Exploring Home Decoration: Trends & Online Inspiration

A house can only take its own shape and aura if transformed with the right décor. Even your personality is reflected in your home decoration, which gives a comfortable feeling in your aesthetically pleasing environment.

In today’s modern time, social media is a major factor that has contributed to the impact on almost everything, this includes the way we want to decorate and see our home with a life of its own.

With the advancement of technology and ever-changing aesthetics; creating a comfortable ambiance of your home, experimenting with new ideas, and reforming our homes through creativity, is all in. Moreover, it is said that a peaceful space that describes your persona has a positive impact on your mood. It is also said to improve your functionality and productivity throughout the day.

According to a report, the home décor market is projected to bring about an 18.20% annual growth rate, which will reach a total of $134.1 billion by 2032. Meanwhile, the home décor market is embracing sustainability, fusing minimalism and maximalist designs, while also using eco-friendly items.

These are all the successful trends for 2024 and beyond, though design elements change with time and seasons too. Let us explore the top trending online platforms for décor trends of 2024 below. Read on or skip to the section you are most curious about.


Popular Online Platforms for Home Decoration Inspiration 2

Pinterest 2

Instagram 2

Houzz 2

Design Blogs and Sites 2

Emerging Home Decoration Trends 3

∙ Minimalist décor 3

∙ Sustainable and eco-friendly design 3

∙ Bohemian-inspired interiors 4

Leveraging Online Inspiration for Personalized Home Decoration 4

Conclusion 4

Popular Online Platforms for Home Decoration Inspiration

Source: decorilla.com

In the present times, the most ease comes with finding the right “inspo” online. And what better than browsing through social media and our favorite décor sites for hours to find the best designs and implement them in our homes?

But it can’t be argued that we do need a seamless connection so nothing comes in between our inspiration-gaining “sesh”, alone or even with the gals. For this, we suggest having a reliable option at your home for all your internet usage needs. You can click here to find the best high-speed internet plan for your home and surf away.

With that, you can find the best home décor trends on social media with a breeze. Fortunately, we have even mentioned some of them below, which you can research, make your lists, and tackle on your next shopping spree. Let’s check them out:


Pinterest is an aesthetically pleasing online platform that is a wonderful choice for taking home décor inspiration. This platform has a diverse range of trends; whether it’s bohemian or minimalism, Pinterest is the right place for you.

The feature that’s not easily used on Facebook or any other platform is that it lets users save their favorite images to keep an eye on the latest trends. Pinterest can also provide you with a bunch of similar content when you search with a reference image. It is a go-to platform for anyone who needs an aesthetic inspiration regarding their house interior.


Instagram has billions of users worldwide. It is known for its attractive visuals, aesthetic images, and fashion inspiration, but it is also a platform from where you can get inspiration for your house’s interior design.

Instagram influencers, artists, and bloggers have become a vast treasure of our everyday inspiration. Whether it’s the color-blocking trend or it’s being fancy; you can always search on Instagram through hashtags or just by scrolling your inspiration’s squared feed. Its stories and reels feature has made it easier to use through which users can catch up on the influencer’s BTS of home décor and many more.


Houzz is an incredible social media platform when it comes to hiring professional interior designers for your home decoration. Houzz started as a side project but ended up being a platform with so many users, scrolling throughout to find and save photos for inspiration for their homes.

Unlike Pinterest or Instagram, Houzz was designed to connect with professional interior designers who make changes to their homes. In addition, it allows users to keep track of the leads from Houzz with its cost, which is why it’s highly rated on Google.

Design Blogs and Sites

Anita Yokota

Anita Yokota is a therapist turned blogger, whose page is full of fresh ideas whether it’s interior designing, personal growth, or lifestyle changes. Anita Yokota shares her experiences in interior design through amazing photography and with the help of her articles, turns people’s inspirations into reality.

DIY ideas, fashion insights, personal experiences, entertainment suggestions, and home décor inspiration- Anika Yokota is an all-rounder blog page.

Apartment Therapy

For people seeking a page only for home-related content, Apartment Therapy has got you covered. From beautiful house tours to displaying DIY projects, Apartment Therapy ensures you find the right inspiration that fits your personality well.

This blog also focuses on property dealing and helps people by advising on financing options for properties and more. To find inspiration for creating a beautiful, healthy, and practical home décor and design, Apartment Therapy can be your go-to source.


Source: linkedin.com

Clever features extraordinary interior designs, architecture, and design projects that boost your mood. It also offers interaction with many design professionals for advice and tips on home decoration. They help in reshaping our houses with a fusion of style and a touch of elegance.

Clever lets you embrace new ideas and different perspectives when redecorating your home and guides you to create a home that reflects your personality.

Décor by Delali

Delali stands out in this world of interior design due to her unique taste in vibrant colored décor. Delali’s unique choice of embracing bold colors and eye-catching patterns displays the world of color-infused inspirations. Her every post has a unique idea with a creative perspective that inspires people to infuse their homes with bold hues and vibrant personalities.


Dezeen is a perfect source for anyone who seeks inspiration by exploring architecture and interior designs. Dezeen provides readers with reviews on architecture projects and products. It ensures that people are staying informed about every industry trend.

People from all over the world browse through Dezeen, finding amazing ideas on home décor with a passion for creating a beautiful design.

Emerging Home Decoration Trends

Source: decorilla.com
  • Minimalist décor

The phrase “less is more” perfectly fits the minimalist décor. This decoration has a touch of elegance, simplicity, and modernism. It features clean lines and a monochromatic color theme that creates a soothing effect giving people a peaceful atmosphere in their home.

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly design

Promoting sustainability and using environmentally friendly décor pieces to save the planet is such a valuable trend. You can play your part more by choosing long-lasting and recycled products for home décor. Plant decoration is one of the common examples of using old Ikea products with a bit of redesign and art.

  • Bohemian-inspired interiors

The most famous Bohemian-inspired décor can be characterized by the phrase “the rules are that there are no rules”. Bohemian décor comes with the freedom of expressing yourself. With relaxed patterns and pastel color themes with minimalist hues, one can express itself through this trend.

Leveraging Online Inspiration for Personalized Home Decoration

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

People are using many online platforms to gather ideas for their home decoration. With a lot of effort and research on decoration pieces, people with their creativity customize and enhance the décor according to their style.

Leveraging for home décor involves browsing through social media, and designing blogs and websites. It lets people engage in their DIY projects that help in creating mood boards. Uniqueness, comfort, and sustainability can be found in all the personalized home décor.


Social media and ease of going online have introduced a new era of interior design by changing trends from season to season. To keep people updated, many online platforms such as Pinterest, Houzz, and many other blog pages are present that give people tons of inspiration to make their homes comfortable but trendy.

Interior designing is an art that involves playing with trends, tradition, and your persona to make it aesthetic. From the 90’s vintage trend to the 20’s minimalist designs, every trend has embraced sustainability and reflected elegance with an added expression of individuality in people’s home décor. With the above trends and ideas, it’s your time to do so!