11 Best Slipcovers For Leather Couches & Sofas (2023)

In today’s article, we will discuss some of the best slipcovers for leather couch.

If your leather couch or sofa is pretty smooth, it will be difficult to put a slipcover on it. However, there are multi-piece slipcovers available that fit perfectly on a leather couch. Or you should use a slipcover with non-slip backing or straps.

These slipcovers protect your sofa from stubborn stains, scratches, and other damages. If you have pets or children at home, you must use Slipcovers on your leather couch because some leather couches are very scratch sensitive and prone to damage. 

To help our readers, we have done deep research and compiled a list of the 11 best slipcovers suitable for leather couches.

We have spent a lot of time researching, so let’s see what you will get from here!

Best Slipcovers For Leather Couches & Sofas

In A Hurry! Here Are Our Top Picks…

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1- Gorilla Grip Original Slip-resistant sofa protector

Slipcovers For Leather Couches

As we mention in the introduction, non-slip backing helps to stay put on a leather couch, and this Gorilla protector comes with a firm back. 

Further, to add more stability, this cover offers an adjustable strap, so you can adjust it at any angle to ensure that it is put perfectly on the couch.

Because of its thick layer, this cover protects your couch from pet paws, hair, dirt, and stains. You can also make further adjustments for your kids or rowdy dogs.

This leather slipcover is made of super-soft suede, so you can easily clean it. And the point is you can also machine wash this protector. Wash this protector on a cold cycle with mild or any dilute detergent.

Gorilla Grip protector is available in different sizes. You can use it on your safes, chair, loveseat, and oversized sofa. Use its guide for easy DIY installation. It’s available in different color options so you can choose the best one which suits your outfit. 

  • Super soft suede Thick fabric and best for pets and kids Non-slip back Machine washable Water and hair resistant
  • Not suitable for sofas that are treated with cleaners, as they react with PVC backing and affect it badly.

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2- Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcover

slipcovers with straps

If you are looking for a simple and elegant slipcover, then have a look at the Easy-Going stretch sofa slipcover. This durable cover protector comes in many color variants, so there are many options in front of you.

This sofa cover is made from 20% spandex and 80% polyester, so it feels more comfortable than any other slipcover. Mainly, it’s best for leather sofas as it has stretchy fabric that fits perfectly on them.

You can easily install this protector within 10 minutes using simple DIY skills. When it comes to maintenance, Easy-Going slipcovers are too easy to maintain and clean. You can also wash the cover in the machine, but don’t use bleach on it and don’t iron.

  • Best elegant design It perfectly fits on every couch A lot of sizes and color options are available Stretchy fabric Easy to maintain
  • Not a water-resistant fabric You must insert form strips into the grooves to make them firm.

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3- Sofa Shield Patented Slipcover

Sofa Shield Patented Slipcover

If you are looking for warm slipcovers, Sofa Shield Patented Cover might be a good option for you. Unlike other slipcovers, it’s durable and thick, which protects your couch from dirt, pets’ paws, stains, and everyday wear and tear. 

How Is This Slip Cover Best For Leather Couch?

Because of its 2 inches thick slip-resistant strap and non-slip back, it’s the perfect option for a leather couch. As leather sofas are very smooth and not very slipcover stays on it, this cover would solve your problem.

Thanks to its water-resistant fabric that keeps your couch against coffee stains, spills, leakage, and messes.

Lastly, the Sofa Shield protector is highly recommended for the elderly as it is much more comfortable to support your lower back and hips.

  • Durable and thick fabric Excellent stain-resistant fabric Softer and comfortable Machine washable
  • The anti-slip backing may react with your sofa if you treat it with oil, waxing, or detergent.

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4- PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover

PureFit Reversible Quilted Sofa Cover

Here comes another water-resistant slipcover that you can use on a leather couch. Newly bought sofas attract every type of dust and pets hair, so this protective cover protects you against all bad situations.

With its reversible design, you can frequently change the look of your sofa, and there are many color options available so you can choose the best one that suits your home. If your sofa looks too old, you can also use a cover to enhance the look of the couch.

It comes with non-slip foam anchors and an elastic strap that keeps the cover tight and prevents slipping. This cover can be washed in the washer with 30 degrees celsius water, but don’t use bleach on it. 

PureFit Reversible sofa protector gives you 6 months of warranty time; in case of any problem, you can easily replace it. 

  • Durable and soft Thick fiber Washable It comes with 6 months of warranty time Elastic strap keep the cover firm and prevent it from slipping
  • No Silicone backing

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5- OstepDecor Couch Cover, Sofa Cover

slipcovers for leather sofas

OstepDecor sofa cover is made of high-quality Velvet, which is perfect for a leather couch. As Velvet is a highly non-sleepable fabric, its non-slip silicone rubber backing makes it firm and stay in place. 

