How Long Can Roundworm Eggs Live in Your Carpet

If you own a pet in your home, you must pay attention to Roundworm eggs stored in your carpets. These roundworm eggs usually come with your pets playing outside in the dirt and then getting back home with contaminated soil.

Also, roundworms eggs come with your clothes if you are working in the garden.

These roundworms can survive for a long time in your carpets because they need room temperature to live, and your carpets are the best place for them.

However, they can be killed by several methods, which we discuss in today’s article. According to the research, adult roundworms can’t survive in carpets. Only their eggs can survive there.

Along with cleaning your carpet, you must protect your dog from roundworm eggs.

Roundworm And Their Types

Roundworms are sometimes also called nematodes or ascarids. They are pretty similar to cooked spaghetti, and they are parasitic intestinal worms.

These germs affect humans, animals, and also birds. Those people who are living in underdeveloped areas are especially susceptible to roundworms.

They can enter the body via mouth as well as direct body contact. In the beginning, roundworms can’t cause any symptoms.

Still, once they grow in the human intestine, they will leave symptoms like Nausea, Vomiting, Wheezing, Diarrhea, Loss of appetite, abdominal pain, etc.

Roundworm eggs in a carpet are very dangerous for your kids. You should take quick action to remove these harmful germs.

Along with roundworms; tapeworms, eggs, hookworms, whipworms can also transfer to carpets and cause various diseases.

These all worms belong to the same category, and their symptoms and transmission methods are the same.

What Kills Roundworm Eggs In a Carpet?

clean roundworms from carpet

It’s not a big deal to kill roundworm eggs from your carpet, and you don’t need any third-party equipment or medicine to smash them properly. All the tools are available in your home.

Regular cleaning of floors can prevent you from such infections, but you should take a few unique measurements to kill roundworms.

1- Vacuum Pump

Everyone has a vacuum pump, and it’s the most convenient way to remove roundworm eggs from your carpet. You should regularly clean your carpet with a vacuum pump; it sucks all the dirt and harmful germs.

But firmly press the pipe on the carpet because roundworm eggs live under the bottom surface. To make your cleaning more effective, you may clean the rug from the backside as well. This will remove all the roundworm eggs.

2- Steam

Heat is the big enemy of germs; most germs, like roundworms, can’t survive under high temperatures. You don’t need any heat pump or tools to give steam/heat to the carpet. So what should you do?

Steam cleaners are the best method to kill roundworm eggs because they can provide temperatures up to 113’C which is more than enough to kill them.

3- Hot Water

This is another free way to kill the roundworm from your carpet. Just boil the water, and then watch your carpet/rug in it. After washing, clean your carpet daily (with a vacuum pump) so that roundworms can never come back into it.

Hot boiling water can also kill roundworm eggs on your kitchen surface, floors, bathrooms, and other affected areas. To ensure extra cleaning, you can add detergents to hot water.

This will fucking kill all the roundworms eggs from your home. In particular, if you have many pets at home, then you should try this method.

4- Clean Your Pets

Pets, especially dogs, are the primary source that spreads roundworm eggs. You can prevent your carpets from roundworm by simply cleaning your pets.

Give a hot bath to your pets every week, and keep your pets away from small, wild animals. Do not let your dog use a sandbox or playground as a litter box.

How to Prevent Yourself And Your Pets From Roundworm:

Consider that roundworms have infected your home and your pet, now you need some prevention to save yourself from this bacteria.

  • You need to protect your body from head to toe; use detergent, N95 masks, rubber boots, and disposable gloves.
  • Now it’s time to clean your pet first, give a bath to your pet, and then remove their feces as soon as possible. 
  • Search the most infected areas in your home, and then use above mentioned methods to kill roundworm eggs. 
  • After cleaning your home again, spray the whole home with detergent.
  • Boiling water will kill any roundworm eggs on your floors. Be careful not to burn yourself.

For How Long Roundworm Eggs Live On Surface?

Roundworms on floor

The majority of the parasitic insects can survive in rugs and carpets. Some can survive to an extended extent, and some kill automatically. Roundworm eggs can survive in your carpets for a long time, and they are resistant to various environmental conditions.

