Things To Put Under Couch Cushions To Avoid Sagging

Adding new life to the couch is fun and breathtaking. Placing a few things under the couch will now make it comfortable but also prevent sagging. 

You might have noticed sinking or sagging cushions that make you feel bad. But dealing with such a couch is crucial. A couch in bad condition is a disappointing thing, and you can’t serve your guest on it. It also degrades the value of our home. 

But there are many things and tactics that you can follow to add new life to your couch. The first and major problem in couches is sinking cushions and sagging; you can avoid these issues by putting a few things under the couch. So you need a few DIY skills to make your sofa look new. 

So let’s get into it!

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Things To Put Under Couch To Add New Life Into It

Before discussing a solution, you need to find out where your couch is lacking. Because sometimes the problem is in the couch frame, and for such a problem you need technical skills. 

And if the problem is sagging or skinning of cushions, it can be solved by adding a few things under the couch. Here are some solutions that might solve your problem. 

1- Refill The Cushions

Sometimes the fiberfill inside the cushions becomes too old and starts sinking. Sinking cushions look miserable and feel uncomfortable. You can’t sit on such couches for long because it causes back and hips pain. 

But luckily, you can solve the sinking problem by refilling the cushions with fiber. It’s recommended to use polyester blended with cotton because it’s cheaper, and secondly, it is comfortable. 

Add too much fiber to your cushions, so there will be no space left, making cushions firm and staying stable. You can also add buttons to make your cushions more firm.

2- Use a Plywood sheet under the couch 

Things To Put Under Couch

If your couch looks awful or has lost its value, then you can give it new life by adding a plywood sheet. Plywood is a thin layer of wood placed under the sofas and couches to make them more firm. 

Before buying any plywood sheet, remove the cushions from the couch and measure its dimensions. You have to buy a plywood sheet according to your couch dimensions. 

You can also cut the plywood so that it fits perfectly in the frame. Once plywood fits correctly, you can apply a layer of duct tape on areas in front of the frame, which will make the sheet more stable.

The plywood sheet is not very comfortable. Instead, it reshapes the couch’s frame, but it’s better than being sucked into your sofa. For a more comfortable experience, you can go with Laminate Deluxe Cushion Seat Savers.

3- Flipping The Cushions

what to put under couch to avoid sagging

Flipping or rotating cushions is one of the convenient ways to solve the sagging issue. Sometimes the uneven distribution of weight around cushions can cause sagging. You might notice some parts of the couch sink while others don’t.

So if you have a sectional sofa, you can flip them or rotate them to reduce the sagging problem. If your sofa condition is too bad, flip the cushion once a day; otherwise, flipping a week is recommended. 

Another technique you can use to deal with such cushions is to lay them on the floor and walk over them so that fiber filling divides equally in all directions. If the cushion doesn’t feel firm, add more fiber filling it in, and again walk on cushions. 

4- Insert New Foam

Inserting new foam on the couch will also make it more valuable. If you feel more comfortable, you can use polyurethane, as it is firm and stays stable for a long time. You can also buy inserts with the exact dimensions of your cushions.

But once you insert foam in your couch, this will lose its integrity, and over time you might need to get some new foam. 

Before inserting new foam, first, remove the old one. You can also reshape or cut the new foam so it can fit perfectly in the frame. Once done, zip the cushions back and enjoy the comfortable experience. 

5- Seat Savers

For saggy cushions, this is a more convenient way. You need a few DIY skills to set your couch via seat savers.

Laminate supports are considered seat savers that you can use under your couch cushions. It will prevent the cushion from sagging and make the base more firm. 

Compared to the standard cushions, seat savers support more weight and increase the life span of your couch. You might wonder how these seat savers increase the life span of my couch. Well, these seats protect the springs from absorbing too much pressure. And when the couch spring is in its correct shape, you don’t need to worry about your couch. 

Laminate supports not only add value to your couch but also make you more comfortable. When you sit on a stable base couch, it will automatically correct your posture and reduce back and hip pain. 

6- New Springs

Springs are pillar parts in any couch that provides the couch’s support, elasticity, and correct structure. In short, they act as shock absorbers and make you comfortable. And if the springs in your couch lose their elasticity, then you have to pay serious attention to them.

If you have an old couch, then chances are higher that spring wears out.

Just flipping cushions or refilling cushions can’t solve your problem. In such conditions, you have to replace the old springs with new ones. Springs are inexpensive and easy to replace. You can also use some video guides to replace your couch’s spring.

Reasons That Cause Sagging or Sinking of Couch

Reasons That Cause Sagging or Sinking of Couch

Sagging is a big problem that degrades the value of your couch. There are a lot of factors that cause sagging, and you quickly identify and address these reasons.

1- The Wood Frame

Before taking any action against sagging couch cushions, make sure to check the frame of the couch. If the frame is broken from any side, it will cause cushions to sag. And in such cases, you must repair the structure instead of only replacing the cushions.

If you have technical skills, you can easily adjust the frame of your couch; otherwise, this problem needs a professional to be addressed.

2- Springs

After a wood frame, springs are essential for any couch that supports the entire weight and makes cushions in place.

And if springs lose their elasticity or are broken, it will cause cushions to sag. Most of the couches use woven webbing that supports the pillows, and with time these webbings lose their shape and start to sag.

So before putting anything under a saggy couch, make sure to check the spring or webbings. If you have found any broken spring, just replace it with a new one. Or you can also hire any professional to do the task more effectively.

3- Foam Quality

A poor foam quality also causes sagging or sinking of the couch. Foam quality also affects the comfort level. So if your couch foam loses its quality or becomes too old, then you can change the foam. 

Just unzip the cushions and replace the foam with the new one. Then zip the pillows and put them on the couch. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you found some valuable things in this guide. Before taking any action against sagging, first, find out what is the issue that causes sagging. Once you have identified the cause, then it will be easy for you to address it. 

You can put different things under the couch to add new life into it, but it all depends on your couch, its nature, and the cause of sagging.


How to keep couch cushions from sinking?

To avoid cushions from sinking, you can restuff the cushions, cinch the cushions, add any plywood layer, repairing the webbing. But first, I have to identify the cause of sagging, and then it will be easy to address that cause.

How can I make the couch cushions firmer?

To make couch cushions firmer, fill enough poly fiber in them. You can also use buttons at the center of cushions to allow poly fiber to spread all over the cushions.

How can I keep cushions from sliding?

Add a non-slip rubber underlay under the cushions to avoid sliding.

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