Why is My Sofa Making Me Itch? Problem Solved!!!

Sometimes your sofa makes you itch because of poor foam quality, rough covers, or your pet sitting on the sofa. 

In most cases, itching is dangerous for you because it may cause skin allergies, which leads to eczema or hives. Similar Microscopic mites and pet dander can live in your sofa, pillows etc. and cause different skin diseases.

You make your sofa itching free by following a few tips and methods. And you have to take action immediately before it can cause some severe skin problems.  

Why Your Sofa is Making You Itch: Main Reasons

Several reasons may cause itching. But a few reasons are standard, and I’m sure you may have faced one of them. 

1- Poor Foam Quality

If your sofa is too old, it might have poor foam quality, or some cheap sofa also comes with poor foams. Foams are the heart of safety that makes you comfortable. 

If it has poor quality, it reacts with your skin and causes skin itching immediately. And in summer, it is hazardous, and these foams may react with your sweat and cause skin allergies. 

And if you don’t change the foam, it may cause severe skin problems. 

Sometimes, people use a thin cover on the foams or don’t use a cover. In such cases, the itching increases 10 times, and you may fall into complex skin diseases.

The high-quality foams provide comfort, correct postures and average blood circulation. So you should invest in a sofa with high-quality foam. For people with sensitive skin, a high-quality sofa is very crucial. 

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2- Rough Cushion Covers

There are dozens of sofa fabrics available in the market. Some materials are rough and dry that directly affect sensitive skins.

When a person sits on these rough fabrics, it will cause minor scratches on the skin that leads to irritation and burning of the skin. In summer, this irritation will 3X may cause different skin diseases and allergies on your whole body.

You should use cotton or silk fabric to give maximum comfort to your sensitive skin. 

If the rough cover infects your skin, you can use ice packing to reduce the burning of the skin. Secondly, immediately change the cover of the cushion and sofa.

3- Polls and Air Pollutants

Sometimes your sofa is placed near a window or outdoors. In this case, different pollens and harmful particles from the air are allocated into the couch and cause itching. 

Some people are very allergic to pollen, and these particles directly affect their skin and throat. 

In the beginning, when you sit on the sofa, these pollens will cause slight itching, but after some time, your skin turns red by extreme rubbing. And most people rub so hard that the affected spot starts bleeding.

Similarly, when you touch any part of your skin with affected hands, germs will transfer to that sport and cause itching. So this is a severe cause you should immediately take a bather with germs killing soup. 

4- Germs & Dirt

Most of the germs adhere to sofas during cleaning or dusting your home, and later on, they grow and cause itching. 

Or if you sneeze without putting your hands in front of your mouth, then germs from your mouth stick with the sofa. And when some other person’s skin touches that spot, it will cause skin problems and itching. 

This is not a good thing for people whose epithelium is already sensitive. 

Similarly, touching the face with infected hands may cause pimples on the face and burning of the skin.

5- Do You Have Pets That Sit On Your Sofa?

In the USA, most people own pets, and most of the time, these pets sit on the couch with you. This is pretty harmful to you and can infect your skin. Because pets play outside in dirt and soil, and when they sit on the couch, it becomes contaminated, which may cause skin itching.

According to Pfuetze, The couch which becomes contaminated because of pets has a high concentration of pet dander.

And sensitive patients will have more reactions to the sofa than if they buried their face in the animal’s fur.

Some pets like dogs and cats sit or even sleep on the couch, and their hairs remain there. These hairs contain harmful bacteria and germs that may cause skin itching. 

6- Insects on The sofa

Plenty of insects are present on the sofa, and some are microscopic, like mites and mold. And few can be seen with the naked eye like roundworms etc. I think these tiny insects are hazardous for your family. Because when you become infected with someone else, it is because of you. And you can even infect your bed, blanket and other stuff. 

These insets cause skin itching and affect your whole body, and pimples will appear on different spots of your body. 

If you have seen such insects on your sofa, then take immediate action. You can use an antibacterial spray to avoid these disgusting insects.

7- Urine Stain

Pets or even babies can urinate on the sofa’s surface, and after some time, the stain of urine becomes dry. Whenever someone sits on that try stains, they get allergic and start itching. Undoubtedly, the urine of both humans and animals contains contaminated and toxic material that is harmful to your skin. 

