9 Best Concrete Cleaners For 2023

Cleaning hardwood is too easy, but on the contrary, cleaning concrete floors is a very laborious task. I know it’s frustrating when you see spills and stains on concrete floors. 

Mainly concrete floors are used in garages and expose to grease stains, spills, and grime. You can’t simply remove such stains with vinegar or baking soda. For such conditions, you need concrete solid cleaners to eliminate stubborn stains in minutes.  

So if you’re trapped in the problem of your concrete floor cleaning, today I will help you overcome this problem by using the best concrete cleaner.

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9 Best Concrete Cleaners 

Our Top Picks…

1- GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner

GP66 is a concentrated cleaner for cleaning the most stubborn stains from concrete floors. This cleaner is water-based but too concentrated, so you can dilute it according to its staining nature. 

This cleaner does not work on concrete floors, but you can use it on bricks, grout, grills, tables, fireplaces, etc. This powerful cleaner is not only environmentally friendly but also NSF-approved, so you can use it on food surfaces. 

Most of the time, dirt accumulates on concrete floors, and oily stains or Grease stick dust to the floor; this GP66 cleaner is the best option for such a situation. 

The good thing I have seen in this cleaner is its odor-free nature. Few people are allergic to the smell of cleaners, but GP66 cleaner will never irritate you. 

  • Best cleaner for even the dirtiest of tasksnOdor lessnIt can be used for multi-purposesnNSF approvednMade in the USA
  • Not effective for old pavers of mildew

2- Oil Eater Original Cleaner

Oil Eater Original Cleaner

If your concern is removing grease stains from the concrete floor, an Oil Eater cleaner will greatly help you. This powerful cleaner is made with special biodegradable formulas that immediately eliminate heavy-duty stains. 

This is a concentrated cleaner, so you must dilute it before using it. Oil Eater is not only the best cleaner for concrete floors, but you can use it on multiple surfaces; for less porous surfaces, you have to dilute it more. 

People also use the cleaner to clean their engines because this powerful cleaner efficiently removes oil from the surface and makes them shine. 

This product makes your concrete floors look newer and removes mildew, mold, grout stains, and other stubborn stains from bricks, drywall, and other floors.

  • Best for oily surfacesnNo harsh or irritating smellnUsda approved nAlso helpful in removing mildew and algae
  • It might cause skin irritation when it is exposed to the skin.

3- CHOMP! Concrete Oil Stain Remove

Concrete Oil Stain Remove

This is one of the best concrete cleaners specifically made for removing oil stains from concrete floors and bricks. Its strong formula works best on porous floors like concrete.

Chomp cleaner removes oil stains, greases, mildew, mold, and other stubborn stains. This cleaning solution is very easy to use, and you don’t need hard scrubbing. Just pour a small amount of liquid on any stain and leave it for a few hours; once it’s dry, rub it with a brush, and the stain will remove like chalk dust. 

This powerful concrete cleaner comes with a hazard-free formula; unlike other cleaners, it doesn’t contain any acid or bleach. So you can use it on any spot in your home. 

  • Efficiently removing any type of oil stainsnEasy to usenEffective and hazard-free formula
  • Not suitable for marble or hardwood floors

4- 30 SECONDS Cleaner 

30 SECONDS Cleaner 

This cleaner is best for removing mold and mildew from concrete floors. As the name suggests, 30 Seconds cleaner eliminates stains in a few seconds. Most of the time, dirt accumulates on concrete floors, and oil and grease stains make it difficult to remove; this cleaner is ideal for such circumstances.

Unlike other heavy-duty cleaners, this one is very easy to use; you don’t have to dilute or mix it with water. Just spray the 30 seconds cleaner on any stain and simply rub it with a microfiber cloth or any other brush, and the stain will disappear.  

This cleaner is also effective for removing stains from grout, especially in the bathroom; the grout between tiles attracts stains the most, and for such areas, a 30-second cleaner is the best treatment. It not only removes stains but also makes the surface shiner look new. 

  • Immediately remove stainsnEasy to usenBest for removing algae, mold, and mildewnYou can also use it on tiles, sofas, cushions, and other surfacesnDoesn’t fade color
  • Comes in small quantity

5- EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner

 Waterless Concrete Cleaner

EXIMO concrete cleaner perfectly removes oil stains from your concrete floor. It has a powerful formula that breaks down oil hydrocarbon chains, and you can easily swipe these stains. 

The best part is that EXIMO cleaner is waterless and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t fade the surface color after cleaning. 

Although this product is effective for oil stains, removing stains takes a lot of time. First, apply the powder on the stained area and sweep it across the oil spot until fully dispersed, leaving it for 3-4 weeks to remove stains. 

  • Waterless cleanernIt can be used on multiple surfacesnVery effective formula for removing oily stains from concrete floors
  • Takes time to remove stains

6- Simple Green 18202

Simple Green 18202

Simple Green 18202 is a concentrated cleaning solution, and you have to dilute it before using it on concrete floors. The cleaner can easily remove oil, grease, and other stains from concrete surfaces. 

