How To Dehumidify a Bathroom? 9 Easy Ways!

A bathroom is a place where we spend most of our time. And it becomes humid when you take a warm shower, hang wet clothes, and don’t keep your bathroom dry. 

Humidity in the bathroom might not cause any potential damage to your health, but it’s dangerous for your bathroom tiles and ceiling. The humid tiles and bathtubs are the favorite places for mildew, mold, and bacteria. 

If you don’t treat humidity properly; it might cause stains on tiles, bathtubs, and other items. So it’s your responsibility to properly dehumidify a bathroom. 

There are many ways to dehumidify a bathroom; you can use exhaust fans and portable dehumidifiers, remove wet clothes from the bathroom, take a cold shower, etc. 

So, dehumidifying a bathroom is not a big deal; here are some of the best tips for dehumidifying. 

9 Methods To Dehumidify A Bathroom

1- Install Exhaust Fan

Install Exhaust Fan

If you want a permanent solution to humidity in the bathroom, you should install an exhaust fan. Exhaust fans eliminate the moisture in the bathroom by throwing humid air outside. 

The best part is, exhaust fans also suck not only humid air but also eliminate bad odor from the bathroom. When the moist air in your bathroom gets out, the light and fresh air automatically come from windows or doors. 

Some Exhaust fans come with sensors, so when they detect humidity in the air, they automatically turn on and remove moisture in the bathroom. So in this way, you can keep your bathroom humid-free and free from mold. 

2- Let The Fresh Air Come Into The Bathroom

Most bathrooms are closed, even if they don’t have windows, and only a small ventilator is not enough to remove moisture from the bathroom. So if you’re living alone or with your loved one, keep the door open while taking a warm shower. 

The open door will let fresh air come, and moist air will automatically go out of the bathroom. Similarly, most of the time, when you take a warm shower, you feel suffocation which might be dangerous. 

So if your bathroom doesn’t have windows, consider opening the door while taking a shower. This will not only remove humidity from the bathroom but also eliminate bad air from the bathroom. 

3- Use Dehumidifiers

Use Dehumidifiers

The next option that you can opt to dehumidify the bathroom are dehumidifier. Using a dehumidifier in the bathroom means less mold and mildew. You can also use portable dehumidifiers at different points with more humidity. 

Similarly, another benefit of a dehumidifier is that it will remove the bad scent from your bathroom and keep it fresh all the time. Dehumidifiers also use less energy than exhaust fans, so you can consider a short-term solution to humidity. 

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4- Open Windows For Sunlight

If you don’t have dehumidifiers or exhaust fans, let sunlight enter your bathroom through windows or a ventilator. If your bathroom is against sun rays, then you’re lucky, folk; just open the windows for some time to let the fresh air and sunlight come in. 

Especially you should always open doors and windows after a warm shower, as this will helps you to naturally balance the moisture in the bathroom. Opening windows in the bathroom will also eliminate bad odors and let fresh it comes in. 

5- Remove Damp Towel And Items

After taking a shower, remove damp towels and clothes from the bathroom. The damp towel, clothes, or mats will cause a lot of humidity in your bathroom. 

Similarly, wet towels also spread a bad odor in your bathroom, so you should immediately remove them from the bathroom.

And especially in small bathrooms, wet towels and clothes cause immediate humidity because these damp items absorb the fresh air, and moisture remains in the air. 

6- Take Cooler Showers

Although a warm shower will give you a mindfulness experience and a feeling of comfort, so once you take a warm shower, it’s difficult to leave it. But remember that the longer you take a warm bath or shower, the more humid your bathroom will be. 

The warm water evaporates more quickly and causes more moisture in the bathroom which is the major cause of humidity. 

So it’s recommended to take a shorter shower or cold shower. A cold shower will reduce the bathroom’s moisture and keep your mind chill and active. 

But if you are prone to cold, consider taking a shorter shower; this will help you to make humidity in the bathroom and save your energy bills. 

7- Use Plants That Absorb Humidity

Use Plants That Absorb Humidity

Most indoor plants absorb humidity, and you can also place these plants in your bathroom. Peace Lily, Peperomia, Aloe Vera, or English ivy are the best indoor plants for humid environments. 

These plants absorb humidity, give you a natural feel, and create fresh air in your bathroom. There are also a lot of indoor plants available with a fragrance that will spread a pleasant smell in your bathroom. 

If you are a plant lover, you can place multiple small pots at different locations in the bathroom. If there are more plants in the bathroom, they absorb more humidity and give you more pleasant and fresh air. 

8- Use Heaters

Before shower, keep your bathroom warm because condensation needs a cold surface. You can use bathroom heaters to warm up your bathroom, avoid condensation, and reduce humidity in the air. 

Different bathroom heaters are available, and you can also opt for portable heaters. But if you have enough investment, you should go for an underfloor heating system, which will make a huge difference. 

9- Charcoal Briquettes

This natural and synthetic product is well known for its absorption properties. Just place a few Charcoal Briquettes at different sports in your bathroom, and they will absorb a lot of humidity and moisture from your surroundings.

Secondly, Charcoal Briquettes also absorb bad odors in your bathroom. This natural product is 100% safe for your environment.

Dehumidifier VS Exhaust Fan: Which Is Best To Dehumidify Bathroom?

Exhaust fans and dehumidifiers remove humidity from a certain space and prevent damage to mold and grime. But which one should you use?

Depending on your bathroom area and humidity condition, you can use a dehumidifier or an exhaust fan. A dehumidifier is the best option if your bathroom is small and always humid. You can turn them on while you sleep, knowing they will keep your bathroom moisture free and prevent mold and mildew. 

Similarly, if your bathroom area is large and remains humid for a shorter time, you can use an exhaust fan. When you take a warm shower, the bathroom immediately gets humid, so you can turn on the exhaust fan after taking a shower to remove and dehumidify the bathroom. 

You can also use an automatic humid-detecting exhaust fan that works more efficiently and keeps your bathroom humid-free. But as compared to dehumidifiers, they will add extra bucks to your bills. 

Secondly, bathroom dehumidifiers are inexpensive; you can also buy portable dehumidifiers. They are also easy to install and don’t need any technical skills. Just take it out of the box, plug it in, and you are good to go.  


Why is my Bathroom so humid all the time?

Bathrooms become humid because of steam produced by warm showers. In humid conditions, the condensation process occurs, and mist air comes in contact with cold surfaces. This can also cause mold and mildew issues in your bathroom.

Should I use the Dehumidifier while taking a shower?

Yes, you can use a dehumidifier while taking a bath, but be careful not to get water into the dehumidifier. Try to place it away from your shower area. Or, in case you have a small bathroom, then you can turn on the dehumidifier after taking a shower.

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