Sensitive skin may react immediately with these strains and get affected. In this case, you may start burning your skin, and after rubbing it, it turns red. 

If you are in such a condition, then cleaning your skin is the best option; you can use different antibacterial soaps or sanitizers to kill the toxic germs. But first, you have to clean the urine stains from the sofa with the wet cloth dipped in some detergent. 

8- Mites On Sofa

Microscopic mites and other germs can quickly accumulate in pillows, especially feather pillows. These pillows look more decorative and soft, but they are dust magnets and attract every allergy into them.

The dust stays in these pillows for a long time that develops mites. These mites can react with the skin and cause itching and other severe allergies. 

The other dangerous thing is, if you don’t take action against these mist, it will grow up more rapidly and infect every family member. 

The mites cause severe irritation and burning on sensitive skin, and such skin turns read more rapidly. Similarly, in summer, if you have sweat on your body, this mist immediately reacts with such spots and cause itching. 

9- Old Sofa

Most of the old furniture may be infected by insects, and using such a table may affect your skin. 

Similarly, old sofas are the home of germs. If you don’t clean it regularly, it may cause different skin problems. And the fabric of these sofas is full of embedded mites and pollen. 

Apart from this, the old leather fabric can also cause skin itching. When sensitive skin rub with old leather, it leads to burning and scratching of the skin. 

10- Moisture And Humidity 

According to the research, your skin pores become open with a lot of moisture in your surroundings. These open pores gather a lot of dirt, oil, and allergens like a magnet. 

Wet foams usually create more moisture which may be dangerous for your skin because wet foam attracts all the dust particles that cause skin itching. 

It has been seen that the person who sits or sleeps on such couches for more than three hours will be 100% affected by skin problems. Similarly, humidity in foams also causes people to sweat, which makes them uncomfortable and attracts allergies. 

When people with sensitive skin sit on these sofas, their skin becomes soft and watery. And after a few times, it turns red, which is a harmful condition.

11- Chemical Spray

Most people use a spray to kill mosquitoes or air fresheners on the couch. These sprays contain harmful chemicals which adhere to the surface of the sofa and react with your skin. 

These particles can cause different skin problems; especially, they will immediately start itching on the skin. 

Similarly, these harmful particles are irritating and cause throat issues. So you should avoid spraying too much on the sofas. 

12- Dirty Bare Foots

I have seen most people walk around the home with bare feet, and a lot of dirt and toxic particles adhere to their feet. And when someone with such feet sits on the sofa, it becomes contaminated.

Sensitive skin immediately reacts with such dust particles and starts itching. Sometimes these dust particles are so harmful and cause pimples on the infected spots. 

So you make sure to wear some socks or a sleeper while walking around in the home. And wash your feet daily, especially before going to bed or the sofa.

13- New Fabric

Sometimes new fabric on your sofa causes itching, and this is because the new material is often rough, and sensitive skins are allergic to it. 

Some of the fabrics have rides on them that may cause patches with pain. It makes you uncomfortable and starts inflammation.

In such a situation you need to change the sofa fabric. Silk and Linen or any other soft fabric are best for sensitive skin.

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14- Crystalline Powder Packets

You have seen that most of the foams come with dimethyl that protects them from humidity effects. These packets have very fragile packing that sometimes interacts with human skin and sweating and causes skin problems.

In summer, the material inside the packet starts melting and forms multiple rashes that are big.

How To Fix My Sofa From Itching

If you have found any of the above problems, then don’t worry. All these problems have solutions. You can follow these simple steps to stop a sofa from itching.

  • Place your sofa under direct sunlight for a whole day, and this will kill every germ from it and make it germs free. Sunlight UV rays are a killer for different allergies, dirt, and mites.
  • Remove the old covers from your sofa and replace them with new ones
  • Don’t use harmful chemicals on our sofa. Just do dusting from the couch to make it dust-free.
  • If you have rough sofa fabric, immediately change it, and try something smooth like silk covers.
  • Use anti-allergic locations on your skin and especially on infected spots that reduce the rashes and burning of the skin.

Final Words

It’s not a difficult job to make your sofa itching free. Follow the steps mentioned above to make your sofa clean and dirt free. If you have money, then you can also change the sofa. 

This Rivet Revolve Modern Sofa is a perfect option for sensitive skins, and it’s available in different colors. 

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