Further, Velvet is pretty soft and feels more comfortable compared to the rest of the fabrics. These covers are designed uniquely to fit every type of furniture like a couch, loveseats, sofa, recliner, L-shape sofa, single sofa, chairs, etc.

There are a lot of sizes and colors available; to get the best, you should measure your furniture before purchase.

This slipcover will protect your couch against small drops of water or coffee, but its Velvet is not waterproof fabric. So you would immediately wipe off spills to prevent penetrating the seat.

  • Too much comfortable Easy DIY installation Beautiful pattern Non-slip silicone strap Available in different colors and sizes
  • Not water-resistant

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6- CHHKON Sofa Cover

Can you put a slipcover on a leather couch?

CHHKON Sofa Cover is a 100% waterproof leather sofa cover that offers a comfortable experience. It protects your couch against day-to-day damage, pets’ paws, stains, and kids.

The material of the CHHOKON sofa cover looks so sturdy and firm. It comes with high-quality material, which is made of multi-layer fabrics. 

It has a beautiful pattern that looks so unique and elegant on every couch. The pattern not only gives an attractive look but also feels soft and comfortable. 

Along with its durability, the CHHKON sofa cover has an anti-skid that keeps the cover in place and makes it more firm.

CHHIKON sofa covers are available in different sizes. You can also use it for your recliners, chairs, loveseats, etc. You can easily install this cover on your sofa. In case if the cover is large, then tucked in the excess, fold the arms parts in, and knot the side elastic. 

  • Beautiful pattern design Firm and durable Anti-skid backing Fully waterproof
  • Washing may be difficult

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7- Ameritex Couch Sofa Slipcover 

Ameritex Couch Sofa Slipcover 

Here comes the most luxurious-looking Sofa Slipcover. Ameritex is one of the best slipcovers for leather couches. Its durable Silicon rubber strap keeps the cover stay in place for a longer time. No matter if you sleep on your couch, kids, or pets playing on it, this cover never slips. 

This slipcover is also constructed with 5 layer material that offers additional protection. Its sanitized protective finish keeps your furniture smelling bad odor. 

Thanks to its 100% waterproof nature that releases the stress of dark stains or coffee stains. And the other good thing is you can easily maintain this slipcover. Also, it’s perfect for machine wash.

Because of its premium fabric, it looks new after every wash and adds value to your furniture. Lastly, it’s available in different colors and sizes so you can get the best option according to your choice.

  • 100% waterproof Washable Easy to clean and maintain Premium quality fabric Silicon strap that makes cover stay in place
  • It may affect your sofa if you are treating it with oil or wax.

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8- Turquoize Velvet Sofa Slipcover

Can leather sofas be covered?

Here comes a Velvet sofa slipcover that looks so soft, breathable, and comfortable. Velvet is genuinely an exceptional fabric for sofas. Because of its stretchable quality, it easily fits on the couch and stays on it for a long time. The more you stretch Velvet, the better and firm it looks.

Turquoize velvet slipcover made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex. That’s why it has more elasticity and softness. The elastic solid edge and strap on the bottom minimize slipping. 

If you are looking for a premium and luxury slipcover for your leather couch, a Turquoise Velvet cover is a highly recommended option. Its non-textured and straightforward design creates a more luxurious feel. 

The Velvet is pretty thick. That’s why it protects your couch from spills, stains and prevents it from getting ruined. You can also machine-watch this velvet cover separately in cold water.

  • Soft and luxurious Machine washable Elastic cord on the bottom
  • Not Water Resistant

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9- Pitpet Super Stretch Sofa Slipcover 

Pitpet Super Stretch Sofa Slipcover 

Pitpet Super is one of the best slipcovers for leather couches. Thanks to its super-stretch elastic nature that makes the sofa look firm, and the cover stays on the sofa for long. There is an Elastic band on the bottom, so you can easily adjust the cover. 

This slipcover comes with a grain texture with high-quality fabric that feels more comfortable and soft. If you have old furniture, then this is the right slipcover that transforms your furniture. 

Unlike other slipcovers, Pipet super-stretch sofa covers are pretty easy to install. You need some DIY skills to put it on the couch. 

There is also a guide on how to install this cover. The cover not only improves the look of your furniture but also protects it against spills, stains, pet hairs, and daily wear and tear. 

  • Grain texture feels more comfortable High-quality fabric Elastic band at the bottom Stain-resistant
  • Not fully water-resistant Fewer sizes available

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10- RBSC Home Sofa Cover

RBSC Home Sofa Cover

Having pets and kids means you need a more firm and 100% waterproof cover that protects your leather couch. RBSC is one of the best non-slip covers with waterproof fabric. 

Because of its thick nature, this is a highly stain-resistant cover that protects your couch against daily wear and tear. 

It comes in 10 different colors and four sizes that should go well with all home decor styles. We recommend going for a darker shade for a leather couch as it hides minor stains and looks perfect on a leather sofa. 

