it super perfect for yourself.
  2. Add two cups of salt in warm water, then put your curtain in it to wash, and it’s going to prevent all the mold and mildew problems of your shower.
  3. Use something instead of plastic for rings. Get your shower curtain metallic rings painted with metal color, or buy some great ribbons to hang your curtain to make it look elegant.
  4. You can use window curtains to make it look some extra classy.
  5. Give your bathroom a colorful look by hanging three to four different curtains and bringing the rainbow in the bathroom.
  6. Bring a high-quality fabric and some beautiful ribbons to make your shower curtain. Add some frills and multi ribbons to show up your styles.

These hacks will make everyone ask you about the beauty and elegant look of your bathroom.

Some Pros Of Shower Curtains

The shower curtain gives your bathroom a warm look. Using a fabric curtain looks softer because your bathroom also needs to look some softy.

When you’re using some curved and colorful shower curtains so this might change your bad mood immediately when you’re having a bath.

The shower curtain takes less space and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while you’re having a bath. It also enhances the beauty of your bathroom entrance.

Keeping the curtains inside after bathing will save your bathroom from flooding.

Is It Necessary To Buy a Curved Shower Curtain?

It isn’t essential to buy a curved shower curtain; you can buy a plain one. Having a simple shower curtain might be a bit problematic.

Curves free shower curtain would be hard if you want to put your curtain on one side. It will give the bathroom a bit strange look.

A curved shower curtain is a good option; you can quickly put it on one side, and it’s flexible too that can be moved anywhere and looks fine.

Final thoughts

In the end, shower curtains will bring a glow-up into your bathroom. Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you cannot have a decorative bathtub.

The curtains will not only make it decorative but also make it warm and relaxing.

Keeping the shower curtain inside will not let water make your floor slippery, but after it’s dried up, you can put it outside to enhance the beauty.

So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest shops and grab your favorite shower curtains.

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