16 Ways To Clean Room With ADHD | (Pro Tips)

It’s pretty challenging to clean your room with ADHD, and we can understand your pain. A one with an ADHD mind works in such a way to make organization very difficult.

For people who want an organized house, cleaning often doesn’t work out for people with ADHD. And secondly, it takes much time to manage a home with an ADHD mind properly.

House cleaning is a crucial part of our lives, and nobody wants to live in a dirty house. But how does a person with ADHD properly clean his/her room?

You don’t need to worry. With some right strategies, you can quickly turn house cleaning from a difficult task to a simple, easy job. We are going to share some tips and tricks article to boost your ability to manage your house with ADHD. 

16 Ways To Clean Room With ADHD

1- Use Bins For Proper Management

bins for rooms

I love bins because they help me manage my room; when there is no trash in your room, it naturally looks organized. A one with ADHD can reduce their efforts and enhance cleaning by simply using bins. 

Get a few clear plastic bins and keep them in the closet or storage area of your house to fight clutter before it happens. You can even buy more than one bin for your room and divide them into a category. 

If you can’t think of any general categories, look through your clutter and write down what items collect around your home. Organize your bins in categories based on what ends up everywhere.

Or you can buy different colored bins for different types of trash, which will help you put every cluttered item in the correct containers. But remember, one bin must be placed near to your bed. This allows you to put snacks or cookie trash in the bin quickly.

When you bring something home that does not already have a home, make sure to put it in a bin. Therefore, the bins can be used to store excess items until you can find a way to use them. 

This way, you don’t create more clutter, and you won’t have to constantly clean and find a place for everything. The goal should be to make the organization simple enough that you can do it automatically. This is one of the best and top tip for cleaning and organizes your room with ADHD.

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2- Decluttering

clean room with adhd

If your room is clutter-free, naturally, your mind like a peaceful environment, and you can sleep better. But for the ADHD mind, it’s difficult to fight against clutter continuously.

Because it’s pretty difficult for them to organize things and keep track of them, clutter follows them not just to their home but also to their workspace and even to their cars. If you find yourself in a constant war with clutter, you can follow these three simple ways to get a win.

3- Do a Regular Decluttering Sweep

It doesn’t mean that you must clean your house daily from top to bottom. This will never solve the issue of cluttering, especially for those with ADHD.

According to Adina, “You must take 30 minutes each week to focus on decluttering your home. You can do it at one time or may break into three 10-minute sessions over the week.” 

I think people with ADHD should break the whole decluttering process into three 10-minute sessions. And before you start, make sure to grab a recycle bin, a “catch-all” bin and a laundry hamper.

4- Hang Your Clothes Properly

Clothes spread a lot of clutter and disturb our whole surrounding. Just hold yourself for 10 minutes and start to gather all the clothes, then properly hang useful clothes in an almirah.

If you left with a few rotten clothes, make sure to put them in the garbage. Remember, too many rotten garments in a room always spread clutter, and one must take some action to manage them.

5- Always Buy A Furniture With Storage

Temporary storage is another major cause of cluttering in a house. Suppose you have furniture with plenty of built-in storage, then you can easily manage to clutter. Try to place everything separately. This will help you to organize everything easily and search for them when needed.

6- Set a Proper Schedule For Cleaning

tips to clean room with adhd

Planning before cleaning is very crucial, especially for people with ADHD. With a proper plan, you won’t ever clean the house

Firstly remember that you don’t need to clean everything in your house. Start taking action from that essential part of your home, which may be your kitchen, bedroom, TV launch or Guest room. So things that are used as a hall, you need to clean it once a month. 

Then, you should create a cleaning schedule based on what is usually needed to be done daily, weekly, and monthly. Put your categories and tasks on a calendar to see them every day after you have assigned them.

So for cleaning the critical part of your house, you can make a daily or weekly schedule. It depends on your time. If you are a busy person, then you need to give at least 30-50 minutes a week to clean the essential parts in the room.

Break up house cleaning tasks and schedule them into your schedule to make housecleaning a priority. ADHD and cleaning the house will become less of a problem with time since you are used to doing a little bit every day.

7- List Down The Things That You Have Done

how to clean living room with adhd

For an ADHD mind, it’s essential to list down the things that they have cleaned. ADHD brains move from one thing to another quickly without taking the time to reflect or focus. As a result of this fast processing, we can lose track of where we stand with our tasks.

So to keep the cleaning routine on track, you should have a cleaning chart. With a proper chart and schedule, you can quickly achieve your goals, and you can mark them off as they are completed.

You can also use a dry erase board (whiteboard). This helps you update the board each week, and at the beginning of the week, you can again plan new tasks.

This way, you won’t have to guess whether I have cleaned the carpet or vacuumed the living room. A chart always helps to remember that you can do this work. 

This is the straightforward and best way to manage your home cleaning system. A proper and organized cleaning system helps ADHD minds to clean the home very quickly.

8- Always Start Cleaning From Small Things

easy way to clean room with adhd

Having too many things going on at once is very stressful for ADHD. To save yourself from cleaning stress, don’t worry about taking every action at once.

Instead of cleaning everything in a house, start from a small thing. Small items are easy to clean and take fewer times, so when you complete cleaning small things, it gives courage also to clean mighty objects in your house. In this way, you can work more efficiently, and your mind will be less stressed. 

9- Wipe Mirror & Glasses

Mirror and Glasses are the essential part of home decoration and its outfit. Clean mirrors look more luxurious, and you will feel pleased to see such clean and shining objects in your home. 

Especially for ADHD, mind it’s an inspiring moment to see shining and clean glasses in their house. When Glasses & Mirrors look clean, everything naturally becomes more beautiful. 