Unlike other sofa covers, RBSC slipcovers come with 8 strings that allow the cover to stay on the sofa and prevent sliding. There are two big side pockets and three small pockets to store newspaper, books, chargers, and other stuff

  • Durable and high-quality fabric 100% water resistant Available in different sizes
  • In terms of design, it doesn’t look too good

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11- SureFit Home Décor SF44050  (Exclusive)

slipcovers for leather couch

This one is the last but most exclusive sofa cover that comes in individual pieces. The majority of the cover hides the beauty of leather couches, but this cover keeps its beauty while keeping your sofa safe.

It comes with pure and thick fabric that feels very soft. And because of the premium quality, this fabric is a little heavy.

If you make your furniture look fresh and new, this is the right piece for you. Surefit slipcovers come only in one color and size, so you don’t have many stylish options like other covers. 

It’s too easy to install, as it comes with elastic hem, fasteners, and separate zippers, which is not easy to install but also looks more firm. The cover is completely machine washable so that you can wash it once or twice a month. 

  • Stretch Leather Machine Washable Individual Cushion Sofa Cover Look more premium and luxurious
  • Expensive

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How to Keep Slipcovers on Leather Sofa

Slipcovers are the best way to prevent your leather couch from stains, spills, pet’s paws and increase its lifespan. To keep a slipcover on the sofa, consider a few things to keep everything in its proper place.

  • Use Straps: Using straps with slipcovers makes them firm and keeps them to stay on the couch. If your couch cover doesn’t have any straps, you can make them yourself easily. You need an elastic material and sew it with a slipcover. Otherwise, you can also buy these straps from the market.
  • DIY Method: Smoothen the surface of the cover with your hands and if their fabric remains, push it onto the crack between cushions, couch, and back. 
  • Upholstery pins: To make sofa cover in place, upholstery pins play a vital role. You install these pins, pull the material to get a snug fit and put upholstery pins on the resulting baggy portion. 
  • Foam Batting: Foam batting is one of the most convenient and best ways to keep slipcovers on a leather couch. Before installing the covers, you can place foam batting of the same size as the sofa cushions. This foam batting prevents covers from slipping and makes them more firm.

Guide To Buy Best Slipcovers For Leather Couch

When buying a slipcover for a leather couch, you should keep a few things in mind as there are a lot of covers available in the market, that’s why it isn’t easy to choose the right piece for your couch. Let’s discuss a few considerations that you must follow.

1- Material Of SlipCover

Not every fabric is suitable for a leather couch, as leather is very smooth and slippery. Make sure the material you buy has high resistant power so that cover will remain on the couch. 

Velvet, micro-suede, spandex, cotton, and Lenin are some of the best fabrics that you can choose. Similarly, a high-quality material feels more luxurious and increases the value of your couch. Although the premium fabric is a bit expensive, it’s better to invest one time and get longtime results.

2- Purpose

It’s important to know why you are purchasing a slipcover for your couch. Would you use this cover to protect your couch from stains, pet hairs, paws, kids, or improve your couch’s look? Because every slipcover gives you a different feature. 

If you are looking for something that increases your couch’s beauty and protects it from stains, then SureFit Stretch leather cover and Turquoize slipcover is a perfect choice. The RBSC sofa cover and Gorilla Grip sofa protector are the best suggestions if you want more durable, thick, and water-resistant fabric.

3- Anti-Slip Feature

The only thing that prevents covers from slipping is the anti-slip feature. Some slipcovers come with elastic straps or silicone straps that firmly hold the cover and avoid slipping. 

For a leather couch that is too smooth and slippery, it’s essential to have an anti-slip feature in covers. All the covers mentioned above come with anti-slip qualities that give a firm grip. 


The best slipcover not only protects your couch from pets and kids but also increases its value. Research has been found that slipcovers increase the lifespan of leather couches and protect them from scratches. 

So it’s better to use a slipcover instead of buying a new leather couch after some years.

We have done deep research for you and collected some top-quality slipcovers with straps so that they will never slip from the leather couch. 


What type of fabric is best to cover a leather couch?

Tight and elastic fabric is best to cover a leather couch. Velvet, Spandex, Polyester, and Lenin are the best fabrics to cover a leather couch. These materials are textured; that’s why they have enough resistance to stay on a leather couch.

Can I put a slipcover on the leather recliner?

Yes, you can put a slipcover on a leather recliner. Slipcovers come in different sizes, and few brands offer slipcovers specifically for leather recliners. A rubber strap slipcover is perfect for a leather recliner. In the above article, we have mentioned a lot of articles that are suitable for leather recliners. 

Can you put a slipcover on the leather couch?

Yes, you can put a slipcover on the leather couch. Leather couches need some extra care, especially if you have pets or kids in your home. These covers protect your couch against stains, spills, pet paws and increase the lifespan of leather couches.

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