10 Best Bidet Converter Kits (2023 Updated)

This article will go through some of the best bidet converter kits that will replace toilet paper. 

You are missing out something if you’re not using a bidet for cleaning. The old traditional way of cleaning is not very effective, but the bidet helps you to easily and effectively clean your rear. 

If you install a complete traditional bidet fixture, it will cost you more; the best alternative is to use a bidet converter kit that will cost you $40 to $80. And this will not only save the cost of tissue papers but also give ease of cleaning.  

After a lot of research, we have listed some of the best bidet converter kits for your toilet. So let’s get started.

10 Best Bidet Converter Kit

ServiceMain FeaturesScore
TOP CHOICEBidet Attachment

Bidet Attachment

  • High Quality Parts
  • Dual Spray Nozzles
  • Adjustable Water Spray
  • Easy to Install
  • Highly Sanitary Protection
Bidet AttachmentPrice
RUNNER UP<a href=

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

  • Temperature Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Nozzle Adjustment
  • HydroFlush Technology
  • Durable Seat
  • Deodorizer
<a href=Price
Stylish LookLUXE Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) 
Stylish Look

LUXE Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) 

LUXE Bidet Neo 185 (Elite) Price

1- SAMODRA Non-electric Bidet

  • Type: Non-electric
  • Color: Black, White, Brushed Nickel
  • Key Features: Two spray modes, Adjustable pressure

This bidet kit comes with a dural spray nozzle for two spray modes; the front cleaning and rear cleaning mode. On the side, there is a knob to control the water pressure according to your preferences and cleaning. 

SAMUDRA bidet is made of durable ABS material and has high-pressure faucet quality valves made with the ceramic core. So it lasts longer than other bidet converter kits. 

Installation is too easy; you will get all the necessary items in the package, from brass T-adapter to valves and water hose. Even for installing the SAMODRA bidet kit, you don’t need the help of any plumber; with little DIY techniques, you can install this converter kit. 

A self-cleaning function also cleans the nozzle with just one button press. So maintenance of this bidet is also easy. 


  • Two spray modes
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Pressure adjustment with knob
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install 


  • Not too smart
  • No drying function 

SAMODRA Non-electric Cold Water Bidet

best bidet converter

  • High Quality Parts
  • Dual Spray Nozzles
  • Adjustable Water Spray
  • Easy to Install
  • Highly Sanitary Protection

2- Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet 

  • Type: Non-electric
  • Main feature: Angle adjustment
  • Color: White/Platinum, White/Bamboo

Tushy bidet is one of the easiest ways to clean your rear. It has self-cleaning technology that cleans the nozzles before and after each use. 

For easy cleaning, there is an adjustable pressure knob that allows you to adjust the pressure. Similarly, this bidet also has angle control helping you to find the perfect angle for effective cleaning. 

The tushy classic bidet is compatible with all types of seats and is too easy to install. All necessary parts come in a package. 

Tushy also offers Spa 3.0 warm water; in winter, the temperature control feature helps you to clean your rear with soothing warm water. It also has a knob that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your preference.  


  • The angle adjustment feature is amazing
  • Easy-to-use bidet
  • Temperature adjustment


  • Takes time to installation
  • The material quality is not too high

Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Title

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Title


3- Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

  • Type: Remote Control
  • Color: White
  • Main Features: Adjust seat and water temperature, Warm Air Dryer, Deodorizer

If you want a premium bidet converter kit with unlimited features, go for Bio Bidet Bliss. This bidet automatically detects when a user is seated and starts cleaning the nozzle. 

The Bio Bidet Bliss has adjustable temperature control with front and rear nozzles for cleaning. There is also an angle nozzle angle adjuster, and remote control all these features.

The bidet not only controls the temperature of the water but also adjusts the seat’s temperature. So in the winter seasons, this bidet will give you a lot of benefits.

Say goodbye to toilet paper; the warm air dryer feature in Bio Bidet Bliss allows you to dry your butt. It also has a deodorizer to keep your bathroom fresh. 

This bidet also has a smooth blue light, so you don’t need to turn on the bathroom light at night. 


  • Warm air dry is the unique feature 
  • Wireless remote control system
  • A heated seat is a big plus
  • Dual nozzle for front and rear cleaning
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty


  • Expensive
  • The seat quality is not too premium 
  • Use a lot of power

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000Title

bidet converter

  • Temperature Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Nozzle Adjustment
  • HydroFlush Technology
  • Durable Seat
  • Deodorizer

4- LUXE Bidet Neo 185

  • Type: Non-electric
  • Colors: White, Rose gold, Blue
  • Main Feature: Feminine Nozzle

If you’re on a budget, you can opt for Luxe Bidet Neo. This bidet is cost-effective and gives plenty of features for effective cleaning. It has a sleek design but durable body parts that last longer.

The manufacturer also gives 18 months of warranty which means it’s a reliable product. 

