How To Clean Massage Oil From Carpet? (Easy Tips)

The massage oil has a very vital role in our daily life. But along with the benefits, it also has some drawbacks for your living room.

The main problem that you face with the massage oil is tackling the oil stains on the carpet.

These oils can leak onto the carpet below you or even onto nearby upholstery such as couches and lounge chairs. The following steps must be taken when this occurs.

Everybody wants to remove these oil stains, but they are pretty tricky. So, we have collected the main methods to remove the massage oil stains from the carpet.

How To Remove Massage Oil Stains From Carpet

Here are some methods you can use to remove massage oil stains from your carpet without ruining it. 

Method 1

Follow these steps carefully to get rid of oil stains:

  1.  Using a cloth or napkin, wipe away the stain. Make sure you absorb all the oil you can. Get a clean white cloth and wipe up the spill as soon as it is spilt on the carpet. It is always advisable to act quickly to deal with this cleaning issue to make the mess more manageable.
  2. Make a mixture: Mix a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with two cups of warm water to produce a powerful cleaning solution.
  3. The non-bleach laundry detergent may not seem like a good option for removing stains, but you’ll be surprised at how effective it is in removing stains from carpets.
  4. Pour a small amount of the detergent-based laundry detergent: Apply the mixture to the stained area and allow it to sit for at least a few minutes. Once the oil stain is removed, start blotting it repeatedly with a clean white cloth. Taking this step may take some time, but soon your carpet will be free of stain.
  5.  Soak the area: Soak the place where the massage oil stain was in a glass of water and then dry it with a wet/dry vacuum. The purpose of this is to remove any residue that could cause you problems in the future.

Removing massage oil from your carpet can be difficult, but if you follow the helpful guide above, you will stand a strong chance of recovering your carpet’s original beauty.

Method 2

Here is the second method of removing oil stains from your carpet. When you follow the correct procedure, it is easy to remove the stains on your carpet caused by massage oils.

  1.  Soak up the oil: By using cloth, you have to soak up the oil as much as possible. Cover the spill with the material. Wait about fifteen minutes before removing the material from the fall. Before applying the absorbent material, you can blot some of the spills with paper towels.
  2.  Apply baby powder or baking soda to the stain. In the same way, these materials absorb oil that seeps into fibres. Let it sit on the stain for at least 10 minutes.
  3.  Remove the material by scraping or vacuuming. To remove the baking soda or baby powder, use a fork or card. The suction of these materials is even easier if you have a vacuum on hand.
  4. Solution of dish soap and water is best for scrubbing. Scrub the oil stain area using these ingredients. Keep your scrubber in a gentle setting, though. It should resemble blotting but should be a little more rigorous.
  5. Clean the soapy area with a sponge. Keep soap off the couch and carpet! Instead, use a damp sponge to clean the area thoroughly.
  6.  Soak up any excess liquid. Soak up the extra moisture with a clean towel or napkin and allow the area to dry.

Method 3

Here is the third method that you can follow to remove stains from your carpet.

Things You Will Need In This Method

  • Paper bags/clothes/newspapers that are absorbent
  • Dish soap with grease-fighting properties (Dawn)
  • Cornstarch (baby powder also works)
  • Vacuum
  • Toothbrush
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Towels
  • Sponges or soft cloths


  •  An old oil stain can be freshened by rubbing a small amount of liquid vegetable glycerin into it. Alternatively, you can use a drop or two of cooking oil instead of glycerin. If the stain has remained for more than 30-60 minutes, let the glycerin or oil sit on it, then scrub it off.
  • The first step you should take with fresh stains is to soak up as much oil as possible. To soak up oil, place towels, newspapers, or brown paper bags in the area. The ink will transfer to the carpet if you allow the print to sit on the carpet for too long when using newspaper.
  • The cornstarch covers the area entirely once the paper or clothes have soaked up most of the oil. Work it into the fibres by brushing it over the place. As a result, you will have less oil to scrub out later because the cornstarch will absorb it.
  •  For best results, wait at least one hour after applying the cornstarch to the area.
  •  Sweep the area with a vacuum to remove cornstarch or powder.
  • Repeat the process if the spill was extensive with a second coat of powder or cornstarch and allow it to sit for another hour.
  • Remove any excess with a vacuum.
  • Now you’ll need to remove any remaining traces of oil from the carpet.
  • Clean the area with grease-fighting dish detergent. Form a thin layer by spreading it around. Use your fingers to work it into the fibres so that all of the areas are covered.
  • To work it further into the fibers, scrub with a soft brush or old toothbrush.
  • The most time-consuming part of this process is removing the dish soap. It suds up when water is added, even though only a tiny amount was used.
  • Blot the area immediately with a clean cloth after pouring a small amount of water onto it.
  • Continue to remove all soap from the sink until it is completely gone.
  • The “rinsing” process will be much easier if a carpet cleaner is available. Remember that many units don’t like suds, and dish soap suds up when it is vacuumed out. To prevent them from becoming a problem, empty the water container frequently.
  • After the area has been thoroughly rinsed, place two towels over the area and press firmly. This will absorb the extra water.
  • The area should be allowed to completely dry.