How To Make Carpet Soft After Cleaning? (What To know)

Most people place the carpet on the floor because the area looks attractive. The reason for the carpeting, besides its softness, is that It also requires less sustenance and upkeep than a hard floor.

With all this, it is important to clean up the carpet regularly. Because then the carpet will last longer. Periodically, you should use the homemade formulae. These are easier to use and also not too costly. 

Most of the solutions are available in the market that you will use to neutralize the cleaning chemicals used in the carpet. Apparently, these materials ensure you get a softer and comfy carpet after cleaning.

Here, we have some suggestions for you on how to make carpet soft after the cleaning process.

How To Make Soft The Carpet After Cleaning?

You should follow some procedures for the carpet to soften and its natural state.

1- Fabric Softener

The carpets are made up of some basic fabrics which are even used for making clothes. However, you use a fabric softener to keep your clothes soft after washing them. So, as like you should use the softener on the carpet. 

Before using this softener, you should clean up the carpet with the soap or detergent you want to use. Normally, deep cleaning of the carpet. Next, you have to rinse the carpet removing all the leftover soap. 

After doing this, take half of the cup of fabric softener with one gallon of warm water. Then, moisten the solution over the entire carpet. Allow it to set for 2 or 5 minutes. Now you can extract and rinse with the removed water. So it will get soft and velvety.

2- Baking Soda

This solution is also helpful in cleaning up the carpet and making it softer. The solution, which we call homemade recipes like hot water, baking soda, liquid laundry detergent, and fabric softener. This does not disturb your budget and is also an affordable option to soften your carpet. 

Furthermore, It is a non-toxic carpet cleaner that can soften the carpet fibers too. Mix these components properly and spray directly over the stain or dirty area of the carpet. Then scrub this solution and then rinse all the solution with water from the carpet. 

Moreover, this method is very easy-breezy and quite economical for your pocket.

3- Soften The Carpet With Vinegar

clean Carpet With Vinegar

Vinegar is also essential to make carpet soft, like baking soda. When it moves toward carpet care, one of its most interesting uses of it is to fluff up the heavy traffic areas, where the fiber seems flattened and ragged out. 

Well, you should dilute the vinegar in a similar amount in the water. Then spray it on the affected area of the carpet. 

While the fiber has absorbed the mixture, take a regular spoon and run it sideways to loosen up the fibers and replenish their original fabric.

4- Homemade Cleaner Machine With Softener

Make sure to use this method if you have the shampoo machine at home or a steam cleaner. Now, to create a homemade cleaning mixture, first take a cup of pure vinegar per gallon of warm water. 

This will very effectively remove the most stain and soil from the carpet fibers. To make the solution stronger, you have to add one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. 

Now this on the carpet gently and scrubbing it. Then the stain will get loose and take out the dirt completely. You should take a fabric softener and spray this liquid on the carpet. So it will make the carpet soft.

5- Use Blow Dryer

This method will rehabilitate your carpet to be soft and fluffy. Doing this process, you need some warm water. Make sure that the water is warm, not hot, because it will harm the fibers of the carpet.

Keep in mind that cover the entire carpet with warm water but not in that area where it will soak as this will also damage it. 

After that, switch on the blow dryer and switch on the lowest heat setting. Make sure that it will be away from the carpet by about six inches and start the drying process. 

One time it begins to dry, put in order the carpet fibers with your hands to fluff it up. After doing this process, you will recognize that the carpet gets a softener.

6- Keep The Carpet Fluffy 

Here we have suggestions to keep the carpet fluffy and sterile. Some points are discussed below.

  1. The movement of heavy furniture frequently will prevent excessively flattening. 
  2. Use furniture collier under the legs of heavy aspects to help disperse the burden. 
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner routinely. At least in a week. 
  4. Remove shoes inside the home to prevent massive soiling.
  5. Put the door mats or small rugs inside and outside of the corridor because the dirt brought into the home is minimum. 
  6. Deep clean your carpet after three months or six months. Most people clean it up seasonally.

7- Soften The Carpet With Iron

Firstly, you should use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the soil from it. Then locale the damp cloth or towel over any flattened areas. Set the temperature of the iron on a medium scale and move it across the towel for 30 seconds or one minute. Fluff up the fibers with your hands. Move the cloth to another area. 

Repeat this process again and again until your carpet is entirely fluffy again.

Bottom Line

Place the carpet in your home, which makes it beautiful and delightful. You are worried that after deep cleaning how the carpet will get soft again.

So as above, we mentioned some methods to restore the carpet like using baking soda, blow dryer, homemade detergent, vinegar, and fabric softener. 

Furthermore, these methods will work when you clean the carpet routinely. To use these methods, make sure that the cleaning solution will rinse from the water completely, so it will not make your carpet corpse when dry.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Why does my carpet get crunchy after cleaning?

The carpet gets crunchy because of the detergent or soap and chemicals that you use for washing. If the rinse process will not be accurate and water gets dry with solutions on the carpet. So it will stiff the carpet and have a crunchy or hard texture. 

Why is my carpet not fluffy?

There is a lot of traffic on the carpet, or it has dents from years of unmoved furniture. So if you want to look at the fluffy carpet again, you should use baking soda and vinegar with warm water and ice cubes, which boost your carpet. 

When should I replace my carpet?

Well, if you find that your carpet has a lot of soil and is not clean seasonally, then you should replace your carpet soon. Similarly, a carpet is replaced every 7 to 8 years; if you maintain the carpet, so it will take 10 years. Especially in those busier homes may need modernizing more frequently. 

Should I use a vacuum after carpet cleaning?

Yes, you may use the vacuum before and after cleaning. Vacuums absorb a large amount of soil easily. After the cleaning process, when the carpet gets dry slightly, it will pick up the soil, making it more refreshed.

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