Why Is My Dog Scratching The Carpet?

Dogs scratch the carpet because of their inherited burrowing instinct. Dogs want to feel safe and comfortable while sleeping, so they will scratch and dig the carpet to create a cozy sleeping area for the night. 

Your dog may also be digging into the carpet because of anxiety. 

In the wild, dogs would scratch to make a nest in the ground for themselves. They’d ward off unwanted visitors by scratching. In addition, they mark their territory and protect themselves from other animals. 

Similarly, dogs in the house scratch the carpet because of their genetic trait, but there can also be other reasons. Below we have discussed the reasons and their solutions.

Why Does My Dog Scratch the Carpet Before Lying Down?

My Dog Scratching The Carpet

Some dogs always scratch the carpet or mat before lying down.Your dog will occasionally scratch on a rug or mat before lying down, so keep an eye out for this. There’s no need for you to be concerned about it.

It’s important to know that scratching is a natural behavior for many dogs. Dogs do it to release tension in their muscles because they have scent glands on their paws, which leave behind their odor. 

So when your dog scratches the ground before laying down, he is just marking his territory with his scent glands. This lets other dogs know that this spot belongs to him already, so they should not lay here.

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Started to Scratch the Carpet All of a Sudden

1- Allergies

A dog with allergies can suffer from a sort of itch-scratch cycle, especially in the springtime when pollen counts are high. Your dog could be scratching for relief or because he’s been stung by something outside and doesn’t know how to stop the itch.

In some cases, there may be something in your home that causes allergies for your dog, and they react by scratching the carpet or even the floor sometimes. 

2- Anxiety

As discussed before, anxiety is one of the most common issues. Dogs can get stressed out by thunderstorms, fireworks displays, moving to new homes, or any traumatic experience. They might scratch the carpet while they’re at it because it feels good to them.

3- Very Young Dogs

You don’t have to be a dog breeder to appreciate how a pup with little or no carpet-training experience might simply start to scratch. If your dog is too young, you just need to train your pup to stop scratching the carpet. 

4- Medical Problems

Dogs with skin conditions, allergies, and other symptoms scratch the carpet because they need your help to find relief from their discomforts. 

5- Fleas 

You may notice that your dog scratches the carpet more when you vacuum. But, if you ever see what looks like small black specks on their fur, it’s probably flea dirt. The flea droppings contain dried blood from the fleas sucking your pet dry.

7- Long Nails

Long nails can irritate a dog; if they aren’t clipped, they will try to deal with it themselves. This could explain why dogs scratch at carpets and doors all day, not just in the middle of the night. 

In addition, long nails can make walking uncomfortable and affect their posture. Finally, if left untreated, it can cause health and hygiene issues for your dog.

Why Do Female Dogs Scratch the Carpet?

Female dogs, in particular, tend to scratch a great deal around their respective genital area to let other canines know they are protected.

Female dogs are not uncommon to urinate on the carpet after scratching to indicate that she is likely in heat or has just been spayed. Male dogs do not urinate on the carpet unless they do so to mark their territory.

Female dogs also tend to scratch around their private areas, indicating their fertility. Female dogs will not react as negatively if another female dog is similarly scratching the same long 

as it is not in season for the dog to be pestered.

Male dogs can also be marked with urine on the carpet, usually when marking is done dominantly by the male dog with significant body weight. In contrast, females mark more subtly with small amounts of scent.

How to Stop a Dog From Scratching the Carpet at Night?

Your dog thinks that all of the holes are waiting to be made in your carpet, and you are completely exhausted from finding some ways to keep your dog away from the carpet. Here are some steps to stop a dog from scratching the carpet at night. 

Method 1 

Start playing with your pup and give him outlets to release his energy. For example, releasing a dog’s energy through walls or playtime might end those sudden urges to dig and instead make him plop his butt down and go to sleep when bored. 

Method 2

You can create your dog when you’re awake or sleeping. Crating always helps dogs that dig carpets out of separation anxiety or because they are bored at night out of trouble. 

Instead of locking your dog in a room if you need to keep him away from any suspicious men, place him in his crate.

Method 3 

You can look under chairs, beds, couches, and other furniture for dogs’ missing toys. Suppose any of, For example. Their favorite toys have gone missing under the couch. 

In that case, he might think the only way to get them back is by digging a hole or scratching the carpet.  

Method 4

Giving comfortable places for your dogs to rest, such as a dog bed or a pile of blankets, can reduce the risk of your dog scratching the carpet. 

Additionally, according to research, some dogs may try to dig a hole to lie in if the ground is too uncomfortable.

Method 5

If your dog tries to dig in the same carpet area every time and you can not stop him, an anti-biting and chewing spray may help. Try spraying the area lightly, and never try to spray it on your dog’s face. 

Is Dog Scratching Carpet Dangerous?

It is completely okay for your dog to scratch the carpet, and there is nothing to be worried about. Scratching carpets is an extinct dog, and your dog may be scratching your carpet due to certain reasons, which are discussed above. 

But suppose you see excessive scratching or abnormal behavior from the dog’s side. In that case, it is advised to visit an expert dog trainer. The trainer will guide you by giving home exercises that gradually improve your dog’s behavior. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my dog digging so frantically?

Dogs just like digging, which makes it a terrific stress-relieving activity. Numerous factors might cause this tension, but the two main ones for most active diggers are boredom and separation anxiety. Dogs left alone for an extended period without activities will frequently start digging.

Why does my dog use her back legs to scrape the carpet?

As the foot of wolves and other dog breeds include the glands. When a dog scratches the ground with their hind legs and feet, pheromones from these glands, which contain pheromones, are usually discharged. 

The area then absorbs the toxins that are released into the earth. This is often referred to as how a dog will mark its territory. 

Why does my dog itch in the corner of the room? 

Dogs like to scratch at walls, doors, and floors, dig in the ground or bite them in an effort to release stress because they have an innate desire to feel secure in their surroundings. 

This will occur when they become overly dependent on you and cannot manage to be alone for extended periods. 

Do dogs scratch the floor when they are in pain?

Yes, dogs have an instinctive need to feel certain about the environment they usually live in. As a result, they will try to relieve the stress by scratching at floors, and doors, digging, or biting them. 

This happens when they become too reliant on you and can not handle being left alone for hours in a row. 

Why is my dog constantly digging at nothing? 

Wild dogs usually dig holes for themselves to stay warm and safe. Because the dogs are inside pets, it is usually persistent and instinctual. 


Scratching the carpet is not abnormal behavior for your dog. It may be a sign of help, or they just want to have some fun. Knowing why your dog scratches the carpet can help fulfill their need and save your carpet. 

Digging or scratching is an instinct for all dogs. Some common causes of indoor scratching/digging can be anxiety, medical condition, or allergy. 

Remember that some dog breeds were bred to burrow and dig, so they may be more inclined to scratch your carpet. If you’re still confused, it is recommended to visit a veteran expert.

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