Luxe Bidet has two knobs and two nozzles for front and back cleaning. One knob is used to control water pressure, and the second knob is used to switch between the rear and front nozzles. The bidet also comes with a feminine nozzle that helps females to clean themselves during cycle periods. 

Luxe Bidet also offers a guard gate and self-cleaning mechanism to ensure safe cleaning. After every wash, the nozzle automatically retracts behind the guard gate, so it remains protected until the next use.


  • Cost-effective bidet
  • Easy to install
  • The feminine nozzle help women remain clean during cycles
  • Pressure control 


  • No angle control 
  • The water stream is too powerful, even in the lowest settings.

LUXE Bidet Neo 185

LUXE Bidet Neo 185


5- Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer

  • Type: Handheld
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Main Features: The stretchable pipe helps you to easily adjust the angles for cleaning

This is one of the best bidet converter kits for your toilet. Purrfectzone Bidet is a handheld sprayer, so you can easily clean your butts at different angles and positions. 

With this handheld sprayer, you will get a pressure control system for effective cleaning. After every clean, you can turn off the T-valve to save water. 

Purrfectzone bidet is very easy to install, and you don’t need a plumber. It takes around 10 minutes to install this converter kit. 

The sprayer is durable and made of 304 stainless steel that doesn’t expose it to rust. That’s why it lasts longer compared to other bidet systems. 


  • Economical bidet sprayer
  • No leaks
  • Gives free to adjust the angle according to your choice
  • Durable and last longer


  • Customer support is not good
  • Sprayer start dripping when you set the flow on T-valve

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

bidet converters

  • Efficient Hygiene
  • DIY Friendly
  • Strong Hardware
  • Multipurpose Sprayer
  • You can easily adjust angles

6- Renook Warm Water Bidet 

  • Type: Non-Electric
  • Color: Black Finishing
  • Main Features: Elegant Design

Although the traits of the Renook Bidet are similar to the previous bidets, this one has a unique and elegant design that brings a unique feel to your bathroom. 

This cost-effective bidet also offers temperature adjustment, so you can turn it to a warmer or cooler side according to your preferences. This budget has a special nozzle for females that helps them clean their private parts and feel fresh. 

The bidet has double nozzles, and the accurate spray direction ensures effective cleaning. This bidet converter set is best for the elderly who struggle to clean their buttocks. 


  • Dual wash nozzle
  • Rear and front nozzle
  • Elegant design
  • Cost-effective


  • The handle is too hard to move

Renook Warm Water Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Renook Warm Water Bidet Attachment


7- BidetMate 1000 Series

  • Type: Electric
  • Color: White
  • Main Features: Power wash, child cleaning mode, message

This is one of the most comfortable Bidet converter kits with many features. This bidet comes with a massager that gives a soothing effect to your buttocks. 

It features stainless steel nozzles with a self-cleaning mechanism. It also has a power-saving mode that saves electricity. You can control the water temperature and pressure with a wireless remote. 

The warm air dryer is another plus feature that helps you dry your private parts quickly. The BideMate bidet also offers a child wash function that helps to keep your child clean. This bidet comes with 3 years of warranty, so you can replace its part in case of any damage.


  • Luxury design
  • Energy saving mode
  • Durable nozzles
  • Child cleaning mode
  • Messages


  • Expensive

BidetMate 1000 Series Electric Bidet

best Bidet Kits


8- TOTO SW3084

  • Type: Electric
  • Color: Cotton white, Sedona Beige
  • Main Features: Premise cleaning

TOTO bidet is a smart bidet that saves electricity and keeps your rear clean. Unlike other bidets, this one doesn’t have any nozzle. Instead, it offers an adjustable wand. You can adjust the angle of the wand and optimize its potion according to your ease. 

The wand comes with a self-cleaning feature, and it proactively self-cleans with Ewater inside and out before and after each use. TOTO bidet automatically cleans dirt particles on the surface of the seat, so it’s very easy to maintain. 

It also has wand gates that block unwanted debris by concealing the wand. This bidet converter kit also has a deodorizer that eliminates bad bathroom odors with powerful air filters. You can also adjust the temperature and pressure of the water. 

Lastly, this bidet offers a warm air dryer for easy cleaning. TOTO bidet is the best deal if you’re looking for a fully featured and remote control bidet converter kit.  


  • Premise cleansing completely cleans the toilet brown
  • Air deodorizer removes bad odors
  • Heat sear gives a relaxing experience
  • Dood built-in quality


  • Pretty small 
  • Remote functionality could be improve


best bidet attachment

  • PREMIST Cleansing
  • Heated Seat
  • Air Deodorizer
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Wind Door
  • Wand Angle

9- Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet 

  • Type: Non-electric
  • Color: Zirconium blue, white, rose gold
  • Main Feature: Pressure adjustment

Veken ultra-slim bidet is an easy-to-use bidet with a dural nozzle for both front and rear cleaning.

This bidet has a unique design; with an installation of knobs, you can control the pressure via a chrome-plated control dial. This type of design is best for the elderly or people who feel difficulty moving. 