Usually, these eggs can survive for up to 1 to 3 years; during this time, it may cause many diseases. Roundworm eggs first wait for the host where they can hatch and grow into worms. Animal and human intestines are the best places for them to hatch.

It’s impossible to see roundworm eggs with nacked eyes, and they can easily cling to surfaces like bedding, doorknobs, toys, clothes, furniture, and faucets.

Can Sunlight Kill Roundworm Eggs?

Till now, nobody can prove that sunlight can kill the eggs of the roundworm. But UV rays can indeed kill mature roundworms.

Scientific studies show that roundworms’ sunlight can’t kill roundworms but significantly decrease their lifespan.

Heat bakes into the soil, causing the layers of the egg to wear away. Plastic canvas can create a kind of oven effect in an infected area of the yard, killing the roundworm’s egg there.

What Temperature Kills Roundworm Eggs?

Unlike other pesticides, roundworms can’t kill quickly because they have a four-layer shell that protects them from temperature and other environmental conditions.

But just like other worms, they also have a specific thermal death point. Roundworms can serve under 40’C for a year, but also they can kill within a minute above 60’C.

But how you can provide this temperature, for humans and pets, is boiling, and even you can’t survive without protective clothing.

We recommend you to kill these pesticides with steam cleaners because they can provide temperature up to 113’C which is more than enough to kill roundworm eggs.

Similarly, hot boiling water can also kill them, and if you wash your carpets in boiling water, it will kill all the germs.

Does Bleach Kill Roundworm Eggs?

Although bleach is the most potent acid to kill germs, mainly we use chlorine bleach in our homes. Most people bleach to kill the roundworm eggs.

But these chemicals or detergents can’t kill roundworm eggs because they don’t have any burning effect on eggs shells.

We can say that this bleach can kill the mature roundworm quickly, but to kill the eggs shells, only heat or boiling water is the death solution for them.

Can You Get Roundworms From Your Dog Licking You?

Dog Licking Girl

Most people like to lick their pets and kiss them, but they don’t know that it may be dangerous. If your pet is clean because you will bathe it, then there is no problem licking.

But if your dog is playing in the mud, then you should avoid licking them. And make sure to wash your hands after touching the dog’s mouth. And if you eat something without a watch, there is a high chance that roundworms egg can transfer in your body.

Your dog’s mouth may be the most infected area or a host of bacteria and can quickly transfer to your body. But don’t worry, roundworms’ eggs can’t transfer through saliva.

Does Hand Sanitizing Kill Roundworms Eggs?

The answer is yes. If you sanitize your hand correctly, it will kill 99% of germs and bacteria. People think they have got infected from their environment or food. But hugging their pets and cleaning their feces can also lead to Roundworms symptoms.

If you don’t wash or sanitize your hands after hugging your dogs, it will cause a problem. A human being touches their mouth and eyes a hundred times, and it’s dangerous if you don’t wash your hands.

Dog’s Sleeping Bed Is Also Cause Of Roundworm?

We have seen that most dog lovers, especially ladies and kids, want to sleep with their dogs. But studies tell us that it’s not safe to sleep with your pets. If your pet has fur on its body, then it’s contaminated.

Touching and kissing their fur is harmful to you; you will put your hands in your mouth or nose during the night. This will allow roundworm eggs to transfer to a host body quickly.

You’re also at risk of getting worms if your dog poops in your bed. However, it’s easier to let your dog sleep in his bed and wash your bedding every day.

Can Cats Spread Roundworms Eggs?

Cat in a living room

Cats are one of the most loving pets because they are naturally clean and sweet. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t cause roundworms. Like dogs, when cats play in contaminated soil, bacteria and germs can stick to their paws, and when they come back home and sit on the carpet, it may transfer roundworm eggs.

Not only the carpet, if cats are on your bed, then they will also transfer roundworm eggs. Roundworm eggs can indeed stick to any kind of surface. And then soon you may be infected by eating food without washing your hands.

Final Words
No doubt, roundworm eggs can cause several harmful diseases if they live for long within your carpets. You need to take a few preventions that are mention above. Otherwise, your kids, you, and your pets may become infected. Stop your pets from eating dirt and digging your yard. And if your carpet is full of roundworms egg then immediately take some measure and clean your carpet in boiling water.

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