How Long Does the Carpet Take to Dry?

Whether you’ve washed your living room carpet or it’s flooded, drying the carpet might be a scary situation for you. Wet and soggy carpets could be a concern for you in terms of how long they will take to dry.

Typically, the carpet can take 5-10 hours to dry after cleaning. Since carpets get completely saturated in floods, it might take up to 3-5 days to dry. Whatever the scenario, the drying time depends on certain factors we’ve explained below. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Factors That Impact Carpet Dry Time 

How can I make my carpet dry faster

1. Method of Cleaning

The way you use to clean a carpet leaves a great impact on how long it will take to dry. Using some methods can reduce the drying time of your carpet. 

However, you shouldn’t go for a poor option just because it will get the carpet dry faster. Typically, if you clean your carpet with DIY machines, it will take between 6-10 hours to dry. 

2. Carpet Type

The construction material or the carpet’s fibers can also impact the drying time of a wet carpet. Some carpets absorb more moisture than others. 

A nylon carpet will dry much faster than a denser heavy wool carpet. Likewise, a polypropylene or olefin carpet will take less time to dry due to its thin fibers that don’t absorb much water. 

3. Humidity Level

Quite a crucial factor to consider while drying your carpet is the humidity level of the room or place you have put your carpet to dry. It can leave a stable impact, and your carpet might get longer to dry.

It’s not a complicated mystery. If you’re drying the carpet in a room, there must be dry air to absorb the water vapors from the carpet. The drier the air in the room, the faster the carpet will dry.

4. Airflow

Another important aspect to consider when estimating the drying time of your carpet is the airflow in the drying room. If the weather is clear and cheerful, let the windows bring in some dry air to get the water vapors and let the carpet dry faster.  

On the contrary, if the outer air contains any humidity due to the weather conditions, we won’t recommend allowing the air to push more humidity into the carpet fibers. 

How Long Does It Take For Carpets To Dry After Cleaning By A Professional?

When you have your carpet professionally cleaned, it will feel slightly damp to the touch. Don’t leave the carpet as it is after steam cleaning. You have to dry its wet and soggy surface.

Since it depends on the above factors, generally, you can expect a time frame of 5-8 hours for your carpet to completely dry. Residential carpets take 6-10 hours to dry, while typical commercial carpets can dry in just 2-6 hours.  

How Long Does It Take Carpets To Dry After DIY Carpet Cleaning?

how much time carpets take to dry

You always need to inject water into the carpet for a thorough cleansing. Then after cleaning, a powerful vacuum comes in quite handy to extract much of the water. 

Compared to professionals, DIY cleaning machines have a weaker vacuum as they put less water into the fibers and can easily extract it. Usually, it can take 6-10 hours for a carpet to dry after getting clean with a DIY machine. It also depends on how “heavy” you go with the DIY equipment.

How Long Does it Take Carpet to Dry After the Flood

If you’ve come across any flood or tap leak water that entirely flooded your carpet, you need urgent actions before the damage sets in. The bill can exceed your budget once the mold surrounds your carpet. You should hurry before the 3rd day as the mold starts propagating within 48-72 hours. 

There might not be a straightforward answer to this question as it depends on multiple factors, including the temperature and texture of the carpet. Here is an average estimate of carpet drying time.

  • An entire flooded carpet will take about 3-5 days to dry.
  • A partly watery carpet will take 12-24 hours to dry.
  • Just a damp carpet will take about 1-3 hours to dry.

The estimation may vary depending upon the type of carpet and the atmosphere out there. 

Steps to Dry the Carpet After the Flood 

1. Extract the Water

Once you stop the water leakage or the flood, it’s time to extract the excess water from the carpet’s fibers. 

There is a lot of equipment for this purpose. You can use one according to the amount of water your carpet has absorbed.

  • In case the carpet is fully flooded, then use a submersible and shop vac.
  • If it is partially wet, only a shop would be enough. 

 2. Use Absorbent Towels

After extraction, you need an absorbent towel to soak out what is not extracted with the sub pump and shop vac. Press in the carpet fibers to soak all the remaining water residue. If still much water, call a professional cleaner in the room to assist with the evaporation.

3. Expose to the Air

After soaking with an absorbent towel, expose your carpet to a fan or dehumidifier to ease the evaporation. Keep changing the positions of the fans after every few hours.

A hairdryer is an alternative if the quantity of water is minimal. Hold in the hairdryer a few inches above and move back and forth.

4. Replace the Padding

Padding replacement of the carpet becomes necessary in case of severe damage by the water. In such a case, padding still retains water after you dry all the carpet.

The situation can lead to mold production. So replacing the carpet padding would be a better option.

Wrap Up 

In simple, it takes 6-10 hours for a carpet to dry after cleaning and 2-4 days after getting flooded.

You can follow these steps to speed up the drying process.  We are super hopeful that you’ve got the answer to “how long does a carpet take to dry”? Dry the carpet and turn your room floor back into a pixelated canvas.

Hearing your carpet drying story would be a pleasure for us. 


What can I do to speed up carpet drying time?

After properly cleaning your carpet, expose it to sunlight or open up all the windows and doors for air passage. Then do follow these steps: Extract the excess water, use an absorbent towel to soak it up, and then allow the airflow through the room. u003cbru003eThe carpet will dry much faster with the appropriate movement of air through the carpet.  At least wait for 7-8 hours to get it dry. 

How does humidity affect carpet drying time?

Humidity reduces the water evaporation from the carpet leading it to take longer to get dry. In case the air is humid, it won’t absorb the moisture from the carpet. You can avoid humid air by raising the temperature or turning on a dehumidifier.

Can you walk on a wet carpet after cleaning?

You can’t. Stepping on the wet carpet can further slow down the drying process. It might expel unpleasant odors after getting dry. It would be better to avoid walking on the carpet until it completely dries.