You can also use this cleaner with a water pressure system, but if you don’t have a water pressure system, then simply use manual cleaning. Simple Green 18202 doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, and it’s non-toxic and safe for your floor and environment. 

Just mix a few cups of Simple Green cleaner for manual cleaning into water. Pour the mixture on the stains and leave it for five minutes. Then use a brush to clean the stains; after the allotted time, rinse it with clean water, and the stain will disappear.

  • Ideal to use on concrete walks, brisk drivewaysnIt can remove most tough stainsnDoesn’t cause any discoloration
  • Not recommended for vinyl floors

7- Sheiner’s All-Purpose Cleaner

concrete cleaner

If you want a multipurpose cleaner, look at Sheiner’s cleaner; this will not remove stubborn stains from concrete floors but also work on kitchen floors, vinyl floors, bathroom tiles, and marble floors. 

The cool thing about this cleaner is that it can mix up to 128 gallons of floor-cleaning solution, which means it lasts longer and is a cost-effective option for removing stains. 

Unlike other cleaners that contain chemicals, this one is a PH-neutral floor cleaner made of nontoxic ingredients, so you can use it on any surface. The fragrance is also soft and doesn’t cause irritation; after mopping, it gives a pleasant smell. 

You can also use this cleaner for steam mopping, Jet M6, microfiber mops, grout cleaning, and a soft cloth. To remove tough stains like grease, you must concentrate on the solution more.

  • Multipurpose cleanernSafe for kids and petsnA PH-neutral cleaner
  • Not effective for mildew

9- Black Diamond Stoneworks

Black Diamond Stoneworks

This cleaner is best for solid concrete, and its natural formula immediately removes stains from the concrete floor. The PH-neutral and biodegradable formula will now only clean the surface, but regular use can improve the natural beauty of floors. 

Black Diamond cleaner is best for all types of floors and also environmentally friendly. You can use it with a water pressure system and manually. For manual use, mix four ounces of Black Diamond with 1 gallon of water, which you can add to make it more concentrated according to to stain nature. 

You can also use this powerful cleaner for mopping on a vinyl floor, marble, etc. And the best part is this cleaner can be used in mopping machines like hoover floormate, Swiffer wet jet, and others. 

  • Work well on polished concrete floors, tiles, and vinyl floorsnNeutral PH formulanCost-effectivenSafe for your environment, pets, and kids
  • Not suitable for unpolished concrete

10- Mr. Clean Multipurpose

Clean Multipurpose

If you want a fresh surface after cleaning stains, then Mr. Clean Multi Purpose is the best option. This floor cleaner not only eliminates grease stains but also freshens the surface. 

Mr. Clean is a multipurpose surface that works on vinyl floors, cement, tiles, grouts, bricks, and other surfaces. Unlike other cleaners, this one has a pleasant smell and is safe for use around your pets and kids.

The good thing about this cleaner is that it’s not concentrated, and you can use it straight from the bottle. That’s why it easily removes stains. Just pour the cleaner on stains and use rags to clean them. You can also use this cleaner in the water pressure system to get stains out quickly. 

  • Proudly made in the USAnA pleasant smell makes your floor freshnIt can be used on multiple surfacesnHelpful in cleaning dirt and eliminating odors
  • The bottle quality is not too good.

11- Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner

Aunt Fannie's Floor Cleaner

This is one of the best concrete cleaners that come in different scents. The smell is pleasant and makes your floor fresh and shiny. The cleaner works perfectly on the cement floor and helps you to remove grease, grime, dirt, and other stubborn stains. 

Aunt Fannie’s cleaner is made with non-hazard ingredients and earns a rating from the Environmental Working gourd. Its natural formula allows you to use it anywhere in your home. 

Before using this cleaner, you have to dilute it; just put 1/2 cup per 2 gallons; you can use it with cleaning machines, mop buckets, or spray bottles. For removing oily stains from concrete floors, use a spray bottle and make the solution bit concentrated. 

  • Have fresh fruit and herb aromasnZero harsh chemicals and 100% safe nIt can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Very small quantity making it expensive, cleaner

Types Of Concrete Cleaners

There are several types of concrete cleaners; some work best on oily stains, and few are best for removing dirt and debris.

Before picking any cleaner, you should know if this will solve your problem. And few concrete cleaners are multipurpose, so you can use them on concrete floors to remove greases and oil stains, on vinyl floors to make them shiny, and to remove stains from grout. So it’s better to go with universal cleaners. 

But before using any type of concrete cleaner, test it on a small area to ensure it will not damage the floor. 

So let’s have a look at types of concrete cleaners.

1- pH Neutral Cleaners

pH-neutral cleaners have a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, indicating that these cleaners are nontoxic and environmentally friendly. You can use concrete cleaners if you have kids and pets around you. Although these cleaners are concentrated, you must dilute them first to remove stains. 

Such cleaners are not affected in removing dirt and dust from your floors. People use these cleaners to remove old and solid stains like grease, oil, mildew, etc. Similarly, such cleaners also won’t remove lime or rust stains. 

2- Acidic Cleaners

These types of cleaners are best for removing inorganic deposits. Some acidic cleaners are also used on vinyl floors, marble, etc., to make them shiny. But before using these cleaners, you must dilute them first to avoid any damage to the surface. 

