5 Best Curtains For Sliding Doors in 2021

In today’s era, most people prefer sliding doors to make their houses more fashionable and beautiful. Another point of preferring these doors is that they offer optimal thermal insulation.

Apart from this, these doors also act as a sound barrier and keep the dust out of the home. 

But in high-intensity light areas, it is essential to cover these doors. So, lined curtains are used for this purpose. Many people say that most of the line curtains got damaged by the sunlight.

So, it is essential to acquire knowledge about the best curtains for sliding doors. We have researched and found the best curtains.

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Best Curtains For Sliding Doors

1. Yoox Motorized Sheer Vertical Shades

Best Curtains

Dual-layer half-shade polyester and sheer fabric vanes are used in these motorized vertical blinds, which can help you block 50% of sunlight.

By opening the vanes, the sheer transparent fabric softens the light and protects your furnishings against UV rays, and when the vanes are closed, they block light and also increase your privacy.


This dual-layer fabric features independent vanes, so you can walk through them easily when closed. You can adjust the amount of light by tilting the vanes.

You can machine-wash the sheer separately but never put it in the dryer, and it can also be ironed or steamed. Electronic sheer vertical drapes are perfect for large windows and sliding patio doors, but they can also be used as a room divider, which is a stylish way to divide your space into different areas.

Smart Motor

With the help of a durable hardwired plug-in motor, you can also control these shades with the help of remote control like APP control and voice control, etc.

Ensure that you have a socket nearby because the smart motor can work with Alexa, Google Home, IFTT, and the TuyaSmart App after connecting to a Wifi signal.

Remote Control

Remote control can operate 5 power blinds with 5 channels. Click a button to open, close, and adjust the vane angle. Remote control comes free along with the parcel.

Sliding Rail

With Alexa, the electric blinds can glide silently and smoothly along the sliding rail. By transforming the track rod direction, the motor position can be changed. There is only one way (right or left) to operate the Alexa-controlled blinds.

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2. GoGear Design Sliding Panels

Best Curtains For Sliding Doors

This is also a perfect curtain for sliding doors made from Natural Woven Blended and composed of 61% Paper + 39% Poly.

The woven fabric adds another level of luxury to the sliding panel. It provides durability and is ideal for a wide range of window coverings and as a room divider.


A 4-rail track can be adjusted from 45.8″ to 86″ wide. Each panel measures 23″ wide by 96″ tall. Attach the panels with Velcro, trim the height to the height you need, and add the bottom rails for a custom-look finish.

Nature-inspired design

The material has a woven look and texture that allows light to filter through and provides privacy. Dusters and vacuum cleaners make it easy to clean.

A panel track can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, and, in addition, it provides two control stack options, allowing you to slide it to the right or left with a solid metal wand.

  • For an inside mount, the minimum depth of 2.5-inch is needed, and for an outside mount, the minimum depth of 2.25-inches of the bracket is required on the top.

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3. CHICOLOGY Adjustable Sliding Panel

Best Curtains For Sliding glass Doors

Transform your space with a modern look by replacing your curtains or vertical blinds with a sleek window treatment. The panels at a reasonable price will help you create a unique and soft atmosphere for your interior.


It comes with the double Rail Track of 46-Inches – 80-Inches in width. With the composition of 60% Paper, 40% Polyester, this sliding panel will give you extra durability.

These four panels each measure 23″ wide by 96″ tall. To obtain the desired height, trim the length. It varies in width from 46″ to 80″.

Innovative Features

Your project will have a contemporary look and easy operation. The panel track system features two tracks and a wand on both ends for effortless gliding. Rails and tracks complete the customized look.

Ideally, these two rail blinds are ideal for large windows, such as sliding doors, patio doors, window shades, room dividers, or to cover clutter on shelves.

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4. NICETOWN Sliding Door Curtains

sliding door best curtains

A black liner backing makes these curtains thick enough to block out 100% of the sun’s rays and UV rays.

This provides you with a much darker environment during the day, making for a better night’s sleep.

Unique Design

A double-layer drapery constructed with triple-weave blackout fabric balances the temperature of the room while protecting privacy.

A pair of extra-wide curtains can perfectly cover a sliding glass door. Any large window, sliding door, or patio door will suit this product.

Noise Reducing

Heavyweight blackout lining curtain panels are a great option to drape completely behind the window to achieve soundproof results. It absorbs sound two times more effective than ordinary curtains with one layer, so you are not disturbed by noise at any time.

Easy Care

Finishing of good quality will last for many years. Wash in cold water below 86°F and machine washable. Bleaching is not necessary with mild detergent. You can iron at low temperatures. Don’t scratch curtains with sharp objects.

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5. LETAU Sliding Panels Track Blinds

sliding glass doors best curtains

This sliding panel is durable and perfect for a variety of room dividers and window coverings. This material is equally suitable for residential and commercial interiors.

It is suitable for French doors, patio doors, balcony doors, closet doors, sliding glass doors, picture windows, and room dividers.


Solar panel blinds reduce sun glare and protect against UV rays. It permits an outdoor view during the daytime while it allows the same view of the interior at night. In that way, it can be used in living spaces with no concern about privacy at night.


You can install this track outside or inside a window or door frame and on the wall or ceiling.

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A Guide To Choosing Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

To get the perfect curtain for sliding doors, you must consider the following things before buying.

Length And Width

For sliding glass door curtains in your living room, it’s crucial to know the door’s dimensions, as they will determine the curtain size.

The standard sliding door height is 80 inches, so unless your door is custom-made and extends beyond the two-panel measurements, it is approximately 6.8 feet high.

You can measure from the top of the door to the bottom of the door if you can’t eyeball it.

A sliding door’s standard width is usually between 5 feet and 6 feet (60 inches or 72 inches), but most are 6 feet wide. If you are having a hard time estimating, you may use your measuring tape. 

If you know the window’s length and width, you’ll be able to choose curtains and a curtain rod that fits. Most two-panel sliding doors measure 72 inches wide, so choose a curtain rod that leaves four inches on all sides (past the door frame) to bunch up the curtains when they are drawn up.

Material and Style

It’s time to talk about the practical and aesthetic functions of the curtains now that you’ve covered the technical side.

It’s essential to decide on the type of fabric and style of curtains before looking at curtains with the color and pattern of your choice.

A typical style is a single panel, a double panel, and a triple panel. You can either have one large fabric panel (single), two panels along each side (double), or a combination of both that is a panel on each side and one in the middle (triple).

 Color and Pattern

After you’ve chosen the right style and material density for your sliding glass door curtains, you can select a color scheme and pattern that complement your décor.

Always choose those curtains that look awesome with your living room or house so that these curtains can also add extra beauty to your living room.

You can make a bold statement when choosing a curtain that contrasts with the rest of the space. Consider using heavy dark-colored curtains as floor-to-ceiling drapes in a room that is all white in order to balance out the lightness without compromising the minimalist theme.

Final Words

After reading the reviews of the best curtains for sliding doors, and the buying guide, we hope that now you must be able to pick the perfect curtain for your sliding room door.

No matter which curtain you buy, always consider the things mentioned above to get the perfect one.


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