7 Pro Tips To Make A Big Couch Look Smaller (2023)

In today’s guide we will discuss how to exactly make your couch look smaller.

If your living room is smaller but your couch is too oversized, it doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t give a luxury feel. 

Large sofas in a room make a room feel smaller by creating a crowded and cluttered feeling.

It’s pretty hard to reduce the physical size of the couch, but you can use the following tactics to make big sofas look smaller.

How To Make A Big Couch Look Smaller

1. Don’t Place Your Couch In the Center Of Living Room

making big couch look small

Sure, if you place an oversized couch in the centre of your living room, then it can make a room feel cramped. 

So, where should you place your sofas to make your smaller room look wide? If you have a 10 ft x 13 ft or 7 ft x 10 ft room, you must place the couch to a side larger in width.

This means if you have a 7 ft x 10 ft room, you must place your couch to the side that is 10ft wide.

In this watch, the couch will arrange perfectly, and it never makes your room look smaller. Personally, In my office, I arrange all my couches to the wide side, and It looks much more comfortable than the couch in the centre.

It’s pretty hard to reduce the physical size of the couch, but you can use the following tactics to make big sofas look smaller.

How will this arrangement be beneficial for your living room? This type of arrangement will give you much more space at the center. And when there is enough space at the center of the room, the living room will automatically become wide enough.

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2. Arrange You Couch To Make Natural Pathways

how to make pathways for couch

Because of their placement in the room, couches can sometimes seem too large. Make clear, natural pathways around the too-large piece and the rest of the items in the room.

Also, you shouldn’t place unnecessary items on both sides of couches, and this will free up most of the space and create more natural pathways.  

For example, in a living room, space’s primary purpose is to sleep at the bed, so the path from any opening or doorway to the bed should remain clear.

By creating a clear flow to the room, the eye can travel easily by each piece of furniture without being distracted by an oversized piece.

3. You Can Buy Custom Couches

Custom furniture is immense satisfaction. Even if you change the house, you still won’t have furniture arrangement problems. 

With custom couches, you can make any kind of workspace you want. Even in a small room, you can put a 5-7 seater couch that also feels good.

Custom Couches allows you to design your room with your design in mind. So either you want Urban outfits or British outfits in your room, you can easily arrange your furniture that way.

4. Choose Lighter Color Fabrics For Couches

couch looks smaller

According to the research, looking at bright, lighter colors can release dopamine, making us feel good. Even if you have an oversized couch in your room, you can change its fabric to a light color that will automatically look better.

You can pick light pink, gray or cream colors to enhance the beauty of your outfits. 

No doubt, couches with light-colored fabrics look more comfortable and relaxing as compared to dark ones, as dark colors don’t increase dopamine too much. 

In addition, paler shades reflect more light than dark colors, so the room appears brighter and more open.

I would suggest using matching color in bed sheets, mats, carpets, and couches, to get a more luxurious feel.

5. Pay Attention To Scale

Make sure the surrounding furniture fits the surrounding space. Since the couch is so oversized, you might think it’s best to opt for small, dainty pieces that will take up little space.

Although you shouldn’t pair your sofa with equally oversized furniture, choosing a small coffee table and end tables can make your sofa seem clumsy in the room.

Instead, opt for mid-sized pieces and with clean lines that help balance the couch’s look.

Wall hangings serve the same purpose – don’t hang a bunch of tiny frames near your sofa, drawing attention to the furniture’s size. 

Choose a few medium-sized pieces of artwork or even a single larger piece like a decorative mirror that can stand up to the sofa’s size.

6. Use Soft And Premium Fabrics

how to reduce the size of couch

Couches with tough fabrics look very old-fashioned and seem quite bulky and more oversized. Reversedly, the couches with soft fabrics looked more comfortable and friendly.

Fabric plays a massive role in the decoration of your furniture, you might have seen some people have old furniture, but still, they look luxurious because of soft fabric.

I recommend you to use Velvet covers on your couches because it’s too silky and gives a fabulous feeling when touch. You can also use Chenille covers that are again too soft and have closed loops rather than an open nap. 

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7. Should You Buy Oversized Couches

Choosing a small couch isn’t a perfect solution to increase the space because it reduces the seating arrangement.

Imagine entering a room with a tiny couch in it and thinking, there is no space for us to put one in here. This is the visual aesthetic when a couch isn’t big enough. 

Another reason to buy an oversized couch is comfort. If you want to make your room more comfortable and welcoming, a large sofa will help. Your comfort will be significantly enhanced and will enable you to achieve the desired ambiance.

Some people must entertain guests. And this is the second big reason why one would consider buying an oversized couch. The larger the couch, the more guests it can accommodate.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to worry about oversized couches, and it is too easy to make them look smaller and create more space in the room by using the above few tactics. 

I hope you will enjoy this article. Still, if you have any questions you must ask in the comment box, we appreciate to reply to our audience.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to know if my couch is too big?

When a couch is too big for a room, it takes up the entire length of the wall against which it is situated.
1- It overcrowds the rest of the room’s furnishings.
2- It does not provide enough space for the television to be appropriately distanced.
3- It’s tough to get on and out of the sofa, and it’s uncomfortable to use.

What is a normal couch size?

Explanation of Dimensions A normal size couch, often known as a three-seater sofa, has a seating surface that is 90 inches wide, 38 inches deep, and 34 inches high. This, however, can differ from one brand to the next. We’ll show you how to pick the ideal new sofa for your living area in this guide.

What are the causes of a squeaky couch?

A squeaky couch might be caused by loose or rubbing zigzag springs. Squeaky sofas with reclining seats usually require lubricating the metal components to eliminate squeaks. However, the wood structure may sometimes creak when it rubs up against other elements of the frame.

Is it ruined by lying on a couch?

The structure, cushions, coverings, and padding on a sofa can all be damaged by sleeping on it. It won’t hurt to sleep on a couch once in a while. Sleeping on it for an extended period can cause wear and tear, and you may notice that particular portions are damaged more than others.