These types of cleaners require extra security before use because they can irritate your skin or cause damage to the floor if used in concentrated foam. 

If cleaner contains Hydrochloric acid, it’s the best option for concrete floors; although it’s concentrated, it will efficiently remove hard, stubborn stains. Similarly, don’t use acidic cleaners if you have pets and kids around you. 

After removing the stain from the concrete floor, you must rinse it with water to neutralize it. 

3- Enzyme cleaner

These cleaners use special types of biological methods and enzymes to break grease or oil stains. The bacteria in the cleaner remove all the grease stains from concrete floors. 

The good part is you don’t need to mix enzyme cleaner in water to dilute it, and it doesn’t require any effort to mop or scrub stains. Just pour some enzyme cleaner on the stain and leave it for a few hours or days for results. 

Although these types of cleaners take time to eliminate stains, they are effective and don’t require much effort. If enzyme cleaner doesn’t give results for a few days, then it means stains are too stubborn, so in that case, you should try acidic cleaners. 

4- Alkaline Cleaners

The alkaline cleaner contains potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, this type of cleaner works best on oils, fatty acids, and grease since these types of cleaners contain ions that react with the metals in grease and oils and break them. 

Just like acidic cleaners, Alkaline cleaners are very concentrated, and you have to dilute them before use. That’s why they last longer; a small amount of alkaline cleaner is enough to dilute one gallon of water. 

But on the solid or permanent stain, you can also use them in concentrated form but make sure to use proper safety cautions. These cleaners also take some time to properly break down oily stains, and then you can clean them with any microfiber or brush. 

5- General Purpose Cleaners:

Lastly, you have general-purpose cleaners; as the name suggests, these types of cleaners can be used on most surfaces. You can also use them on concrete floors to remove grime and grease stains. 

These types of cleaners also come in concentrated form, so you have to dilute them before use. Usually, 1 part of a general-purpose cleaner is diluted in 5 parts of water for heavy-duty cleaning. And 1 part with 60 parts of water for general-purpose cleaning or mopping on vinyl or marble floors. 

General purpose cleaners usually come with an anti-bacterial nature, and they remove many bacteria and germs from your floors. Most people use these general-purpose cleaners to clean their hardwood floors, marble, bathroom floors, kitchens, and other stains. 

The best part about General purpose cleaners is they have a pleasant smell that spreads an aroma in your environment, making your home fresh and pleasant. 

So based on your preferences, you can choose general-purpose cleaners; if this don’tork on oily or porous surfaces, you can choose acidic cleaners. 

Considerations Before Buying The Best Concrete Cleaner

There are a few things that you should consider before looking for the best cleaner that works perfectly on concrete floors. This includes the nature or type of cleaner, eco-friendliness, ease of use, effectiveness, etc. 

1- Type Of Cleaner

You can choose the type of cleaners based on your preferences and types of stains. I have mentioned above all the types in detail that you can check.

But acidic and Ph-neutral cloners are the best option for removing grease, grime, and other oily stains from concrete floors. Whereas for mopping on concrete floors, you can choose general-purpose cleaners. 

2- Toxicity

Depending on your surroundings, you can consider toxic and nontoxic cleaners. If you have pets and kids, use the necessary precautions or go for non-toxic cleaners.

3- Eco-Friendly

Few concentrated cleaners can damage your floors or may fade their colors. So you should consider cleaners that contain harmless chemicals that don’t react with your floors and are safe for your environment. 

4- Value For Money

Concrete cleaners come at various prices depending upon their nature and concentrations. Few cleaners are more concentrated, and you have to dilute it in water; such cleaners last longer and are worth it option. But few cleaners use it directly on stains, and you don’t have to dilute them. Such types of cleaners are not very cost-effective.

5- Ease Of Use

Last but not least, you should consider the ease of use. Few cleaners are used with pressure washers; if pressure washers are unavailable, don’t buy such cleaners. Similarly, few cleaners are easy to use, like you don’t require much scrubbing, and they are quicker than other cleaners. 


What is the best cleaner for concrete?

Depending on the nature of the stain, you can choose the best cleaner for concrete floors. If you want oil stains, grease, and grime from floors, go for acidic or pH-neutral cleaners. But if the mopping is a major concern, you can use any general-purpose cleaners with high concentration. 

How to clean a polished concrete floor?

For polished concrete floors, you should use mopping with warm water. For such floors, you can use a general-purpose cleaner that makes it shiny and fresh. You can also use enzymatic cleaners that help remove stains on polished concrete floors.

Can I use white vinegar on concrete?

You can use white vinegar on concrete floors, especially if you are looking for natural cleaners to remove stains. It can effectively remove normal stains, but if you have porous concrete floors, it will not work effectively. 

Can acidic cleaners damage concrete?

If you use concentrated acidic cleaner over time, then it might damage the surface of concrete floors. Concentrated acid weakens and fades the surface, but this will only happen if you use it constantly. Therefore, you must first dilute it rather than use concentrated cleaners directly on the concrete floor.