Best Shower Base For Tile Walls: 5 Types!

Building a place for showers requires ultimate creativity and making the right choices at the right time. A shower place must be comfortable in size, have a Best Shower Base and walls, and be durable.

The price factor also matters as costly shower places may be heavy on your pocket. A perfect shower base for tile walls is durable and adaptable and with the best price and size.

In this article, I will share some best shower bases for tile walls. 

So let’s get started

Best Shower Base For Tile Walls

1- Ready-To-Tile Shower Base

A ready-to-tile Best Shower Base is a base that is a closed-cell unit made of lightweight Styrofoam. This shower base is ready to use, and you need to fix it in the right place. The best part about this ready-to-tile is that you don’t need to worry about the water damage as this shower pan is waterproof. 

Additionally, this Best Shower Base is extremely lightweight. Hence, you can relocate it wherever you want, whenever you want. This shower pan is pocket friendly, which means you can afford and install it. However, the cost of tiles may be higher and depends on the quality and design of the tiles. 

Advantages Of Ready To Tile Shower Base 

Ready To Tile Shower Base 

The advantages of ready-to-tile shower pans are that they are lightweight. The base is a lightweight material and is easy to install and carry anywhere quickly. 

Secondly, the base is pocket friendly and durable. Since it’s lightweight, you might be thinking that it will not be durable enough, but it is. The ready-to-tile base is friendly to your budget and durable. However, the costs of tiles and their installment are high to pocket. 

Lastly, you can use any tile with this base. You can use any tile of any shape, size, design, and color.

2- KBRS Shower Systems

KBRS is a reputable company in the United States, and they supply a range of high-quality shower bases. The best thing about their Best Shower Base is that they produce leak-free shower bases with high-quality material used and complete durability. 

The company makes sure that they provide the best size shower bases. Also, they have an option for the customizable size of shower bases, so if you are looking for a large shower base, this option might be best for you. 


The company enjoys the benefit of customizable shower bases and making shower bases in various sizes. No or fewer companies produce different-sized shower pans as they stick to one standard size. 

If you have a large and odd-shaped customized shower area, then KBRS bases are the best choice. The company makes sure to supply you with the perfect and fit shower base. 

KBRS uses either liquid applied waterproofing or bonded sheet applied waterproofing membrane to ensure that shower bases do not leak during installation.

3- Tile Redi Shower Base 

Tile Redi is a company making ready-to-tile shower pans in various sizes. The company makes sure that you find the right size shower base for your shower and that too durable and completely waterproof.

Since the shower bases of Tile Redi are waterproof, there will be no water leakage, nor will you need any sealant. 

The bases are all made so that they are easily installed in the home. The bases are correctly pitched slant so that you don’t need to do anything except install it. 

Additionally, the Tile Redi bases have a PVC drain and chrome plate in them so that the water drains out easily. It comes with a three-year warranty. You don’t need to worry about what shower base will be best for your shower area. 

However, a con of this shower pan is that it’s relatively high in price than other shower bases.

4- Dream Line Slimline 36” X 36” 

Dream Line Slimline

Dream Line produces these Best Shower Base with a central drain with a single threshold. It is noted that dream Line products are well known for their durability. One of the advantages of this Best Shower Base from Dream Line has that it has fiberglass-reinforced into it. 

Its edges allow it to sit into place under the tiles perfectly. The best part about this feature is that it enables you to create a shower with tiled walls. 


If you have tiles installed on walls and think of a Best Shower Base, this product is best for you. With Dream Line Slimline shower base, you’ll be able to tackle some serious accidents as it has a great slip-free surface. Say goodbye to any shower accidents. 

The Dream Line has been successful in creating a durable Best Shower Base. You might be thinking that it must be costly. No! The Dream line slimline is also a pocket-friendly shower pan. 

5- Use Fiberglass Or Crylic Pans

If you have tiles installed on walls, you can use fiberglass or matching acrylic shower bases. It’s not only beautiful but common too. Moreover, using fiberglass or acrylic Best Shower Base can save you money from the cost of tile work. 

Additionally, using this option enables you to enjoy two benefits. On the one hand, you will have tiles installed on a wall, and on the other hand, you will have an acrylic or fiberglass shower base.  

However, it is noted that you cannot install tile farther down and over the shower base.

Advantages Of Tiled Shower Wall

Firstly, tiles on shower walls enable your shower place to look beautiful and depict a personalized look. 

Other than this, it also has a higher resale value. If you need to sell the tiles walls by chance, you will not have to worry as it has high resale value; thus, it won’t be an issue. 

Disadvantages Of Using Tiled Shower Walls 

It is said that an expert is required to install tiles on shower walls, as it requires expertise to install these. Therefore, you may incur an extra cost to install these tiles as it is difficult for a normal person to get them on shower walls. 

 Secondly, there is a great possibility that water will enter behind the walls, damaging the tiles and causing a loss of money.  


There are many shower base products or techniques you can use for your shower base. Some are cheaper and easier to install, and others are relatively expensive and require an expert’s help to install. 

 The shower base is not a problem, but choosing the right shower base product for your shower space is, especially when you have tiles on your shower walls. Tiles on shower walls can be a good idea and a bad one. It has its advantages and disadvantages. 

The above products are the best shower bases that suit the best-tiled shower walls. Using fiberglass or acrylics as a shower base has an advantage over the other products as it’s easier to use, install, clean, and remove. 

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