What Causes Yellow Stains On Vinyl Flooring (2023 Updated)

Vinyl floors come with a waxy surface that makes the floor shine. And you may notice after some time this surface leaves yellow stains on the floor.

The primary reason behind yellow stains on vinyl floors is the reaction of rubber and the floor itself. This may cause by rug pads on the floors.

Several other factors cause yellow stains on vinyl flooring. We will go through these factors in the below article. And if you see such stains on your vinyl floor, don’t worry. It’s easy to eliminate them. 

Although the Vinyl floor is easy to clean, it still needs extra care. It’s best for pets but doesn’t let your pets pee on vinyl floors because these may reduce shine on the floor. 

If you don’t take care of the vinyl floor, you will face many problems with it, and sometimes it becomes crucial to replace the floor.

This article will discuss some of the reasons behind yellow stains on vinyl floors, and I will give some pro tips to remove such stains.

What Is The Cause Of Yellow Stains On My Vinyl Flooring

There is not just one reason behind these yellow stains. We are mentioning a few primary reasons, read and find out which one best suits you, and then we will discuss the solution in the next section.

1- Rug Pads 

The vinyl floor contains a lot of chemicals that produce shine in it. These chemicals react with rug pads and rubber, both natural and synthetic, and cause staining on them. 

The majority of the people in the US use rug pads on their vinyl floor, especially it’s a tradition to use rugs under the seating area.

And no one pays attention to cleaning the surface under these rugs. And after a few months, these rug pads start reacting with vinyl flooring and cause stains on them. 

Sometimes if you leave these stains for a longer time, it may affect the lower surface of the vinyl floor. Now the affected spot will become damaged and you need to replace the part of the floor.

2- Dog Pee

You might how dog pee can affect the vinyl floor as it is water-resistant. Yes, Vinyl flooring is water-resistant and can’t be damaged by dog pee or any water. 

But we have seen that when a dog pee on the rug, it’s absorbed by the rug and reaches the surface of the floor.

In such a scenario, most people only clean the rug and leave the surface beneath it. And after some time, this pee starts reacting with chemicals and causes stubborn stains on it. 

In this case, a bad smell will spread around the room and cause a bacterial or viral infection. Don’t let your dog pee on the rug, especially when it’s on a vinyl floor.

3- Wrong Adhesive

Using a suitable adhesive is crucial; if you don’t know much about a perfect adhesive, contact the manufacturer. Some bad adhesive reacts with the vinyl floor and leaves yellow stains on it. In most cases, it can discolor your floor, which looks awkward, and you have to replace the entire floor.

How To Remove Yellow Stains From Vinyl Flooring

Remove Yellow Stains From Vinyl Flooring

A vinyl floor is the easiest flooring to clean and maintain. The yellow stains from the vinyl floor can be easily removed by using a few convenient methods.

But if you leave the stains for a longer time, it becomes stubborn, and you might face some difficulty in removing such stains.

Don’t try local abrasive cleaners or chemicals on vinyl floors. It may cause discoloration of the floor or leads to allergic reactions.

1- Use Vinegar And Hot Water To Clean Stains

Vinegar is one of the most powerful cleaners that can be used to clean yellow stains from vinyl floors. It has low PH acetic acid, which is effective for these stains. But for ultra-effective cleaning, use little hot water and add some vinegar to it. 

Mop the affected spot with this water and leave it for some time. After mopping with vinegar and hot water, mop again with clean water, and the yellow stains will disappear. This is the most convenient way to clean the yellow stains. 

2- Use Baking Soda

Sometimes stains become too stubborn and can’t be cleaned with vinegar. Baking soda is the best option for stubborn yellow stains, and it immediately removes all kinds of stains from vinyl flooring. 

First, clean the affected spot with water to remove dirt. Sprinkle some baking soda on that spot and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.

Dip any soft microfibre in water and wipe the spot. If the stain doesn’t disappear after wiping baking soda from the floor, you have to repeat this process. Wipe it again with clean water. 

3- Bleach and water

After vinegar, bleach is another harshest cleaner that can remove stubborn stains, mix one-part bleach and three parts of water in a bucket; the quantity varies depending on the size of the floor. Soak microfiber in it and clean the affected spot, don’t rub too hard as bleach can affect the waxy surface of the vinyl floor. 

Don’t use too much bleach in the water to clean the vinyl floor because it’s a strong cleaner. Use gloves while cleaning your vinyl floor with bleach.

4- Mineral Spirits

Before using mineral spirits, make sure to never put them directly on the vinyl floor. You can pour mineral spirits in a spray gun and use a spray gun to clean yellow stains. After spraying:

  1. Scrub the floor until the stains disappear.
  2. For stubborn stains, repeat this process and rub the surface for a long time.
  3. Once the floor becomes clean, use dry microfiber and wipe the spot again to eliminate the spirit smell.

How To Prevent Vinyl Floor From Yellow Stains

Like laminate flooring or any other floors, Vinyl floors also need care and maintenance to keep them shiny and remove bacteria.

Especially with pets or children in the house, you must take extra care of your floor. These steps can help you to prevent yellow stains on vinyl flooring.

  1. Mop the vinyl floor 2-3 times a week with vinegar and hot water. It will remove all types of bacteria and add extra shine to your floor. 
  2. It’s essential to use high-quality rug pads on vinyl floors that are compatible with the floor. It’s a perfect option to use rubber-free rug pads. If you have a rubber rug pad, try to clean the surface beneath it regularly. 
  3. Try to expose your vinyl floor to natural light. Natural light protects vinyl floors from bacteria and yellow stains.
  4. Use high-quality detergents to clean vinyl floors; during cleaning, remove all types of rugs to clean the entire floor effectively.
  5. Don’t let your pets or dogs pee on vinyl floors, as it causes different bacterial infections and spreads smell in a room. 
  6. Place doormats inside and outside of your room to prevent dirt and bacteria.
  7. Don’t walk on your vinyl floor with shoes; try to wear socks or clean slippers.
Final Words
Vinyl floor is one of the best flooring options that last for a longer time. But sometimes, it may leave yellow stains that look so awkward.
These stains are caused by the reaction between rubber and the chemicals in the floor. You can get these stubborn yellow stains by using above mentioned methods. We hope you enjoy this article, share it with your friends, and help them clean their vinyl floor.