Why do my Bed Sheets Feel Damp? Quick Fixes!

There are many reasons why your bed sheets feel damp, it may be due to condensation or too much humidity, or there might be too much airflow. It becomes a common problem in the winter months as it is cold, you continuously need to open-air vents for airflow. 

It happens in areas where no ventilation is present or too much moisture. But there can be some other reasons as well. 

Why is my Bedsheet feeling Damp?

Condensation is the leading cause of a bedsheet feeling damp and having moisture on the Bed Sheet. As warm air will combine with cold air within a short time and generate condensation.  

The quick solution is to open doors and let fresh air flow in and balance the temperature. The fresh and moist air will mix and balance the temperature as you know that cold air can not hold water very well. So it will result in a moist and less airy room that can give a suffocation feeling. 

Is a Damp Bed Sheet Dangerous?

Is a Damp Bed Sheet Dangerous

Suppose you ignore and keep the routine for a long time. In that case, it can be dangerous for you and your loved ones as there is constant dampness in the room, resulting in inhaling mold fragments or spores that can inflame in the nasal and airways of your body. 

If the exposure is prolonged and not cured quickly, the results can be dangerous. You can suffer from affected lung function, chronic health problems, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems. 

Here is a quick solution to prevent these diseases from spreading to yourself and your loved ones living in the house

  • Take out any soft toys or soft furnishings that are present in the room lately
  • Take a bucket of fresh and clean water with some mild detergent solution. Start washing up the nook and cranny of the room until it smells fresh and has no foul smell.

Why Does My Bed Feel Damp After a Party?

This is an easy answer to why it feels damp after a party. There were too many people in the room. This results in too many warm bodies interacting in a small area resulting in the release of sweat and moisture. 

Sweat takes place as well. If there is no ventilation, you will suddenly feel hot in the room and need to turn on the air conditioner or open windows for some fresh airflow. 

What Happens If I Sleep On a Damp Bed?

Sleep On a Damp Bed

Sleeping on a bed once or twice is okay, but sleeping regularly without knowing the consequences can be dangerous. As their spores can affect the person’s respiratory system and cause flu or cold. 

The worst-case scenario can lead to unusual hospital visits with issues like bronchitis or even asthma.

How To Stop Your Bed From Getting Damp?

There are a lot of ways that can help in solving these issues. Let’s take a look at them:

1- Use Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will suck all the moisture and micro water particles present in the air. It helps in eliminating dampness and mold from bed sheet.

Generally, 24-36 hours are needed in each room for effective results. Dehumidifiers are also good if your room does have any ventilation and gets hot very quickly. 

2- Dry your bedsheets completely

You already know why you should dry your clothes, and you should do the same with your linens. So you won’t have any problems drying these items when it’s windy or sunny.

Perhaps the best option is to invest in a machine dryer; it will undoubtedly help remove dampness from your bedsheets. 

3- Use Air Conditioning (AC)

You can always use your air conditioning to avoid sweating at night. It’s also the most effective way to create a breeze in the room. I’m sure you’ll be able to dry your damp Bed as simply as possible.

4- Use Bleach to remove dampness

Using bleach while washing your bed sheet can help in eliminating the dampness and any mold present in fabric.

But it is important to remember that bleach can fade and even discolor the fabric original color. So, it is important to test spot some areas and make sure that it doesn’t fade the actual color of the bed sheet. 

If the test passes, wash the sheet separately in the machine with normal detergent and one cup of bleach. Make sure to dry the bed sheet completely by using 1 or 2 rounds of dryer. Make sure no dampness is left in the sheet. You can leave it in direct sunlight as well. 

5- Use your Hairdryer (Warm Setting)

If there is only a little moist area, this solution will work. After that, all you have to do is turn it on to a warm setting. Then point it in the direction of the damp spot. That’s all there is to it, my friends.


We have discussed almost everything that is causing this issue and making your bed sheet damp. Although it is dangerous, it can help cool your body down quickly. But indeed, it is not the right approach to cool down your body temperature as it can get you into many deadly diseases. 

It is better to use any of the suggested solutions to eliminate dampness from your room and make it feel fresh and clean again. 

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