This bidet comes with a flexible stainless steel hose that lasts longer. The hose has high compatibility. You can easily use this bidet converter kit in 10 to 15 minutes. 

Like other bidets, this one doesn’t offer any temperature control so If you’re looking for a bidet with warm water, look for another option.


  • Slim bidet attachement
  • Made of premium and durable plastic
  • Easy to install 
  • High compatibility


  • No temperature control
  • The deal is pretty hard to adjust

Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Veken Ultra-Slim Bidet Attachment for Toilet

  • Two spraying modes
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • More Durable
  • Thin and Compatible
  • Easy to install

10- GivingTree Bidet Converter Kit

  • Type: Non-electric
  • Color: Black/White
  • Main Features: Temperature Monitor

This one is a smart Bidet converter kit. It not only adjusts the temperature of the water but also displays the temperature helping you to prevent the water temperature from becoming too high or low. 

Moreover, this bidet has a unique design, and there are two knobs; one for temperature adjustment and another for pressure. The nozzle has three positioning settings that ensure effective cleaning. 

The package includes everything you need to install this bidet, and it takes around 15 to 20 minutes to install this bidet converter kit. 


  • Attractive design
  • Display temperature
  • Self-cleaning
  • Dural nozzle for front and rear cleaning
  • Temperature control 


  • The lowest settings will also deliver a fast water stream if you have high water pressure at home.

Toilet Seat Attachment, Dual Nozzles Fresh Water Sprayer

Are bidet attachments worth it


How Does a Bidet Converter Kit Work?

The bidet converter kit has nozzles that spray water to clean your rear. The nozzles are connected to a water line from the toilet tank. 

Most Bidet converter kits have two nozzles for front and rear cleaning, and both are connected to the water line connected with the waterline of your toilet tank. 

You can control the pressure of water via a remote or knob. A few Bidet converter kits are handheld, and you can control their pressure by squeezing them. 

Some of the Bidets come with a temperature control feature; for such bidets, you have to connect them to the hot water line of your toilet. And you can control their temperature via a remote or nozzle. 

Similarly, Bidet toilet kits offer self-cleaning, deodorizers to remove the smell, a warm air dryer for effective cleaning, and nightlights. 

Different Types Of Bidet Converter Kits

1- Bidet Toilet Seats

These are the toilet seats with built-in bidets. These are more expensive than ordinary toilet seats. A bidet toilet seat may cost you around $400 to $1000, depending on the quality of the seats and the features it provides. 

Most bidet toilet seats operate electric-powered. You have to plug them into a socket. These seats offer features like a warm air dryer, automatic pressure control, self-cleaning, water temperature control, message effects, nightlight and more. 

2- Bidet Attachments or Converter Kits

If you have an ordinary toilet seat in your bathroom, you can make it a bidet toilet seat by adding a bidet attachment. A converter kit has nozzles and a control system, usually a knob. 

The nozzles are connected to the waterline of your toilet, and you can control their pressure with side knobs or handles. These bidets are the most convenient and cost-effective. The key features of Bidet attachments include; water pressure adjustment, temperature adjustment, front and rear cleaning, self-cleaning nozzles etc. 

3- Handheld Bidet 

This traditional bidet consists of a water hose and a sprayer head, which is connected to the toilet’s water line. 

You can adjust the pressure of the water by squeezing the sprayer. The plus point is these types of a bidet provides cleaning at all angles; you can easily adjust the angles for effective cleaning. 

Handheld bidets are also affordable and easy to install. But bidets don’t offer many features like temperature control, self-cleaning, a warm air dryer etc. 

How To Choose The Best Bidet Converter Kit?

While choosing the bidet toilet kit, you must first understand your needs and budget. Various bidets offer different features. 

If you are on a budget, you can go for a handheld bidet that is easy to install and offers pressure adjustment features. Handheld bidets come with stainless steel sprayers that last longer than other bidet converters.

Similarly, if you want a temperature control and self-cleaning system in your bidet, then you can opt for bidet attachments, which are also cost-effective but needs some DIY skills for installation. 

If you want to invest in a new toilet seat with a built-in bidet, then go for bidet toilet seats. These seats provide a variety of useful features. But these are expensive, and you must hire an expert for their installation. 


Does the bidet require special plumbing?

Bidets have several types; a few need simple DIY skills for installation, while some need special plumbing skills. u003cbru003eIf you don’t have much DIY or plumbing skill, you can go for handheld bidets which easily install in any toilet seat. Handheld bidets are also affordable as compared to other bidets. 

Can I install a bidet on the existing toilet?

Yes, you can install bidets to any existing toilet. You can use a non-electric bidet or handheld bidet sprayer. The installation is also easy. You have to connect the bidet with one of your toilet’s water lines, and you are good to go.

Is there a downside to using a bidet?

If you use a bidet with low-quality pipes or attachments, it might leak, which is the downside of bidets. The leakage may also be caused by improper inflation and fittings. So make sure to use high-quality pipes and connectors while installing bidets.

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