Those with ADHD minds can also start cleaning from mirrors & glasses. This is not just makeup room glass. It may be table glass, frames, or even windows. But remember, always start from a small object and list cleaning items before getting started.

You need one damp microfiber cloth or foam with one dry cloth to clean all the glass surfaces.

11- Make Use Of Visual Aids

Visual processors make up a large percentage of youngsters with ADHD. Consider color-coding your school binders, papers, and notes with a distinct hue for each subject. Consider using one color for homework and another for documents that will be kept at home.

To keep spaces tidy around the house, use open shelving or transparent containers with labeling. Over-the-door shoe holders made of clear plastic are ideal for storing tiny objects that are easily misplaced.

12- Request Someone to Hold You Accountable

This is considerably easier if you have a roommate, spouse, or family member who lives with you. However, just because you live alone doesn’t mean this work is impossible.

Call a buddy and ask them over, noting your immaculate bedroom in particular. Set a time limit for yourself, say a week, to make your place presentable for visitors.

The stress of a deadline can sometimes send your motivation into overdrive. I know for a fact that it does for me.

13- Getting Rid Of  The Clutter On Your Kitchen Counters

Examine your counters for the most common sources of clutter. Coffee accouterments were one of my kitchen’s most obnoxious counter-clutter concerns. They were intended to be kept in a cupboard, but we rarely put them back after using them to brew coffee.

I devised a coffee basket that sits beside the coffee pot to address this issue. It’s where we keep everything we need to make coffee. Instead of leaving everything on the counter, it’s now just as simple to put everything back in the basket.

Spices were a concern for me as well. I keep all of my spices in a basket in my pantry, but they rarely find their way back once I get them out to cook. So I gathered my most frequently used spices and placed them in a bit of basket next to my oven. With a Viol! The issue has been resolved.

14- Don’t Just Tell, Show

Because ADHD runs in families, there’s a strong chance you suffer from it and is similarly disorganized. If you don’t have organizational abilities yourself, it isn’t easy to teach them to others.

If that’s the case, putting in the effort to build up organizing procedures in your home will benefit everyone in your household, not just your child. When your child sees that you value organization, it reinforces why he should appreciate it as well.

15- One’s Attitude Determines Everything

You can do it if you believe you can. Self-talk that is unhelpful or negative is typical among persons with ADHD, and it can be exhausting. It’s not simple to silence those negative voices in your thoughts, but telling yourself that you can achieve it will help you stay motivated.

Nobody expects you to be perfect, and no one expects you to be perfect. Every day or week, do your best to complete your responsibilities. It’s okay if you don’t meet all of them.

It’s perfectly normal to be bored with tasks or to desire to avoid them. Consider extending some self-compassion to yourself. Focusing on what you didn’t do is counterproductive. Instead, think about what you’ve already accomplished.

16- Simplifying Difficulties

By removing as many physical and mental barriers as possible, you can increase your chances of success.

For Example
When it comes to domestic tasks, it’s far easier to store the right cleaning products in each room or location than to maintain them all in one central storage place. You’ll be more inclined to grab the supplies and get things done if you have easier access to them.

Consider which of your expectations are too challenging to meet regularly and simplify them. Your home doesn’t have to appear like something out of an interior design magazine all of the time.

How to Identify and Solve Your Biggest Problems

  • Take a look around your home. What constitutes the majority of the issue? Clothes? Trash? Shoes? What do you do with random items that don’t have a home? Paper? Is it junk mail? Rank the items in order of how much clutter they are causing. (I recommend writing it down.) After that, you’ll take each problem one by one.
  • Choose a location and begin removing items using whatever method works best for you in removing the most amount of items. Whatever principle you prefer: joy, relaxation, or whatever you want to call it.
  • Now, with the items you still have, ask yourself, “What could I do to make it easier for me to keep this problem uncluttered?”

Make sure that the tactics you choose are as effective as possible. It’s best if you can put things away in as few steps as possible. Use a laundry hamper without a top, for example, to save yourself an extra effort.

Final Words

I know both ADHD and room cleaning are terrible sometimes, but I can easily clean a room with ADHD by following a few tips mentioned above. 

You know better than cleaning is such a process that never ends, and you will run away from it. So you need to make cleaning simple for you despite not doing it. And I’m sure you will enjoy cleaning your room if you manage it properly, even with ADHD in mind. 

I hope you will enjoy the article, share it with other people with ADHD to help them clean their environment.


Why aren’t persons with ADHD able to keep their rooms clean?

You might question why they don’t just keep things tidy to prevent any repercussions. People with ADHD who have trouble maintaining clean things aren’t usually lazy or careless. They struggle with a set of abilities required to complete cleanup duties and remain organized. Executive function is the term for these abilities.

With ADHD, how can I stay motivated to clean?

Infusing your routine with energy and playfulness is a great approach to get your ADHD brain moving and motivated. Remember that attempting to manage everything at once can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Instead, try setting precise daily goals.

How do I stop being clumsy because of ADHD?

Every room should have a wastebasket. In rooms where you read, hang a magazine rack—De-clutter for 15 minutes every day (throwing and putting things away, filing, if necessary). Every room should have at least one junk drawer.

Do hoarders have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

While ADHD and hoarding are two different mental illnesses, evidence suggests that those with ADHD are more likely to have hoarding tendencies. ADHD is one of the conditions most typically connected with hoarding, according to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA).

Is it possible that ADHD becomes worse on some days?

Many variables can exacerbate your ADHD symptoms on any given day, some of which you can control. However, everyone is different and may have varying levels of tolerance for specific triggers.

What does it feel like to have ADHD?

Inability to focus, being quickly distracted, hyperactivity, poor organizational abilities, and impulsiveness are signs. Not everyone with ADHD exhibits all of these signs and symptoms. They differ from person to person and tend to change as people become older.